Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Soy Suspenso-The Anchor (feat. Tim Rosales III of I Am Ghost) (Single)

Hailing from the musically eclectic world of Mexico, Omar Montanez and his band, Soy Suspenso, have a "charged up" record called HOTEL VENGANZA.  The first single, "The Anchor", is a solid rocker, and delivers nothing short of an edge!  If you have heard of Omar's name before in the United States, it's because he's the gritty vocalist behind the California band, Fiction Killer, another one you should check out!  Soy Suspenso are incredible at what they do.  "The Anchor" kicks off with a catchy ass beat, guitar riffs, and the vocals make you want to jam from the very beginning.  The style is very similar to the beats and rhythms of some I Am Ghost tracks, if you were a fan of that band, I highly suggest this artist as well.  This is well done, immaculate, and deserves more recognition than it has gotten, there is no doubt.  I could see Soy Suspenso on future Warped Tour dates, and even some Taste of Chaos dates as well, yes, they are that good.  "The Anchor" is a fitting lead single, it gets you immediately hooked, and your there to enjoy the scenery of Soy Suspenso, all the fucking way from Mexico, which goes to show me, and you all that talent comes from anywhere, and like I've already said, this is a smash hit.....check them out at a link below!!
RATING: 10/10