Sunday, May 10, 2015


Reviews from JessLee, Le Projet, Art Of Anarchy, Ciara, and Coal Chamber are coming VERY soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The RETURN Of The Vacant Music Blog is Near!!

This blog, due to a lot of requests, will return very soon....check back for more!!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mafia Karma (Omar Montanez & Lacus Camus)

He's back again! Omar Montanez gives us another style of music.  Beyond bands like Fiction Killer and Soy Suspenso, this guy is killer again!  Lacus Camus also helped out with Omar as well.  Together they fit well,  With music  in such this style, it will pump you up for sure.  Their best songs for me are the "Interminable",  "Dope N' Banger", "Infestago,:. snd #$eguimos Aquis".  Another tough one is"Audictivo".  Overall, this release shows diversity, poetry, sound, and relentless beats!  Omar has been putting music together for years with Ty Oliver in Fiction Killer, which I feel was the best project, being the main man behind Soy Suspenso, and now this project, :Mafia Karma:Audictivo)!!  The album was produced/mixed by Lonegropada, in Mexico.  Such an incredible release....grab yours from a link below!!

Rating: 4.75/5.0

Omar has done it yet again!!  Tearing it up! :)

Monday, February 2, 2015

Joel Jorgensen-Lift Me Up EP

If you recall this man right here, it's either from the music he released under the band name, Angels Fall, or the review I had performed on his debut single a few months back, "Aching Heart".  Whatever way you look at it, this is one brilliant talent, and one hell of a release.  You hear a truly professional arrangement on "Lift Me Up", and you most definitely will get your $5.00 worth on this music.  Joel had a hit song called "Drunk Enough" with Angels Fall, then proceeded on an unique tour, with help from Century Media Records.  I first discovered this incredible musician, when I was actually working a ton of promotions with Danielle Fidelity and Century Media Records.  I was even fortunate enough to catch a live show in Toledo, Ohio.  I thought back then that it was a great show, and it only proved to me that my opinion was right.  However, little did I know that that was merely the beginning.  This EP, "Lift Me Up", was recorded at the fantastic Legends Recording Studio.  Such a masterpiece has been issued!  As mentioned, "Aching Heart" came across me online, and I took a listen.  I was shocked!  With a raw acoustic feel, and a song that held deep lyrics, I was even more amazed at this man known as Joel Jorgensen.  Upon reading an online post a few days back, I saw Joel had obtained his master copy of the EP.  I became highly intrigued, and very anxious.  I just had to grab it up, almost immediately, when I saw a post last night that it was up on a site for purchase.  Upon the very first go around of listening to the EP, it really didn't take long to discover another astonishing effort made by Joel.  As I said earlier, you will feel like you were blessed with a shower of gifts when you encounter the track, "Aching Heart".  That's not the only bright spot here.  In fact, all four songs on "Lift Me Up" shine in many ways.  Of course the pictures and complete overall design/artwork is impeccable too!  Shari Yantra Marcacci did a superb job on the shots of Joel, and the overall design.  You can check out more of her work at the link below.  The lead cut, "Lift Me Up", is a truly beauty-laced piece of work.  Your emotions rise and flutter with the track, and you start to instantly realize you are experiencing something special at the very moment.  Followed up by "Sunshine Kisses", which has since became my favorite of the release, it all seems to fit together with an ease of compassion, perfection, and simply...awe.  "Aching Heart" hits you up as the third song on this EP.  To conclude the release is a fantastic piece titled "Ocean Waves".  Such a well composed, and delightful song, it makes me want to make a long drive, or trip, and crank this baby up high, and feel the winds caress my head.  As the sun would begin to set upon the skyline, it would all come together even more perfectly-the music will entrance you with a beauty you can't see without believing.  I would say buy this, but I think I have made it clear by now.  Mixed incredibly by the legend Matt Hyde (Grammy Winning Engineer/Producer),  at Track To The Future and York Studios in L.A., California. It, at the point-emerged as a "well oiled machine".  Damian Fink helmed production also!  Don't just buy this, embrace it and I deeply trust you too will become one with the acoustic beauty that lies within "Lift Me Up" !

Rating: 5.0+/5.0

Get Your Copy Today !!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Blackfires-The Blackfires

Ever come across a band once in a time, that you either can't seem to stop listening to, or are left yearning for more music from?  I think I have a band for those issues, and that band is New York City's own, The Blackfires.  Such a great find, and awesome talent here!  Having opened for well known bands such as the likes of Aerosmith, Dizzy Reed of Guns N' Roses, and also California Breed, there is a "natual" liking with this band.  I truly hope you stumble or come across this as I did.  They are currently touring all over the United States, with stops in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to just get started.  If you can make one of their stops, I highly suggest you do!  Below, you will find links to their specific sites, as well as some tour stops.   A man by the name of "Cheggi" helms the vocals, with a rawness and direct assault on your lyrical ears.  Behind the blazing guitars are Hector Marin and Anthony Mullin.  You can't go wrong with Grasebo Doe tearing up the bass guitar!  Of course, it's hard to go without noticing the force upon The Backfires' drumming, in that of Mr. Joe Mitch.  Each element seems equally talented, with a craftiness to them all.  Head to a link below and pick up both their tracks from the release of "A-Sides" by the names of "Can't Get Over You" and the gem "Woman Walks".  I find it really tough to pick a favorite of the two songs mentioned.  However, since I feel I must, I will go with the lead cut, in that of "Can't Get Over You".  With a blues feel, a rock n' roll vibe, and a metal tone-The Blackfires hit you with all streams of arrangements.  I know there are only great things ahead in this artist's future.  If you are part of a band, and feel you would like to perhaps make a show of it with these guys, definitely hit them up at a link below!  I definitely think they would be worth the efforts.  For more music of the band, pick up the 2012 six track release, which is titled "Live From The Cutting Room".  With titles like "Primal Love", "Gambit", and "Rocker Child", you seem to believe and feel for an atmosphere made of true gifted power!  Wounding out the release are blazers known by names of "Grapeshot" which was a bonus track, "Livewire Barbies", and "Just A Thrill".  If you are running low on new music cash, grab up "Gambit" and "Just A Thrill" for certain!  Hell, if you wanna grab all their quality material, at one of the links below, it would run you around the mere cost of about $7.00.  I would say that is well worth the trust and downloading you place from music of The Blackfires!!  Nonetheless, no matter which way you aim your senses, any song of theirs is really worth your "feel".  Also, catching one of their low priced or free concerts would be highly suggested, as I mentioned before!!  I say, today, let The Blackfires spread into your ears!!

Rating: 5.0/5.0

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