Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sixx A.M.-Modern Vintage

Sixx AM are back with their third full-length release.  "Modern Vintage" has a very particular album cover, buy that perhaps is the most particular part of this new artful piece of the album, "Modern Vintage".  Singer James Micael still provides the fans with his delicate, smooth, and somewhat haunting vocals.  Also, Nikki Sixx once again, unleashes his rocking guitar blazed skills.  Without a doubt, there are not a few better than Nikki.  Where I got lost on this album is it's "message".  To me, and perhaps I am a bit blind or deaf to this, but the album gives a very little, if any message.  DJ Ashba does well, adding more strong and "thicker" arrangements to the album's message, whichever that may be at all.  Don't get wrong, there are a few solid songs from this, but if you as a fan, were looking for something along the line of "This Is Gonna Hurt" or "The Herion Diaries Soundtrack-you will be very, very disappointed.  As was I, myself upon getting this to review.  I was pleased and thankful for the chance, but wow, I was so let down.  The positives off the release are the well-arranged song, "Gotta Get It Right" which was the first single released from this record.  After the drop of that song, it;s almost as if the first one third of the album was pleasing, and the other halves dropped off slowly, but in a scarey way.  I think it seems almost as if it could have been, in my opinion, just a bit rushed, and "crammed" together.  Songs such as "Give Me A Love", "Before It's Over", and the musical depriving cut known as "Relief".  As usual, I am going to pick my favorite, most solid song for as far as I am concerned, and that is the track, "Hyperventilate".  To me, this song reminds me of their more capable music.  I just would like to make clear that I am not trying to "put down" this band, I just speak as both a critic and fan, when I say "Boys, you could have written better, and given us all, including fans you have and yet to discover, something much better.  Thank you for the album, it still shows you all have it, I think it just need a bit more improvement within this album, without any doubt.
Rating: 3.5/5.0

 "Grab It Up And Judge For Yourself...Not Too Bad" !!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nonpoint-The Return

      Nonpoint is back, and they have provided us all with a taste of good stuff!  With the upcoming release of "The Return", Nonpoint has presented a well-arranged variation of excellent tracks.  The lead single, "Breaking Skin", is my favorite track overall from the release, and it is amazingly well-written and the lyrics such as "I need more than blood and air to survive" are impressive, and a step forward in the right direction for this band.. Such talent, Elias, the lead singer, has matured more with each and everyone of their albums.  Another track, "Never Ending Hole" is pretty solid, with riffs and a beat that gets stuck in your  head, almost on a repeat cycle.  "Never Cared Before" is my second fave off the album.  The song, without a doubt will get stuck in your brain, and you will end up finding yourself singing it in your head, or out loud when "The Return" is pounding loud out of your I-pod or radio!  Nonpoint has sure some a long way, since their first single of "What A Day".  Don't get me wrong, that song is a classic, but the maturity will definitely be evident off this album, I promise you.  The track "Goodbye Letters" really resonated with me, and gave me a sense of comfort with what has gone on in my life.  I really dig this song, to say the least.  I recommend also listening to some more solid tracks such as "Razors", "Know Myself", and "Widowmaker".  I mean, this whole record is full of surprises, well done vocal arrangements, and a powerhouse really good lyrics.  I recommend picking this up on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014.  Either way you go, whether you pay five bucks at  one of their current shows, or the nine bucks off Amazon, or even if you do what more and more people are doing these day and purchase it at your favorite digital store, you will fall in love this album!  If you are a fan of Nonpoint, or even if you just wanna get into something you haven't heard of before, this is an incredible album to get into.  I suggest you dive right in, today!
                                                                        Rating: 4.75/5.0


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Red Tide Rising-The Rising

"The Rising", by the rocking band, Red Tide Rising, has been released for about a year now.  However, I think that I have to put my "two cents" in on the release.  I fucking love this!!  I mean, the record kicks off with a strong intro titled "Rising Tides", and it doesn't look back from there.  With power-laced vocals, and earthquake-like guitars, bass, and drums, you are given such a treat within "The Rising".  Wow!  "Shadows", the fourth track on the album, presents a haunting-like vocalization, and is lyrically dark with lyrics like "Is this a nightmare, am I wide awake...".  You can't help yourself to be familiar with those words, we all have felt that way before.  The song "Misery" rocks in a more upbeat fashion, yet, still brings the power-driven lyrics and drumming on this song is incredible.  Love it!  My favorite track on "The Rising", I would have to say without a doubt is "The Choice".  With lyrics like "....and I don't mind you walking away....", it really resonates with me.  Perhaps that is why it has become my favorite part of the record.  "The Otherside" and the song "The Rising" are such perfect fits for the release, as they give us a taste of solid beats and that forceful voice of the vocalist, Matt Whiteman.  If you want some harder rock n' roll-like portions, then look no further than "Vicious Circle" and the cut "This Is War".  Also on the album are thrillers such as "We Are The Hunted" and "2:13".  Let me just state, that it was a close one in picking my favorite track, so I would like to say that the track "Cold" is an excellent piece of the album as well, it give us a sense of the late Type O Negative-like arrangements.  To end, I would highly recommend you picking up "The Rising" today, adding to your collection with a powerful, melodic, and blazing album.  Check out one of the links below, and see it for yourself.  You can also head to your digital stores, such as Amazon and I-tunes.  You will not be let down by the band, not even close!  Catch them live this fall with Like A Storm and the throttle called Drowning Pool.
Rating: 5.0 +/5.0

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Friday, September 26, 2014


Way back in 2002, guitarist Andrew Wayne began an epic journey.  Then, in 2009, Andrew encountered the talented drummer Linda Medina.  The band was almost complete, except they needed a rockin' vocalist.  This is where the soothing, atmospheric, and haunting vocals of Sarah Anderson.  She became a perfect fit with this amazing band.  Sarah joined the band in 2010, and this machine was about to explode with powerhouse lyrics and a stunning vocalist.  Think of a haunting version of the band Flyleaf, or the International talent known as, Nemesea.  With the album completed, and the tracks are all laced up with inspiring vocals, pounding drums, and a blazing guitar-"Catharsis" is about to give the fans of music something to talk about.  My favorite track from their debut release is the song, "Over".  The intro of the song is well done, and the aspiring vocals are incredible.  The band has dealt with mental health issues, depression, and suicidal thoughts.  It's because of those issues that the music is dark, flowing, and such a force to reckon with.  "November", the lead song off the album, is a blast of energy.  The drums hit the ears so well in this track, and Sarah's dramatic voice does it justice.  You really cannot go wrong when you grab this up on it's release date of October 14, 2014.  I know you will enjoy the songs "The Other Side", "Hysteria", and the haunting of the song, "Last Wish".  With eleven tracks on "Catharsis", you definitely get your money's worth, I guarantee it!  "Stained" is an incredible release of energy, talent, vocals, and smooth transitions of the musical score.  "The Reprisal" and "Vermin" reached out and hooked me into the band's mind.  I mean, there is nothing wrong with this album at all, absolutely nothing.  Check 'em out with the links below, and hear/see for yourself what I am talking about! 
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Come October 14th, you better be ready to rock to Aurin!!

Cole Childers-Aurora EP

Former front man of the band Chasing Corona, Cole Childers has set out on his own, with the solo effort titled "Aurora".  The lead single, "Fall With Me", has hit radio all over the place, and rightfully so.  I absolutely love this song, thus it is why it is my favorite track from this EP.  However, there is more to this release than just that.  Hailing from Washington, Cole grew up with the explosive Seattle music scene in the late 80's and early 90's.  That was a lot of influence for anyone in the world, let alone residing quite near there.  Cole Childers has become so crafty with his guitar playing skills, and his lyrical power, that I can without a single doubt state that this record is definitely worth purchasing right away!  "Addict" and the excellent product that is  titled "Save Me" are strong pieces to the puzzle that is formed incredibly called, "Aurora".  I cannot even announce a weak part of the EP.  This is such good material, no one can deny it.  "Aurora", the last song on the EP, is so smooth and laced with lyrical strength, that you fall in deep into it.  Fitting nicely right in the middle of the effort are the relentless crafts of "Run Away" and "Impossible".  I mean, you can't seem to go wrong with this one, there's no doubt.  I suggest you check out his links below, to judge for yourself.  Enjoy this wonderful and talented artist, who also served our country in the armed forces, so that's even better!
Rating: 4.75/5.0

"Fall With Me" Official Video

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Slipknot- .5: The Gray Chapter

It's been some time ago, since this metal band has let loose with their vibrant renditons of the "darker side" of this life we all live.  Now, we are fortunate enough to hear the most haunting epic piece ever given by the powerhouse known as, Slipknot.  With the lead single from this latest record, they showed us they mean fucking business!  "The Negative One" us a rocker!  With riffs so hard, and a chorus we couldn't forget, this single let us into this darkness that Slipknot has let out.  "The Devil In I" was to follow "The Negative One", and with that we got to hear a bit more of Slipknot's diversity.  The single's cover art was even more eerie and darker than I had first imagined it being, as it hit my desk for promotional purposes.  I really love that song, but it's not my favorite from this epic release.  My favorite track from "The Gray Chapter" effort is titled, "The One That Kills The Least".  This one is killer without a doubt.  It redefines music brutality, and expels strong and epic lyrics that make us fans desire for more darkness and anger to fill our music-loving minds.  Of course there is more strength to this album than those songs.  You dive into some real metal with the track "Killpop".  The song, which is number five on the album, a third of the through-reels us into an abyss of hard metal.  Gone are the relentless screams of agony and frustrations that defined Slipknot some years ago, and in are the angry riffs and thunderous vocals by Corey Taylor.  Of course Corey was busy with his other project known as Stone Sour lately, so perhaps he learned how to harness his anxiety and anger.  You can tell by this release, that Corey did just that.  "Custer" is flat out bad-ass!  "Be Prepared For Hell" is an example of finely tuned song writing skills, and they are matched with a drastic change of metal and heavy rock n' roll.  This song is very good at pounding are brains in, and is definitely a force to be reckoned with when this album drops on October 21st, 2014.  Some other favorites off this record are "Custer", "Sarcastrophe"-which is brilliant to say the least, and the epic fundamentally sound of "If Rain Is What You Want".  "If Rain Is What You Want" is much like the former stronghold of the past beautiful track called, "Snuff".  I highly recommend this album, especially for the deluxe version, which features two bonus tracks known as "The Burden" and "Override".  Those two bonus tracks won't let you down, I guarantee it!  You may want to grab this early and pray that the shipping people get it to you earlier than the 21st, because people will for sure be talking about this for months and years to come, no doubt.  However, be known that this album does have a couple weaknesses.  With "Nomadic" and the song "Lech", we are left with some songs that seem to be "fillers" for the whole album, which is the main reason I recommend grabbing up the deluxe edition.  It all makes up for it, and in the end, we are all left with an album to be reckoned with, that is for certain!
Rating: 4.5/5.0
"The Devil In I"

 Official Video.

Darkness Has Entered Our Souls....Get Fucking Ready!

Ascending Dawn-Coalesce

You think of rock, and many bands come to your brain.  Typically, it remains the same, as those bands continue to pound out album, after single, after EP, anything they can do for radio.  Yet, you still find yourself missing something, and I think I have what you're missing.  Welcome in the band, Ascending Dawn. Hailing from all over this earth, the band is composed of pure talent.  The vocalist Marlain, the guitar and drumming skills of Mark Weatherley, the welcomed Owen Rees, and the thunderous bass player herself, Constanze Hart.  The lead single throttles it's way into our minds with amazing vocals, and talented composure.  "Cannonball" let's loose with soaring vocals, and a relentless beat that seems to hook you in.  The first track that kicks off the record, and my favorite track of the nine presented on the effort, is titled "All In Now".  I can honestly say I was "floored" when I first heard this tune!  The constant measures of beats, the incredible vocals, and the mist of lyrics allows us, the fans, become one with the song.  "Indiscretion" lends it's hand in ending the album on an awesome high note!  With devastating music, and that unmistakeable voice, this one is my second favorite song, as it reaches into the depths of our souls to let us know, this album and band are for real.  Other stand outs include, but not limited to, "Opposites", Simplify", and "Miscommunication".  Although, that being said,I don't think you will be disappointed with any track from "Coalesce", which drops mid-November of this year, 2014.  Let your breath take in the tune "Integral" and you will be left, flat out breathless, I promise you that!  "Inside The Silence" is an ear-dropping, and "shock and awe" to the radio that is blaring this amazing sense of music, that quite simply leaves us all without words.  To end this note, I didn't want to leave out the most composed, and promising song, "Opaque".  I want to keep this track's description a secret, I mean, why spoil it all for everyone?  Just believe and understand that come mid-November, you will feel the rock!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jennifer Knight-Twinkle And Shine (Single)

Just when you start to see some up and coming promising musicians, you hit a bump with one.  This release definitely is indeed that "bump".  "Twinkle And Shine" showcases the ridiculous days of "bubblegum pop" and lousy songwriting skills.  I know this song was digitally released since around April of 2014 (this year), and it's taken me some time to actually admit I heard this track.  It doesn't mean the singer is awful, trust me, she isn't.  It is just that the specific song being reviewed, is such a waste of talent.  It has drawn some attention around the world, and may even be a hit in some areas, but, don't let that fool you at all.  I highly recommend not wasting your Itunes gift cards, or your money on any other digital music outlets.  This singer can't even seem to get an album together, just crafting up single after single after single.  There gets a point to where it becomes awful to the ear, and with "Twinkle And Shine", you actually begin to hear this occur.  I am not trying to be negative, this singer is very polite, a smart fashion display, and a talent.  I just want to be clear that this song in particular, has gone so wrong on so many different levels.  Don't waste your time.
Rating: 2.0/5.0






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Dustin Bates has a new project, and let the "transmissions" begin.  The latest band, Starset, started an internet and radio buzz some months back, upon people everywhere hearing the lead single, "My Demons".  The track is strong, dark, and uniquely identifies with the fans and listeners anywhere.  Check out the video below, courtesy of Starset's Youtube page, and hear the distinction between decent rock, and what Starset is defined as, and that's incredible rock n' roll, with some life-lacing melodies.  Another song from their debut is titled, "Dark On Me".  This, if you were not aware, was once a song from Dustin's other project, Downplay.  "Dark On Me" presents the same atmosphere to us, as "My Demons" does.  However, this song gives you a more "hopeless", or empty feeling that life can abandon us with, and shows how black this world can, and just how cruel.  "Down With The Fallen", the second track off the album, is brilliant, addictive, and simply, brilliant.  This one is catchy, has a little bit of a symphonic sound to it, and leaves us with a "breathtaking" feeling to say the least!  Some other favorites are the catchy and vibrant, perfect lyrically laced one called, "Halo".  This one is infectious, driven, and such a good song.  Lyrics such as "....send out the signal and I'll fly low", leaves the public and the fans in general quite breathless.  "The Future Is Now", let's us all hear some "growling" by this talented band, and some "soothing" sounds also.  It seems that each track, which is designed to be a "transmission" from the "Starset Universe", and the band, all have a imposing feel of smoothness and you can definitely jam to this!  My favorite song is called "Rise And Fall".  I mean, "wow" doesn't begin to describe this one!  It definitely let's out emotion, clean vocals are well done, and you can "feel" the vibrant growling within this song so well, it would surely make you rock harder, and harder!  "Telescope" displays Starset's ability to relay some emotional darkness, and combine it with a radiant feel, proves again to us that this band has what it takes to thrive in this world's music industry.  Last, I must say that "Carnivore", which is definitely radio-ready, is so imposing and relentless, you cannot even begin to ignore the track on the album.  It's in reference to a space station symbolism matter, called "The Department Of Civil Vigilance And Recovery".  This track gets stuck in your head with a strong, addictive, and unique chorus.  Overall, the album "Transmissions", is packed with thirteen songs that will leave you with an astonishing take on the band, their music, and the bright future they have set in motion for themselves.
Rating: 5.0/5.0

 Starset-"My Demons"

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Alaina Blair-Here I Am

"Alive Again", Alaina's lead single from her third release, doesn't even begin to describe how strong this release is!  Wow!  With seven strong tracks, and an excellent price, "Here I Am" is definitely worth every penny.  Let me just say I love this record.  You're also treated to blazing guitars by the man himself, Mr. Billy Alexander!  Love this!  With powerful and strong drumming by Tony Morra, it becomes even more of such a treat to grab "Here I Am".  "Throw It All Away", the first song on the release, was written by Billy Alexander and Melanie Joe.  Melanie, you may know, has some good music of her own out now.  This song is delicate, yet throws you into such a groove, even the windows dance when you crank this tune up!  The third song on the album is called "Here Tonight", and this one is a smooth, cozy effort that makes you think about life more and more.  Great song, indeed.  My favorite on "Here I Am", I would say is "Give Myself Over", which is the fourth song on the LP.  With unique bass play by bassist Sean Barrett, and eclectic electric piano/organ done by Mike Stockalper, "Give Myself Over" just seems to resonate with myself so much, I honestly cannot describe it any better than to say, "buy this"!  Other stand out tracks include "I Will", "Tears Never Fell", and "Life Is Beautiful".  Overall, I've said this time and time again, you seriously need to grab this one up, especially if you're into discovering new artists, and enjoy smooth pop music, or country as well.  Alaina Blair and crew are so dynamic on this release.  Alaina has improved from her first release, the EP titled "Gypsy Girl", to her first solo record, and now "here" she is with the unbelievable "Here I Am".  Find out for yourself today!
RATING: 5.0/5.0
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Wow.  I am a fine of all kinds of music, but I will admit I fell in love with this record right when I heard it.  "Goddess", the latest from the passionate and soulful artist, Banks, is purely brilliant.  Especially the enjoyable "deluxe" edition.  I really cannot name a favorite track from this album, there are so many, but if I had to, I would go with "Warm Water".  With haunting vocals at times, and blissful tracks such as "This Is What It Feels Like", Change", And I Drove You Crazy", and Bedroom Wall"-they all make you shutter and quiver with intrigue.  "Fuck Em Only We Know: is an excellent symbol for this album because it's as if Banks does not care what anyone thinks, she has realized her talent and artistry is purely awesome, and don't think for a moment she does not know it!!  I highly recommend this release, whether you decide on the "deluxe" package, or the "standard" release, I can promise you that you will indeed be pleased!  Enjoy that stunning voice!
Rating: 5.0/5.0
"Beggin' For Thread" Official Video:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Pistol Day Parade-Burn

Pistol Day Parade have something to say, and if you give them the chance, you will experience the rock!  This band's incredible release, "Burn", showcases straight rock and some elements of grunge, if I say so myself.  My favorite track, is "Where I Lay".  The intro to this song sets it up to be a wonderful rocker, and that is what it indeed is!  They have more than just "Where I Lay" though.  The amped "Rockstar's Girlfriend", which clocks in as most of their tracks do, at about three and a half minutes, is another solid effort.  Of course, you then have to crank up another strong song in "Not Today".  Hailing from Detroit, this band is unique in the fact that they have a shot at a diverse fan base, and they prove to just that.  I know I typically review releases with a high rating, but to understand why, it's because I normally am presented with numerous albums to do, and if I at least "like" what I hear, then chances are that it will pan out.  Trust me, this release, "Burn" by Pistol Day Parade, will surely not disappoint the "more than" majority of you rockers out there!
Rating: 5/5
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Soy Suspenso-"Brigada Ingis"

Let me put it to you this way, this band's follow up release is straight rock!  Omar Montanez and his gang of brutal musicians, have released a true gem here.  Below, you'll check out the blistering video for the band's track, "Introduccian al Caos".  Not only is this band back, but they bring a fresh new sound, and finally something to want to hear over and over again on the radio or online!!  Head to their facebook page below and find out what you've been missing.  Tracks not to miss: "Introduccion al Caos", "Mafia Romance", "Uno de Nosotros". and more!!

Earshot-"Remember" [single]

Wil Martin is still a master at his craft.  He has currently released three new singles from his band outfit, Earshot.  All this, after releasing a compelling solo effort, titled "The Wil Martin Project".  If you haven't checked that out yet, please do!  After the releases of the singles "Now That It's Over" and "Let Me", Earshot are back with "Remember".  For me, this track stands out the most.  It showcases Wil's soaring vocals, and a powerhouse band behind him.  The arrangement on this song is fantastic, and it's a mere dollar or so to download!  Add to your Earshot/Wil Martin collection today!!  I highly suggest you pick it up digitally!!