Friday, January 23, 2015

Seasons Of Me-Transformation

Reigning from Johnson City, TN, Seasons Of Me are one of the hardest working bands I've come across.  With a sound similar to that of nationally known acts like Breaking Benjamin, Red, Chevelle, and Shinedown; you have yet another excellent product to add to the list.  Seasons of Me consists of raw talent as a whole.  With Mr. Dave Shirley on guitar, you'll get nothing but pulse pounding shredding on each riff and threshold you hear Dave rip away at!  Drumming duties are the main meal for the man who is yet another true talent to Seasons Of Me, and that man is Gregory Barrett.  He seems to have this "knack" for being able to throw your emotion into all their tunes, and with the type of ferocity, he is joined as well by the vocalist and another guitarist in the guy they call Camron Scism.  His vocal range is intense, and quite relentless.  The EP they released, from which I had the pleasure of having the change to hear, titled "Transformation", shows the band has a sound just about to a perfection!  Throw in the bass playing of Nic McWilliams, and you have yourself a little treat if you can grab some of their great merchandise from a link below, or happen to be lucky enough to catch them live and pounding the crowd with rock sensations really not heard before!  I really enjoyed the EP, I have some I prefer to play more than others, which every album will have that specific.  Yet, two songs really stand out to me.  I would venture to say if I had a second favorite track, it would have to be the one that goes by the name of "Stand Beside Me".  I think lyrically, that song is unique and has an excellent theme and arrangement within it.  However, in this world of picking favorites, mine would have to be "Death Of Me".  This one leads you into an array of beautiful melody, strong words, and it's almost like you can get lost inside this song in ways that most songs do not pull you in.  The way it drags or pulls you into it, it almost like the way Chevelle's single, "The Red", drew people into it.  It takes a listen or too, and then you are quite simply pulled in, or "hooked".  Overall, this is one hell of a release, and if you are into modern rock, rock in general, or just want to try out something new, this release and band are most definitely up your alley!!  In December the band signed a deal with the agency titled Nickel And Dime, and this will definitely set up some more exposure and some excellent opportunities to come their way, thus coming your way!!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

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