Thursday, February 28, 2013

Latenite Automatic-You Are Electric ?

Founded and formed in 2010, Latenite Automatic has been on the scene electrifying the
music world ever since.  Currently located in Canada, Vancouver to be exact, the group have been exciting crowds with show after show, and tune after tune.  My favorite track from this diverse and rather great album, is the track titled, "Ghost Love".  The beats, the trance, and the lyrical breakdowns are enough to make you crave more and more from this band.  They deliver more too, boy do they ever.  Take the songs, "This Town", Dirty Secrets", and "Follower"-they all push the envelope of the music world as we know it today.  I highly recommend you pick up a physical copy of this album today, if you're unable to locate one, it's probably due to high demand, go ahead and score a digital version to hold you over.  You can find one or both at one of the links below, for certain, no doubt!!  If you're a fan of Eric Victorino's The Limousines, or the band Interpol, this band will suit you perfectly.  Also, if you relish The Killers, grab a copy of Latenite Automatic, you will not be let down, it's a guarantee!!  Amazing talent, great music, great grooves and beats!!
RATING: 9/10

These Four Walls-Living To Write The End

These Four Walls are back with their second full length release, and it's yet another
hit, no doubt!  I enjoyed this album far better than their first release, which was titled, DOWN FALLS AN EMPIRE.  The first album did feature one of my favorite songs of all time, titled "Lay It Out", it is a rather catchy ass track, with emotional lyrics and passion not to be missed...definitely want to at least grab a digital download of that track, if nothing else from the first release of These Four Walls.  The latest effort, titled LIVING TO WRITE THE END, is one fantastic piece of fine work.  The first single released, was titled, "Passenger".  The song, which was also made available as an acoustic version release, shows raw emotion, and excellent vocals by their lead vocalist.  The band is composed of Steve Gibb, Gray Vickers, Chris Treeby, Brad Vickers.  Brad Vickers is also the general manager of the band.  This band has opened for many, many well known artists that have made their ways across the pond to play live, and it's been a well deserved venture, for certain.  I truly am a fan, have been honestly since DOWN FALLS AN EMPIRE.  I own both physical copies, and play them on rotation regularly.  I recommend you pick them up from one of the links below, and find a true passion from a band, you may or may not have heard about.  They are excellent, and lyrically and melodically excel.  The favorite song for me, from the LIVING TO WRITE THE END effort, has got to be the song, "Talons".  The surprise screaming vocals toward the end, after the hooks in the song, are incredible, and you just want to crank the fucker right up!!  I hope you find as much enjoy ment from this band as I did and do, rock on my friends and followers!!  Check out the video for "Passenger" below!!  Enjoy this fantastic band!!
RATING: 10/10

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Plumb-Need You Now

Plumb, otherwise known as "Tiffany Arbuckle Lee", as been singing for many,
many years now.  At the young age of 37, she is still as beautiful as ever, with that addictive and angelic vocal touch lacing her essence throughout.  Plumb's first release, I believe, was in the year of 1997, and she has not lost her touch since.  She has changed styles from time to time, but it is believed that was just to correlate with the times of life, during the moments people were dealing with in times of struggles, despair, and dreams of hope.  My favorite song from this album, which consists of thirteen solid tracks, has got to be one of the already released singles.  The track, titled "I Want You Here", speaks to me in many ways, and hits me hard emotionally for a few reasons personal, and I trust there are and will be songs on NEED YOU NOW, that will embrace your soul and heart as well.  I have no doubt about it.  I believe going physical or digital is worth it, either way.  Both versions are about $10, however, for quality, and technological reasoning, one must go with the wave of the future.  Take a trip to I-Tunes, Amazon, or a digital outlet such like that, and grab it all, or any of this beautiful talent that sounds excellent to you.  I know Plumb, somewhere with some track, will touch your soul.  More key songs are "Drifting", "Need You Now", "Cage", and my second favorite powerhouse track, "Beautiful".  Take a chance with this Plumb release, it will pierce your heart and soul, and be worth it....keep a box of tissues with you as well. :)
RATING: 9/10

I Ignite-Falling (Single)

It's only been since December 2011, that I Ignite first played together, and they are
one remarkable outfit.  They've shown extreme talent, persistence, and talent.  Musically, they rock hard, shred the walls, and rake the floors with lyrics that raise the heavens as well.  The single, "Falling", is my personal favorite from their six track, self-titled EP.  I enjoy the tone of the song, the way it seems to have been mastered, and the mixing of the track is wonderful.  the vocals of Eddie Raccioppi are hard to miss, and you just find yourself jamming to the music over and over!  The guitarists, Stefan and Corey, shred the air with delight and power, leaving the crowds with astonishment and an experience they'll likely never forget.  Joe Meyer, the masterful bass player of I Ignite, lays down the thunder on the track, "Falling", and you definitely take notice within this rocker, no doubt!  Jason Rosado, lays out the punishment in the drums, and our heads bounce along.  His work should seem familiar, as he used to pound it in the bands The New Black and Element.  The track is pretty fast paced, and leaves you wanting to speed your ass down the fucking rev it up, jam to I Ignite, and lace those speakers with "Falling", then let the rest of the brilliant EP flow throughout your veins, your car, your ears, and scream and sing along with the band!!  Rock it!
RATING: 10/10

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Wil Martin Project-Call On Me (Single)

For those of you not familiar with this man's talents, let me bring to your attention another
band's name: Earshot.  Earshot spawned many great hits, such as "Get Away", "Sometimes", "Not Afraid", "The Ugly Truth", "Wait", "Headstrong", and more.  The pure talent alone that Wil Martin, the vocalist of Earshot as well, owns, is so incredible.  I feel, and I am certain many do or will as well, that no matter the song, if Wil's voice touches it, it's golden.  Pure and simple.  This past Valentine's Day of 2013, or around that date, Wil put one of his more fresh tracks from his upcoming solo effort known right now by The Wil Martin Project.  That song, well, let me say it is amazing.  The track, which clocks in just under three minutes in length, is titled, "Call On Me".  Lyrically, one of the best tunes Wil has ever been a part of, ever.  My favorite line of the song is the beginning in all honesty, and I do not want to give too much away, but I love to tease, so I'll let you know the line that kicked ass for me.  It goes, "....I fall on my knees just to be close to God, but I fall to floor from your love....".  Those words, so touching, so graceful, wow!~  Believe me, once you hear this track, let alone the other songs that make up the EP due soon, you will be a fan instantly, if you're not already just from facebook or checking out the fantastic reverbnation page of Wil Martin.  I highly suggest you head to your most favorite digital retailer once this is released, and grab a copy of the entire EP, stream it on his site from one of the links below for now, and be amazed at the raw musical talent of Wil Martin.  I guarantee you will love this, or I will personally, honestly, refund your money, I stand by my guarantees as I have before, this is incredible work, go stream some now!!
RATING: 11/10

One Gun Shy-After The Rain

One Gun Shy have a hit album on their hands, with AFTER THE RAIN.  The
release features the title track, "After The Rain", which runs over four minutes long, and is brilliantly laced together melodically and lyrically.  I enjoyed this track from the get-go.  I also find this to be my favorite of the thirteen track album.  The band, which just began in 2011, sounds to me like a mixture of Breaking Benjamin, Adam Gontier, Godsmack, Shinedown, and Metallica.  So, to put it mildly, it sounds like modern rock, lol.  The band  has a Hard Rock CafĂ© Release show set for April 27th, for AFTER THE RAIN this year, in 2013.  Anticipation is building, the fans are growing, and the website isn't even complete yet, but the craze is firing on all cylinders!!  The band is yet again, another fine rock product from Seattle, Washington.  Let's just hope the longevity of this band remains the same as Seattle's predecessor's and we can enjoy many years of great rock, and true talent!!  With other smash songs on this record like "I'll Take The Pain", "Answer To Choose", and "Hypnotized", you cannot go wrong with this at all!!  I trust, going digital all out with this release on I-tunes would be the way to go, no doubt!!  This is a true rocker, a definite hit!!  Tear shit up, do whatever you must, buy this album though, before or "after the rain".....:)
RATING: 9.5/10

It's Criminal-Believe Me (Single)

Canada has done it again-unleashed a pretty solid effort here.  It's Criminal, a band
from Vancouver, has released their single, "Believe Me".  The track sounds similar to the likes of Bless The Fall, or even Senses Fail per say.  It's Criminal does an excellent job of blending electronic styles, with hardcore screams and rock.  They've cut a rather funny and "strange" music video for the single, and the song has ramped up speed in amount of plays recently added to more and more radio stations.  I think the song is pretty solid, and would suggest heading to cd baby to purchase the track digitally for sure, It is a rather honest, brutal, and solid song.  Plus, you're introduced to a new band, and therefore, new music, which is always a great day!!  Check out the video below, and the links, and watch out because It's Criminal ! is headed nowhere but up, and you may just be in the way!!  Rock on!!
RATING: 9/10
"Believe Me" Music Video Official

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bring Me The Horizon-Sempiternal

Bring Me The Horizon are going to hit us hard this April with their new release,
SEMPITERNAL.  The first single from this rocking album, "Shadow Moses", is incredible!  The music video is incredible as well, and is featured below.  The album is full of tracks that rake the ground and spit hardcore spirits in your fucking face!  For example, the song, "The House of Wolves", lyrically one of their best ever, has the band tearing the walls down with every ounce of energy that never seemed reachable.  Wow, what an album!  "Go to Hell, For Heaven's Sake" is a little less brilliant lyrically, but overall, the screaming is deafening, and the track is easily my favorite on the album, especially the way it fits on this record.  I truly enjoyed this release, and hope and believe that you will as well.  So, that I do not give too much away, a final track that I believe will rip your roofs off, is the song ""Hospital For Souls".  This is one hell of a track and the fact that it's the standard version's ending track, is fitting, as you will soon see once you acquire the record.  I highly recommend you pick this record up, somewhere toward the end of April, it's a must!
RATING: 9/10

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Red Line Chemistry-Paralyzed (Single)

"Paralyzed", from rockers Red Line Chemistry, is set to be the first official single that
is to be released from their upcoming April/May, 2013 release titled, TUG OF WAR.  Due out on April 30th, 2013, the album already has garnered a lot of attention and anticipation.  The band has posted at least two you tube videos for two tracks from the upcoming album, one video for a song called "Black Roses", which I am unclear as to if it will be released as a single soon, or not.  The official single, "Paralyzed", is set to hit major radio on Tuesday March 5th, 2013.  The song is excellent from start to finish.  I have not been lucky enough to get a hold of an advance copy of this track on cd yet, so I will admit I am basing this review on the you tube audio which we all have access to as of now, so just to be fair, I have taken that into account.  The lyrics in the track are off the hook, and Red Line Chemistry have obviously matured very much since their previous release, and it's for the far better.  Lyrics like "....we'll live to fight another day...whatever comes our way....we're not paralyzed......just a little misguided-don't you think?...".   Nonethless, it's a rocker, there's no doubt about it, bottom line.  On March 5th, when you're online buying the new How To Destroy Angels album, pick up the Red Line Chemistry single, "Paralyzed", as well.  It's only around a buck more, and it flat out kicks ass!!
RATING: 10/10

Pop Evil-Trenches (Single)

Pop Evil are back with their new single, "Trenches"!  This time, at least as far as the
new track goes, they are darker and pissed off.  The band seems a bit twisted, and eerie at times, but the song reminds me a lot of their track "Broken and Betrayed", just not the very upbeat sections.  However, Pop Evil are just killing it with this single, and I believe it is set for a February 28, 2013 digital release, and I highly recommend you pick this puppy up.  BUY IT!!  Do not illegally grab it, mainly because this band does very well, but let's show them some support in this new, and better direction they are headed in.  "Trenches" is very cryptic-like, and adds a whole new element to their fan base, and in my own opinion, I believe that to be a good thing.  I don't want to give to much away, but let me end with this, lyrically, your mind will be blown away.  This track is one of their best written songs to date, and you can see the maturity Pop Evil has developed over time.
RATING: 9.5/10

Friday, February 22, 2013

Meg Myers-Daughter In The Choir

Meg Myers, a beautiful and bright young talent, doesn't really have a lot to say
about her past, or growing up.  She simply says she didn't go to high school, she moved from the mountains to a bigger city, in Los Angeles.  Meg, however, is very gifted indeed.  Her first known release, this EP, titled DAUGHTER IN THE CHOIR, sounds like a pissed off Fiona Apple.  If you want an album comparison, compare it to Fiona Apple's debut release, TIDAL.  These tracks by Meg, are more along the shorelines of Fiona's track, "Shadowboxer".  Meg plays guitar, the bass, and the delicate piano throughout most of the EP, and does so brilliantly.  Her best song, to me, is the track "Monster".  She even has a music video, which you can view via the you tube link below her rating on this site.  You are able to also download this entire EP for free, legally, or help Meg out some, and grab it off of I-Tunes, links available below also.  Meg Myers is gifted, indeed, and I couldn't help but fall in love with this music, it's incredible, one of the most talented vocalists I've ever known.  Grab your copy in some way, shape, or form, and relax, enjoy, and groove with Meg, I promise she will not let you down, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
RATING: 10/10

Kiss The Gunner's Daughter-Kiss The Gunner's Daughter

Though Kiss The Gunner's Daughter has only released this incredible EP, the band
have made one hell of a name for themselves.  They have incredible, unparalleled sounds that seem raw at times, with hooks that pull you in to just want more and more of their amazing lyrics and haunting vocals.  Two of the five tracks off of the EP stand out to me the most, and they are actually the two singles released from the effort.  "Still Here", which you can catch the music video of below, is a screamer at times, with lyrics that twist and turn, and vocals that rake the walls of your house into little balls of scrap words.  It's a true rock song, modernly speaking, of course.  My favorite song, overall, is the song they titled, "Paralyzed".  The track holds meaning to me personally, and also has an honest vibe to it, that resonates very well with the crowd and fans I believe.  My favorite, or at least one of my favorite lines in this song is, "....never give in, never without a fight....".  Those are my words to live by, words I've had no choice but to live by before in my life, and I love, love that track.  I know I  mentioned two tracks being up there as good with me, but I'm getting infected by hearing this EP spin in the players, and it hit me; you have to jam to another track, once called "Make It Through".  Lyrically deep, and intense, this one is a rocker for certain as well, and obviously has potential to infect you with wanting to hear so much more from Kiss The Gunner's Daughter.  The downfall to this release, is simply that it is just an EP.  We want more, and more!!  I recommend hitting up CD Baby at the link below, and grabbing the actual physical copy because it's cheaper than the mp3 copy, and it's bad ass.  I just got my copy this morning, and I have no regrets.  So, give this band your time, a shot, and they will not let you down....rock hard, and "kiss the gunner's daughter"!!
RATING: 10/10


8Stops7 have been around since the mid-90's.  The band had released an indie
album titled, BIRTH OF A CYNIC, before signing onto California's Warner Brothers Records, to release their biggest selling effort to date, IN MODERATION.  The album featured the hits "My Would-Be Savior", and the reluctant smash, "Question Everything".  The album is still considered a classic to some fans, and, at the time, was a sign of big things to come.  However, the band and their label split, and some wondered if that were the end of 8Stops7.  The band independently released another record, their best album, in my opinion, titled BEND.  The first single from the album, which was mainly played more locally than nationally, was called "Here Among The Wicked".  There was a music video to go along with this, though not well produced, I will admit.  Another breakthrough from BEND, was the song called "Breathing Room", and another ditty called the rocking "Satisfied".  However, things were just not panning out for Evan, the vocalist, and the band of 8Stops7.  So, after a small break, they began playing live again, got into a groove, and started a program, which was mainly fan-funded, kickstarter.  This effort is what began what is now know as one of the best independent records out there, in FABLES.  The first single from FABLES, was the smash hit "The Sting".  The video can be seen below for "Satisfied" and "The Sting" as well.  I highly recommend you digitally picking up the albums of this band that are only available as digital downloads right now, and grab up those that you can get as hard copies.  These albums are all a no-miss deal, highly suggested, and each song is unique, and lyrically deep and personal to the band's own experiences.  This is a must!
RATING: 10/10

                                           "The Sting"

Big Wreck-Albatross

Ian Thornley simply loves to sing and make music, as evident in Big Wreck's
third studio release, ALBATROSS.  Now, this album was originally unleashed in their home country of Canada last year in 2012, but was just released in the United States in February of 2013.  The band released their smash hit, "Albatross", as a free downloadable single, for promotional use.  They also added three bonus tracks to the Best Buy stores "exclusive" edition release.  The cd came in a cardboard-like, digipak, and contained a new studio track titled "Let The Good Time Roll".  The effort also contained two live song, one being from the band's very first release, IN LOVING MEMORY OF....."The Oaf" (Live), was a featured bonus track from that debut release, and the song, which came from ALBATROSS, "Control" (Live), was the second delight for us to enjoy.  Overall, the album is what has come to be expected by Ian Thornley over his long career.  The favorite song of mine from this record, though, has to be the lead track in"Head Together"  I love the groove with the song, and the repeating lyrically of "....I need to keep my head together, I need to be with somebody else...I need......".  It's both dark, and simply honest.  The song, "Wolves", comes in a very close second for me, as that song is a tough one lyrically as well.  This album, though has lackluster moment, similar to the band's second album, PLEASURE AND THE GREED.  I don't expect anything Thornley and the guys do to top the first album, but they've got to find a "catchier" way of hooking the audience, but I give them credit, they're still kicking.  The recommendation is to buy this CD at Best Buy, mainly for the bonus tracks making the album well worth the ten dollars or so.  While you're out, search for previous Big Wreck or Thornley releases, they are worth it, the man has got one hell of a lyrical voice!!  Follow the links below to find out more, purchase a copy, and even watch Big Wreck's video for their smash, "Albatross".  Enjoy!
RATING: 9/10

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crown The Empire-The Fallout

Wow, what a record!  Crown The Empire has laced up their hardcore,
electronic boots and began kicking music's ass all over the place.  Currently finishing up the Take Action Tour, which featured We Came As Romans and The Used, the band are set for another major tour announcement to come within weeks.  Their singles are "The Fallout", "Oh, Catastrophe", "Makeshift Chemistry", and "Memories Of A Broken Heart".  They have, or soon will have, videos for the mentioned tracks.  My favorite song on this album has got to be none other than, "Makeshift Chemistry".  The line toward the end of the song where the vocalist simply states, and somewhat screams, "....I don't give a fuck!!!!...."-love it, love it!!  There is much energy, rage, and lyrical passion on this album.  Now, the band does have a previous release titled, LIMITLESS, which was an EP, and it did quite well for being an independent release.  It featured the upbeat and angry, "Johnny Ringo" track, which is still played live these days by the band.  Over time they have gathered an immense following, creating a popularity amongst many hardcore fans, and even some bands love their music.  I enjoy the artwork on their latest album personally, myself.  I highly suggest you pick this album up, it's only a $9.99 to $11.99 physical CD in most stores.  However, if you prefer digital, I am sure the price is around the same, if not a tad lower.  Grab up the "Empire" today!!
RATING: 9.5/10

Thousand Foot Krutch-War Of Change (Music Video)


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Taddy Porter-Stay Golden

Taddy Porter are back!  You recall the catchy hits "Mean Bitch", or even the
infectious "Shake Me", from their first, self-titled release...if not, definitely want to get a hold of that album as well.  STAY GOLDEN, is a bit of a refresher in their music.  The songs aren't as heavy, but they contain more of a groove and a southern feel to them than prior cuts.  The first single and video, "Fever", has become a sensational hit.  It's calm, relaxing, and at the same time, it's an all out jam.  I find this track to be my favorite off the latest album.  Another infectious cut from STAY GOLDEN, has got to be the song "Changes".  This has some groove, and reminds you of some mid-70's rock.  It is a testament to how much variance Taddy Porter has really placed in their music, especially since their debut release.  "Chemicals" is a guitar-laced anthem, and gets you in a groove for the most part, yet, it seems to fall flat in the end lyrically.  Taddy Porter have done thing well the second time around, and that is that they have held true to their style and their roots.  The album does not seem as well produced and engineered as their first effort, but overall, it's a good catch for a music fan.  If you're a Stone Temple Pilots fan, a mellow Buckcherry fan, or even a Robert Randolph fanantic, you should find solace in this record.  I recommend picking it up digitally, and just grab the tracks that sound appealing to you, at least the recommendations for sure.  Great, southern rock is rare these days, just ask The Black Crowes.
RATING: 8/10

Allison Red-Allison Red

Oh wow, another treasure discovered on CDBaby.  I honestly saw a mere, 192k "leak"
of this record a few months back, but I refused to download it.  I had sampled it from some other site, and really enjoyed what I had heard.  These guys, though I have yet to see them live, are killer.  They recently performed with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and I am sure they blew them out of the water, no disrespect to RJA though.  Allison Red have released them as a self-titled one, and a first single and video that's been in rotation is from the track, "Damn The Illusion".  Boy, that song shreds some air!  Lyrically, it is not their strongest though, however, this is a very strong lyrical band, I must admit.  My favorite cut off this record, is the song "Fractured".  My favorite lyrics in this song, and for that matter, the entire album, are; "....I'm still learning while pages burning, it's my decision I built this prison.  I'm longing for a change, but nothing's working.".  Those lyrics mean something to me personally, and I'd like to thank the band personally for that song and those words.  I've never met this band, yet I sure hope to one day.  Another excellent song is the first track off the record, cleverly titled, "All Is On Red".  This is a killer jam, and will lace you with a groove so infectious, a cure may never come your way!  The deepest, most darkest track on the self-titled release is the one they titled, "Red 313".  I'll keep this simple, but one line in that haunting track reads something along the lines of "....I'll even sell my soul in every dream, I want to be there together-but it's over with've been taunting's your demise...".  I highly recommend you "purchase" this CD at one of the links below, where available.  The floating around the internet, 192 k rip, sounds awful, and does not at all do this record, the vocals and lyrics, or band justice.  You can tell they worked hard on this record, and they deserve a great fanbase.  Definitely check this out!!
RATING: 9.75/10

                                                                                     Allison Red Home








Drowning Pool-One Finger And A Fist (Music Video)

**Album Review Forthcoming**
Enjoy their latest music video below, and check some links out....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prime Circle-Evidence

Prime Circle have returned with their latest, and best album to date, EVIDENCE.
I've had both the digital and hard copy of this release for a few months now, however, I have been hesitant to review it because I am such a huge fan of their music, and was not sure if I could present my honest opinion upon approach.  I believe I am able to though, after hearing this album enough now, and being able to compare it to other good, solid records out there today.  EVIDENCE is a strong, great effort.  The first single was, "Time Kills Us All", and it peaked at number one in South Africa's radio markets internationally.  The band has had sold out show, after sold out show.  I paid, to be quite honest, over $35 US for the hard copy, from a store in South Africa, but to me, this album is pretty much worth that, understanding the import and tax ordeals.  There are excellent tracks throughout this masterpiece, such has the current and second single, "Evidence", which is a straight rocker, and a thrill to jam to, anytime and place.  My favorite song on the record is a song called, "Answers".  Lyrically, I believe it is strong, and emotionally, Ross, the lead vocalist of the band, pours it out.  Speaking of pouring it out, he also does so in a little track called "Only Way Out".  That is an incredible track as well.  The band haunts us with their sounds on the tearful, "Room Of Ghosts", with lyrics like " I'm walking on air....finding my way...saying all I have to say right now....since you're hiding in a room of ghosts're not the same.....".  Love it!  If I had to pick a weakness, I'm not sure there is one, to be perfectly honest, but I would pick the song "King For A Day".  The main reason for choosing this track as a possible weakness, is simply that I feel lyrically, it is not the strongest, and emotionally it lets up somewhat, as a whole.....still though, I highly recommend this record, without any doubt.  Right now, the exclusive bonus track version is still out there, with the thirteenth track being a bonus track titled, "Evidence (acoustic version)".  The acoustic mix is pretty tight in case you ponder what that may sound like as well.  Definitely check out one of the links below, and the video.  If you want this album, nothing will stand in your way, it's a wonderful piece of work, trust me.  Contact me on facebook if you're having trouble getting ahold of this release, and honestly want to obtain it.  Thank you much!  Enjoy the music, rock on!!
RATING: 10+/10