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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Milton Incident-Innocence Lost

What a ride it has been for the members of The Milton Incident.  This band has seen it's ups and downs for a few years lately.  Featuring the power behind the former band, Stonedrive, the vocals and lyrics are equally as brilliant as previous releases.  The infectious and deep intro on the debut album from The Milton Incident, titled "Innocence Lost", is really one of the best introductions to an album I have come across.  The album picks up after that track, which is the first song on the record, with a pounding and relentless track called "Deadset".  This is a very well arranged song, and sets the tone for the album without a doubt!  My favorite pick off the album is a song that resonates well with me and this life we all live, this song is called "Dearest Enemy".  "Dearest Enemy" was ironically one of the first songs that The Milton Incident released.  There were some demos floating around on the net for this, and other means to snatch up or hear this song.  It is a very kick ass track!  Some other stand out pieces of the record are "Torn Down", "Pyromaniac", "Dopamine", and the solid outing titled "Memento".  This band, which hails from the beautiful country of  France, is one of many up and coming rock artists from the country.  Another powerful and beautiful artist from France is the lady known as "Cylew", of which whom you can find reviews of her two albums on this very blog.  I recommend checking her music out as well.  However, to end this with an honest opinion, which I always lace the blog with, I will go on record and admit that The Milton Incident is definitely a band to keep your eyes on, and prepare your ears for!!  You have to check them out, the debut album has been released overseas for some months now, but it is about to be unleashed in America on December 2nd, 2014!!  From what I have seen, the pricing for the record is really at a super price, and should fit well within your budget.  Don't miss out, pick "Innocence Lost" up for your musical pleasures!!
Rating: 4.75/5.0

Get Your Feel Of "Innocence Lost"!!


Thursday, November 20, 2014


Caleb Shomo is one bad motherfucker.  This guy can scream and tear it up like nobody's business, as he did in the former band, Attack Attack.  Well, my friends, Caleb is here with his new project, Beartooth.  Their first release, the EP titled "Sick" has sold thousands, and it proves a stomping ground was on the way with Beartooth and their label, Red Bull Records.  With the throttling song, "I Have A Problem", which was the first single ever, the band lets loose, and tears the vocals chrods out of anything that stands in their way.  The current single, "The Lines", is brilliant and the lyrics are the strongest you will find on this 12-track album, titled "Disgusting".  Caleb's voice sounds hardcore as hell in the songs "Dead", "Relapsing", and "One More".  My favorite song off this release of hopefully many, many more to come, is the track "Body Bag".  It just resonates with me quite better than any of the other songs, and the tempo is brilliant and incredibly well layed out.  If I have to pick a second favorite song, it would be "Me In My Own Head".  I enjoy the vocal arrangements on this one, and it really pounds hard in the speakers, no doubt about that.  Overall, all twelve songs are great, and well arranged.  I recommend, though it has been out since early Summer of 2014, you pick this up anywhere you can find music, and as they played the Vans Warped Tour in 2014, here's to hoping this relentless band will once again rock out on the 2015 edition of the tour!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Pick It Up And Be "Disgusting" Today!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Joel Jorgensen-This Aching Heart (Single)

Joel Jorgensen is one hell of a talent folks.  With a determined, and strong work ethic, Joel give his many fans material that is both extremely beautiful and worth every bit of the art that it truly is.  You may know the man from the band known as Angels Fall, who had a smash song called "Drunk Enough" a couple years back.  Don't allow the Angels Fall moniker to fool you, Joel's passion and love for the art of music shows much more brighter and powerful with his upcoming solo EP release.  The debut off that effort is titled "This Aching Heart", and it is an incredible piece of work indeed.  The song is available off his ReverbNation page for free download, of which you may follow the link below to obtain your treasure.  To mention, another strong song of Joel's is titled "Every Day", and you can get a splendid taste of that on the ReverbNation link as well, and you can truly dive deep into what drives Joel Jorgensen with his music, by checking out any of the links below.  "This Aching Heart", clocks in just under five minutes in duration, and it is a magnificent song.  The acoustic guitar is amazing, and the lyrics show depth, creativity, and Joel's true talent.  I really can't say enough about this track to be honest.  I really enjoy it, and I have never had a song on repeat so much before in my life!!  The forthcoming EP that Joel is currently working hard on, I'm sure will be brilliant and a hot commodity once it is unleashed to the fans and the music world as a whole.  Go ahead, check out more on Jorgensen below, and see just how good the guy can be, and what "treasures" you can find within the music itself!!

Do Not Pass This Song Up!!

The Dreaming-Alone (Single)

If you haven't heard of this band, it's about time you open up your ears.  Upon first hearing the vocalist of The Dreaming's vocals, you probably could recognize him from the industrial rock band from some years back known as Stabbing Westward.  Christopher Hall, the man behind The Dreaming and Stabbing Westward, proves he still holds a powerful voice and is a strong force in the industry.  Hailing from L.A., The Dreaming have undergone various lineup changes and label moves, but in my opinion, it's only made them tougher and much better!  They have released numerous EP's and have two very solid albums out thus far.  With their debut record, "Etched In Blood" and their follow-up, "Puppet", the band garnered many fans and toured relentlessly.  Well, I'm glad to announce they are on fire again with their brand new single, "Alone".  "Alone" is the first cut being released off their new label home, Metropolis Records, which is also home of a band known as The Birthday Massacre.  I am very impressed with "Alone", and it's return to "Stabbing Westward-type" arrangements and sound.  There seems to be a stronger, and throttling driving force behind "Alone".  As well, the very skilled band announced an upcoming third album due, this one called "Rise Again".  The effort is expected February of 2015.  I love "Alone", and I believe you will as well.  It is available at most digital outlets on the web, however, if you grab it off the Metropolis Records link below, you will find in addition to the alternate remix of the track, another version titled "The Sinister Mix".  Also, I believe the single is cheaper via that site, and more of the proceeds benefit The Dreaming as well.  The band's current lineup features the main man himself, Walter Flakus performing the programming and keys of their sound, and I have to admit-it is killer shit!!  With Carlton Bost on guitar, Johnny Haro kicking ass on drums, and Brent Ashley on bass; The Dreaming have never sounded so good.  I recommend picking up all versions of the single "Alone", which are the album version, the "Sinister Mix", and the "Reamped Mix".  You cannot go wrong, and will be quite rocking your damn head off to "Alone" and it's a pretty safe bet the song will be repeating on your I-pod, car stereo, or even your home player.  Grab "Alone" now!!

"...the isolation tearing you apart...."

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Brian Zuckerman does something very, very well.  What he does is very hard to accomplish, and to be "perfected".  He is one hell of a musician, and with his latest release, "Metaphor", he once again proves this to be the truth.  His band, Cyrenic, hails from the area of Baltimore and D.C., and they flat out rock.  This album, though having been released since May of 2014, has drawn me into listening to it's raw and intense lyrics, powerful vocals, and impressively layered arrangements.  The first single that was released from "Metaphor", is titled "Slow Emotion".  It holds a deep meaning to me personally after listening to it thousands of times, and I believe many of you will fall into the ocean of the song as well.  "Constant Change" really does an excellent job of kicking off the album, running close to five minutes, the song has killer lyrics, and Brian's vocals are layed out to a perfection!  My favorite song from "Metaphor" is the tune Cyrenic called "Tightrope'.  Being the fourth cut on the album, and an incredible track, this one laces me up with feelings of strong emotion and has helped me get through many, many trying times in life.  To sum it up on "Tightrope"; I absolutely love it.  Now, "Metaphor", is just the latest in many releases by the indie band.  With a pretty "neat" theme in the album, Cyrenic gives us track three in "Metaphor (Devil)" and then launches into track number fifteen (the final song off the album) with a song named "Metaphor (Angel)".  This, I find, is unique and the songs also are not disappointing at all.  In fact, to be quite open and completely honest on this release, there is not a single disappointing aspect of this album.  Other really solid tracks are "Sacrifice", "Current", "Bite The Hands That Bleed", and track number  eight "Resuscitate".  Do not get me wrong for one second, all the songs off "Metaphor" are incredible.  I suggest and highly recommend you discover this band for yourself, if you weren't aware of them already from when they've opened shows with the likes of bands such as Like A Storm, Creed, Fuel, and Alter Bridge.  All of their releases are solid, but for me, "Metaphor" presents itself with one hell of a band lineup, instrumental thrust, lyrical dominance, and a strong vocal.  Head to any of the links below to hear more, read more on Cyrenic, and then you'll fall in love with their sound and find yourself picking up all the music you want from them!

You Will Love This Band!!