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Monday, September 15, 2014

Pistol Day Parade-Burn

Pistol Day Parade have something to say, and if you give them the chance, you will experience the rock!  This band's incredible release, "Burn", showcases straight rock and some elements of grunge, if I say so myself.  My favorite track, is "Where I Lay".  The intro to this song sets it up to be a wonderful rocker, and that is what it indeed is!  They have more than just "Where I Lay" though.  The amped "Rockstar's Girlfriend", which clocks in as most of their tracks do, at about three and a half minutes, is another solid effort.  Of course, you then have to crank up another strong song in "Not Today".  Hailing from Detroit, this band is unique in the fact that they have a shot at a diverse fan base, and they prove to just that.  I know I typically review releases with a high rating, but to understand why, it's because I normally am presented with numerous albums to do, and if I at least "like" what I hear, then chances are that it will pan out.  Trust me, this release, "Burn" by Pistol Day Parade, will surely not disappoint the "more than" majority of you rockers out there!
Rating: 5/5
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