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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cylew-Black Lace Prophecy

            With bands like Evanescence on some form of a hiatus, and femals vocalists coming back strong, it's no wonder thay Cylew has this brilliant masterpiece released, titled "Black Lace Prophecy".  The album is mainly available in France, but USA fans can grab it at an online retailer, or grab the work from !  I recommend no hesitation, as this record is very well crafted, lifted, and hauntingly assembled.  "Survivor", the first single, is a powerful attack on doubters, haters, and those who simply are in shock and denial, that a female vocalist has such a musical aura about her.  The video for "Survivor" is ready for your viewing pleasure on Youtube as we speak.  Now, just because Lady Cylew is stunning, beautiful, and very uplifting in her physical appearance; well, it does not mean her talent is any different at all, because it is NOT.  The leading track on the album, "Erase The Scars", sets the tone for this "prophecy" of an album.  The song is epic.  It transcends timeless notes, arrangements, angst, and vocals that pull you, the listener into her "Black Lace-d World".  The beats on this track are different than a majority of the 13-track release.  "Survivor", the second track on the album, and the first marketable single, shows excellent lyrics, powerful vocals, and ranges that only Cylew could reach down and grace our ears with it.  "Dizzy" is a straightforward track, with lyrics like, "some might say I'm just a little crazy....", and "Tonight...I'm trying.  It shows her passion and love for making this album was authentic and it also shows she had lots of control over it, indeed.  "Stop" and the track that follows, "Progress", are very similar to other foreign talents, in Sarah McLachlan, Sarah Brightman, and Dido.  This give your ears some peace, ease, and a welcome relaxation.  "The Good, the bad, the evil" is a track that sounds darker then it appears.  This song is brilliantly titled, and give Cylew that chance to express her talents and influences, all into one hell of a group of songs.  In the mood for a deepening sad track, hit up track number 8, in "Fall to Pieces".  This song seems full of regret, lost hope, agony, and most of all, pain.  Another truly incredible track in my books.  "Need Your Touch" and the preceding track, "Near or Fear", don't seem to stand out greatly.  However, they still keep you focused, and in a beautiful trance of music that never ceases to let down your ears, not even once.  "Silent Alarm (War Cry)" and "Strike the Match, well, they are essential for this album, just about wrapping up "Black Lace Prophecy" as an album, the 2 tracks reassure us that Cylew is here to stay, here to rock, and there's no reason at all to not take notice, not the slightest one.  To end, I would like to share my favorite track, and it's the final track listed on the record, the song being called, "Resistance".  By far, my favorite track from this quality release, Cylew delivers haunting rhetoric, purely-laced lyrics, and an angelic voice.  The song flows from calm, to upbeat, and to disparity.  Cylew has a mission here, and it's to please her fans and family.  My friends, she has easily done that, and more.  She has pleased the ear, the music world, and I definitely recommend this release to everyone who loves emotional, passionate, and true music!

RATING: 10/10
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