Monday, October 20, 2014

October Rage-Fallout, Dust and Guns

Coming from the proud country of Australia, October Rage have released their latest effort, with
"Fallout, Dust and Guns".  Featuring the well done track of "Valkyrie".  This song is absolutely incredible.  With powerhouse vocals, guitar pounding melodies, and lyrics that are ragingly dark and effortlessly done, it's incredible!  Take for instance the lyrical lines that vocalist Nick Roberts belts out, I mean it's like they know how to rock out more than the normal "joe".  With the pulse raving drums of Kai Chambers, we are again left with little doubt that October Rage can survive in this crazy music world.  "Fallout, Dust and Guns" includes my favorite song of the EP, within the range of "White Walkers".  I mean, this one soars above most active rock songs these days!  Such a strong, melodic range of powerful influence, and a rocking sound, it's a track surely not to be missed.  "End Of Days" is dark is a triumph over most tracks released out there.  This song engulfs the "rain in life" that we deal with, and still shines with some kind of ray of hope, in which we all try and find in this world.  What a powerful track, indeed!  Another stand out effort is the song, "Signal Fire".  The guitars in this one are beautifully crafted, and the vocals are well layed out, with harmonies being so blissful.  To show they have a depth to them, October Rage include the arrangement and track of "Heart Of Stone".  Perhaps the "slower" track of the EP, this song is a rock ballad in the making, and a force to be heard!  I mean, I tried to find a weakness within this release, but it was tough nonetheless.  I suppose if there was a weakness, it was that there were not enough songs on the effort.  We need more!  Other than that, I am not sure where to leave you, but I suggest you go out, or online, and grab a copy of "Fallout, Dust and Guns" now!
Rating: 4.75/5.0


Let the "rage" begin!!

Sometimes Julie-Head First

Sometimes Julie, hailing from the state of California, are an impressive
duo.  With their release of "Head First", the full length gives us many tastes of fantastic music.  Take for example the lead cut, "We Are Golden".  It sets a melodic mood, with lyrics that would sooth any drive home these days.  The best track off the album is the title cut, "Head First"  It has a more uptempo beat, with lacing guitars, and desolate lyrics and an excellent arrangement indeed.  Another stand out song is "Time Flies".  "Time Flies" shows of perhaps the bands range of style, and the pulsating vocals of the lady herself, "Monica Sorenson.  The guitars are quite better than I honestly expected.  Rick Walker, who is the prime guitar player on "Head First", goes above and beyond really.  With good range, and such a passion for music, it really shows off well in the arrangements and the beats of the record.  You can catch great examples of that in tracks such as "Reckless", "What A Rush", "Wishin' You Were Here', and the crafty one called "Come Find Me".  Overall, I was quite impressed with the album as a whole.  If there was a "weak spot", I would say it would be "Carefully".  However, the fourteen track release is just about perfect overall.  It is excellently packaged, and the artwork, which are depictions of basic ocean scenery and the beauty of the California coast lines, is beautiful.  I recommend this effort, give it a shot, it will surely impress upon you a quality you weren't expecting!
Rating: 4.90/5.0


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Leah Turner-Leah Turner EP

                                     Leah Turner has released her first, self-titled EP, and it is very impressive, indeed!  We all have heard about the power-driven "keys" to her first single, "Take The Keys".  I will be honest and let the readers know that this review is solely based upon a personal purchase.  At no point did the record label, Columbia Nashville, present me with this record.  However, Leah is a rising star, a friend, and I feel she deserves the respect and critiques she can garner.  "Pull Me Back", her second and current single, is a bit different than "Take The Keys".  It reminds me of a Carrie Underwood-type track, and yet, has it's own uniqueness.  It has a catchy chorus, with "you say what you say, but I still want you....pull me back".  That rings in your ears, even after hearing it just once.  Just incredible.  The third track is a bit more fiesty, and down to earth.  "Bless My Heart", is similar to nothing else.  Although, it can have the fire power of a Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, or a Brantley Gilbert kind of written song.  It has lyrics like "tobasco in my veins....", and shows an angst of Leah, that perhaps the EP through the first two tracks had yet to show.  I enjoy this track the most, and it is my favorite of the five off the release.  "Beat Up Bronco", well, is a lower song.  It has a story behind it, and it still steers this EP very well.  The song fits in great, and when she states, "I wouldn't trade that first kiss for nothin' ", it makes the mood set in quite well.  "Ya, that heater, it's been broken since you owned it....", lyrics that a remindful of tough times and life throwing people hardships, yet we overcome them, and this can be a very resonating song.  The final song off the well-done EP, is called "My Finger".  This one, well it really gets me amped up when I am listening to a country mix, or this particular EP release.  It has an excellent beat and tempo, and with lyrics like "you won't see me dressed in white, won't be no way tonight....", and "you dug your grave and here's my finger".  This song has one specific stating, "show me your history and I'm your regret", well, rest assured, grabbing up this release, this strong and wild EP, will not leave you with the taste of regret in your mouth.  Leah Turner is here folks, and the bottom line is, you have no choice but to recognize this female talent, without a shadow of a doubt!


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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bush-Man On The Run (Deluxe Version)

Gavin Rossdale has never been "shy" about the love, angst, and rage about this life we all experience.  With the band's latest effort, "Man On Run", the seconds track off the album, is a typical Bush-like track.  This kind of reminds me a "Razorblade Suitcase" fill-in or leftover melody.  Bush has definitely set a more deep, emotional, and aggressive tone with their upcoming mid-October release date.   With the same lineup pretty much from their prior cut, "The Sea Of Memories", the songs are addictive, and I can admit, they can be tough to get out a fan's mind-I know at least for mine, they are tough to lose.  "The Only Way Out", whose music video you can catch below, is also the lead single off this "Man On The Run" album.  I really enjoyed this track, as there are some critics that are not giving this album a chance, I for one, believe this record is what the follow up to the highly acclaimed "Razorblade Suitcase' effort, from years back.  With songs like "This House Is On Fire", "Speeding Through The Bright Lights, and the "hard to get out of your mind", killer song, "Loneliness Is A Killer".  You get a lot for the deluxe edition, and price-wise, the album is rather cheap no matter what edition (physical or digital) release, nor whether you acquire the "standard" or even better; the deluxe edition.  Typically, I state my favorite song from the album, and I would have to state that tracks to be, "Just Like My Other Sins".  This reminds me of a mix between their "Golden State" and "The Science Of Things" albums!  The song will be a shocker, and no doubt a kick ass rock n' roll machine!!  Keep your ears peeled, track by track, because Gavin, as always, pours into hidden dark and promising lyrics.  With an unmistakable vocal range, an impulsive shredding of the guitar, and the pure presence of Bush; "Man On The Run" proves itself to be a well-oiled machine, and will no doubt be a forced to be felt in the 2014 musical scene.  Hell, even in 2015, people will be talking about this for some time to come!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

 "The Only Way Out" Official Music Video


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Thursday, October 2, 2014

John Taglieri-Days Like These EP

For those not quite familiar with the talents of Mr. John Taglieri, then you may not own this music or material around you.  Yet, listen up!-You need to read about him and his journeys and musical lifestyle.  Such an impressive singer/vocalist....John has never sounded more delicately, profound, and tougher, within his life.  The latest release, "Days Like These", compels us, the fans and the curious ones to check into the record.  For one example, "Thin Air", is lyrically well-done.  It also, as does most of the album, eerily reminds myself, and perhaps other, like that skillful voice in The Counting Crows songs.  Take a sample out of the lead track off the EP, the song titled "Days Like These", and you will get more of upbeat, somewhat angry tone by John and the band, and here's a secret: it's my favorite track of the entire EP.  "Finish Line" is an excellent, calm, and somewhat somber song.  "Beautiful Tonight" are incredibly similar to a former smash hit artist, and a current vocalist still, as he works on ew material-that artist comparison is, Jamies (James) Walters.  Overall, this is worth the few dollars it costs, and seems like a live show that I would love to see!!  With well developed musicians, and strong uprisings, John Taglieri and his band mates have a brillitant and awe-inspiring horizon ahead of themselves!  
RATING: 4.8/5.0

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sixx A.M.-Modern Vintage

Sixx AM are back with their third full-length release.  "Modern Vintage" has a very particular album cover, buy that perhaps is the most particular part of this new artful piece of the album, "Modern Vintage".  Singer James Micael still provides the fans with his delicate, smooth, and somewhat haunting vocals.  Also, Nikki Sixx once again, unleashes his rocking guitar blazed skills.  Without a doubt, there are not a few better than Nikki.  Where I got lost on this album is it's "message".  To me, and perhaps I am a bit blind or deaf to this, but the album gives a very little, if any message.  DJ Ashba does well, adding more strong and "thicker" arrangements to the album's message, whichever that may be at all.  Don't get wrong, there are a few solid songs from this, but if you as a fan, were looking for something along the line of "This Is Gonna Hurt" or "The Herion Diaries Soundtrack-you will be very, very disappointed.  As was I, myself upon getting this to review.  I was pleased and thankful for the chance, but wow, I was so let down.  The positives off the release are the well-arranged song, "Gotta Get It Right" which was the first single released from this record.  After the drop of that song, it;s almost as if the first one third of the album was pleasing, and the other halves dropped off slowly, but in a scarey way.  I think it seems almost as if it could have been, in my opinion, just a bit rushed, and "crammed" together.  Songs such as "Give Me A Love", "Before It's Over", and the musical depriving cut known as "Relief".  As usual, I am going to pick my favorite, most solid song for as far as I am concerned, and that is the track, "Hyperventilate".  To me, this song reminds me of their more capable music.  I just would like to make clear that I am not trying to "put down" this band, I just speak as both a critic and fan, when I say "Boys, you could have written better, and given us all, including fans you have and yet to discover, something much better.  Thank you for the album, it still shows you all have it, I think it just need a bit more improvement within this album, without any doubt.
Rating: 3.5/5.0

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