Monday, January 28, 2013

BearTooth-"I Have A Problem" (Single)

           Now, this is a band with an attitude.  Hailing from central Ohio, Beartooth may sound familiar to you, and that's simply because their vocalist should.  Caleb Shomo, the angst that fronts this band, was the former vocalist for the Rise Records' artist, Attack Attack!.  Beartooth's first I-tunes single, titled "I Have A Problem", is very much what fans of Caleb needed.  When I first heard of his departure, I was frustrated, but nevertheless, he is back with a vengeance!  Beartooth will play their first live show January 31st, 2013 in Columbus with another familiar band, My Ticket Home.  If possible, you'll for certain want to check that out.  This debut single pounds the speakers, shreds the air, and rearranges your sky.  Lyrically, the song is very strong, pouring out words and phrases like "it wants me to die....but I wanna be alive....".  The song is so strong vocally, being put on repeat wouldn't be abnormal.  "My stomach is bleeding.....but I'm still drinking..." are some of Caleb's best screams to date.  I highly recommend a stop at the I-tunes store today, just check out their facebook link, or the I-tunes link below, and spend your dollar wisely.  This is one song, that you'll make people take notice from!

     RATING: 10/10                                                 Facebook

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

One Less Reason-A Blueprint For Writhing EP

            One Less Reason have released a new EP, and I have to admit, I love it all!  The record leads off with a song titled, "All Beauty Fades", and lyrically, I find this track as my second favorite one on the release.  The band released this effort for their fans, and held true to their word.  It was around the holidays, when the band mailed out the EP to those who purchased it off the web.  However, the frustration was about to begin.  The postal service lost, on average, about 30% of the cd's mailed out.  I would see constant complaints on their site, and the band did not falter.  To be true to their nature, they resent albums, and resent.  This release, after all, was partially funded by their fans, and the band did an excellent job getting this release out to them, not allowing any problems to stop them.  I am proud to have this EP, and to have been a part of the band's success.  The second track on the EP, titled "Million Miles", is a rocker!!  This track was the first one released on their site, and it sure grabbed my attention.  They held true to form, and the track was instantly a doorway for more to come.  "The Wrong One" is their best lyrical effort.  The song has peaks and valleys, and it is harmlessly addicting.  I highly recommend this track, if you want to sample One Less Reason's current style.  "The end track on the EP, "Blueprints", is a typical rocker, with soothing lyrics.  The depth of the song show us just how touch life can be.  After the terrible storm, SANDY, struck the northeast, the band had shot a video for their best track on the EP, a song called "Uneasy".  They donated all proceeds of the single and video views to their chosen charity, for those affected by the terrible disaster.  It's bands like this, that help us appreciate the meaning and healing power of music.  Finally, the sad passing of former front man of the group, Joan Red, haunts us on this release.  "Never Let You Go", shows Anthony (Former Joan Red vocalist, deceased) and his talents very well.  This song, which has perhaps more meaning with the passing of Anthony, really grabs your heart and pulls tears from your eyes.  It is a wonderful track, and shows the potential Joan Red had, and the powerful influence One Less Reason still possesses.  Pick up a copy of this EP today!!  Support the band, comment on their facebook page, and listen to what you're missing out on today.

    RATING: 10/10                                              Website

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Ice Nine Kills-The Predator EP

          This band seems not recognize the word, "quit".  They have spun out more than a few albums and EP's, and with their latest effort, there is no sign of letting up.  Ice Nine Kills show us the most diversity that they've shown, in previous releases.  "The Predator" EP glows with five great tunes, and awesome riffs.  They even cover the sensation they call, Adele.  In fact, the video for their cover of Adele's, "Someone Like You", has gotten many views on youtube, and other facets.  The lead track, titled "The Coffin is Moving", will get you moving quick.  With an extraordinary introduction in the track, the band shows it's power and range.  Lyrically, I would consider this their best song to date, with all previous releases combined.  Ice Nine Kills released this EP for the fans, and ironically, it is the fans that pushed and helped this EP be released.  Through a popular program called, KickStarter, the band managed to exceed it's goals, and rewarded those who contributed, and even those who couldn't, with this amazing EP.  Speaking of amazing, I would have to say that my favorite song on the release has got to be, "What I Never Learned in Study Hall".  The song features famed vocalist, Tyler Carter.  It goes down many different avenues in the track, and the brutality of Ice Nine Kills is still evident with the song.  The remaining two tracks on this EP, which can be purchased as a physical copy on merchnow (see link below), or at most digital retailers, are still strong.  "A Reptile's Dysfunction" and "Father's Day", are groove-laced tracks that will get you jumping.  I typically play "Father's Day" and "The Coffin is Moving" the most, but as a whole, this EP is worth every cent.  The band currently are touring with bands like The Color Morale, For All I Am, and soon with Capture the Crown, I see Stars, and For All Those Sleeping.  If they come near your area, I highly suggest you catch them live.  They are touring machines, relentless in what they love, and passing up this EP, would be a musical mistake on your part.  Watch for a full-length release later this year, 2013.

RATING: 9/10


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Sara Skinner-Unchangeable EP

            Sara Skinner has one of those voices that get stuck in your head.  Her range is eclectic, and the power is obviously from deep inside her soul.  She began as a youtube sensation, doing cover song, after cover song.  I must admit, I am not one fond of musicians that do cover songs, but Sara's renditions were so much better, so much more unique, it drew me into her.  I discovered Sara's music and talents after seeing an online post by the band, Angels Fall.  I heard her cover of the Alicia Keys' smash single, "Girl on Fire", and I was completely blown away.  She added darkness, and a whole new depth to the single.  Now, please don't get caught up in Sara's ability to completely master cover songs.  Sara Skinner has some amazing originality in her own rights.  Her first breakthrough song and video, was for her original track, "Break".  The video can be found on her youtube link below, and it is so compelling, you want to dive right into her entire catalogue.  My favorite track off the current EP, is titled, "The Only One".  Lyrically one of the best songs I've heard, and it will become contagious to your ears.  Sara has laced this track with brilliance and it holds an excellent message.  Judge for yourself, order the EP today!  If there is a weakness on Sara's record, it would have to be the track, "Unchangeable".  This song is good, don't get me wrong, but it seems to almost be a "filler" of sorts, though Sara's vocals seem to make every song addicting.  "With You" is quite simply beautiful.  Sara took a different approach with this track, and it is obvious with her tone and lyrics.  If you want to crank a song up, other than "Break", I would definitely turn the volume up on this one my friends.  Finally, "Holding On", shows us her diversity.  Sara has a beautiful, direct voice, yes; however, she has distinction.  Radio will know her very soon, and you will too.  With over 5,000 subscribers, and more everyday, Sara is reeling fans in, by the hundreds.  The key to her success seems to be that it's not about the fame, it seems to be about the music and fans with her.  Sara recently attended the NAMM Convention, and there is little doubt the representatives there were blessed to catch a performance, and to meet her.  If you want to compare Sara to any artists out there today, I would suggest Sarah McLachlan or Christina Perri.  However, as heard on "Break", Sara is different, and in this instance, "different" is quite good.

RATING: 9/10


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Friday, January 25, 2013

Angels Fall-Yesterday's Gone

        This masterpiece has taken a bit of time to release, but the wait was so worth it.  Often, I hear them compared to Nickelback, but make no mistake-there is everything that sets the two bands apart.  First off all, the members of this group are very polite, honest, and generous to their fans.  The album kicks it off with, "Angel", a song about mysterious beauty, that seems to grasp great power over her heart.  "Yesterday's Gone", the second track on the LP, and I have to admit, it's one of my 2 favorites off this journey-filled release.  If you preorder/order the album now, from their store (see link below), they'll be even kind enough to sign a copy for you.  "Call on Me", if there's the slightest Nickelback comparison, it's this track.  Please, don't get me wrong, it flows great....but you're left wondering if the album will be mostly like that.  My friends, it's nothing like Nickelback at all, nothing.  Their smash hit, "Drunk Enough", is both available as a studio version, and along with, "Yesterday's Gone", they are featured "bonus" tracks.  I believe "Drunk Enough" acoustically is incredible!  Some solid jams are also to follow, called, "Goodbye To You", Closure", and "Something New".  These songs are NOT "fillers" for the album, but they are part of it's beautiful, stunning flow of music.  "Unsaid" is crafted well, with guitars taking the music to a whole other level.  "Evaporate" and "Somewhere I Belong" are some of my faves because they tear into your emotions, and allow this "angelic" music sink in, and to me, is why music has to breathe.  My favorite song from the album is titled, "Too Late".  This song holds meaning to me in ways, flows really well, and allows us fans to be able to call this band a force to be reckoned with in 2013!

RATING: 9.5/10


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cylew-Black Lace Prophecy

            With bands like Evanescence on some form of a hiatus, and femals vocalists coming back strong, it's no wonder thay Cylew has this brilliant masterpiece released, titled "Black Lace Prophecy".  The album is mainly available in France, but USA fans can grab it at an online retailer, or grab the work from !  I recommend no hesitation, as this record is very well crafted, lifted, and hauntingly assembled.  "Survivor", the first single, is a powerful attack on doubters, haters, and those who simply are in shock and denial, that a female vocalist has such a musical aura about her.  The video for "Survivor" is ready for your viewing pleasure on Youtube as we speak.  Now, just because Lady Cylew is stunning, beautiful, and very uplifting in her physical appearance; well, it does not mean her talent is any different at all, because it is NOT.  The leading track on the album, "Erase The Scars", sets the tone for this "prophecy" of an album.  The song is epic.  It transcends timeless notes, arrangements, angst, and vocals that pull you, the listener into her "Black Lace-d World".  The beats on this track are different than a majority of the 13-track release.  "Survivor", the second track on the album, and the first marketable single, shows excellent lyrics, powerful vocals, and ranges that only Cylew could reach down and grace our ears with it.  "Dizzy" is a straightforward track, with lyrics like, "some might say I'm just a little crazy....", and "Tonight...I'm trying.  It shows her passion and love for making this album was authentic and it also shows she had lots of control over it, indeed.  "Stop" and the track that follows, "Progress", are very similar to other foreign talents, in Sarah McLachlan, Sarah Brightman, and Dido.  This give your ears some peace, ease, and a welcome relaxation.  "The Good, the bad, the evil" is a track that sounds darker then it appears.  This song is brilliantly titled, and give Cylew that chance to express her talents and influences, all into one hell of a group of songs.  In the mood for a deepening sad track, hit up track number 8, in "Fall to Pieces".  This song seems full of regret, lost hope, agony, and most of all, pain.  Another truly incredible track in my books.  "Need Your Touch" and the preceding track, "Near or Fear", don't seem to stand out greatly.  However, they still keep you focused, and in a beautiful trance of music that never ceases to let down your ears, not even once.  "Silent Alarm (War Cry)" and "Strike the Match, well, they are essential for this album, just about wrapping up "Black Lace Prophecy" as an album, the 2 tracks reassure us that Cylew is here to stay, here to rock, and there's no reason at all to not take notice, not the slightest one.  To end, I would like to share my favorite track, and it's the final track listed on the record, the song being called, "Resistance".  By far, my favorite track from this quality release, Cylew delivers haunting rhetoric, purely-laced lyrics, and an angelic voice.  The song flows from calm, to upbeat, and to disparity.  Cylew has a mission here, and it's to please her fans and family.  My friends, she has easily done that, and more.  She has pleased the ear, the music world, and I definitely recommend this release to everyone who loves emotional, passionate, and true music!

RATING: 10/10
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Cyrenic-Selective Memory

             Few bands can release multiple albums these days, especially as an independent artist.  It's even harder for bands to "re-release" music, and have it go over well.  There has been an exception to all of this, and it is the band, Cyrenic.  Their latest release (January 22nd), "Selective Memory", is eloquent and brilliant.  It features ten tracks, which includes 2 Brand New songs!!  The remaining 8 "re-worked" songs are masterfully done.  Take "Let it Burn", for example.  The song's previous incarnation, featured the female power of Adria Zuckerman within the depths of the track.  "Selective Memory" has the same track, polished up a bit, and even now without Adria's vocals on it, the song sounds more haunting, more diverse than ever before!  "The End", which leads off the new album, is a rocker no doubt!!  It drives your amp inside your heart up, and leads you into this incredible album.  I started to bang my own head, seconds after the track  The first single released from this album is titled, "The Whites of Your Lies".  Yes, this track was on a previous release, but my friends, it was not as good as it is now, on "Selective Memory", not even close.  "Lullaby" is probably the most brilliant track on the record.  In my opinion, this song flows so well, as if it's leading us into temptation to tear into more Cyrenic music!!  Other featured tracks, such as "Wait of the World", "Gravity", and "Negative Space" continue our journey through this beauty-laced album.  The title track, "Selective Memory", blends their approach with edge, and touching grace at the same time.  "Timeless" is, if there are any, my least favorite track.  However, do not mistake this as a weakness, because this release has none.  "Timeless" is still part of the diversity within the flow of this record, and has a powerful message within it's parts.  Of course, I have to admit my favorite track, and it is titled, "Shattered".  In fact, it's on the I-Pod right now!  The beat has an edge to it, driving me to move my body with this album, yet again, and the hook is incredibly well-written.  To conclude, I just would like to thank Brian Zuckerman and the gang for releasing "real" music, both lyrically and passionately.  This is an incredible piece of work, and I definitely recommend you pick this up, if not on their website (see link below), then hit up I-tunes.

RATING: 9.5/10

                                                                                     Cyrenic Website

Kevin Matisyn (Parabelle Vocals)-"Satellites" Single

          Ever since the band called, Evans Blue, made the mistake and let go their now former front man, Kevin Matisyn, musically we all have been blessed.  Parabelle, a band that has released four albums as of now, and have a fifth one due in March of this year, are one brilliant band.  Kevin has powerful lyrics, an unmistakable voice, and many fans across North America.  So many, in fact, that he is currently wrapping up his debut solo album.  On January 22nd of this year, "Satellites", the first single from that album, was released on Canada's I-Tunes store, and bandcamp.  Lyrically, as usual, the song is quite solid, takes many turns, and has depths the Kevin never ceases to surprise us with.  This track, as you may know, only costs around a dollar, and I highly recommend it!!

RATING: 8/10

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