Friday, November 7, 2014

Live-The Turn

Chris Shinn, the new lead singer for the widely popular rock band, Live, does this band total justice.  His voice, if I have to admit, is an eerie reminder of Ed's, the former popular singer for the band, who now runs his own solo efforts.  The release is full of "killer tracks"!  I mean everywhere you turn, there is an addicting song, after a massive jam.  Take for example the song, "6310 Rodgerton Dr." and the attractive appeal of one of the earliest tracks heard from "The Turn", a song called "Natural Born Killers".  "He Could Teach The Devil Tricks" has a bit of a haunting ethic  to it, a nice beat, and in my opinion is lyrically the best well written piece of material.  You really can't go wrong with "The Turn" album.  Just do not crank this baby up and expect to hear vintage Live, because you will not.  However, to be fair, being that their main lead vocalist left years back, then they played with Candlebox singer Kevin Martin in a band called The Gracious Few; they have matured in a far better form.  I truly love this album, normal reviewers receive material in the postal mail from management or publicists, or direct email.  Though that is the case at times with me, this release with Live's "The Turn", it was my I-Tunes purchase (planning to buy hard copy soon), that prompted me to issue this review.  I felt people need to know this band is far back and at it's best since their "Throwing Copper" days.  Some killer tracks like the lead cut, "Siren's Call", the rocker "The Way Around Is Through", and the must more beautifully laced piece titled, "The Strength To Hold On"-they all are incredible pieces of work!!  If I have to pick a favorite song from "The Turn", and you all know that I typically do, I would go for the song "By Design".  I just thoroughly enjoy the layout of the song, the lyrics are incredible, and the guitars by the famous Chad Taylor and Patrick Dahlheimer sit so well with the pulse-creating, heart beating drums of the great Chad Gracey.  Now please, listen throughout the entire album, because as a whole, "The Turn" tells a very honest and excellent story of life's triumphs, struggles, and the eventual successes we can come out with.  I cannot wait to get up enough to gran\b my physical copy, so i can blare this on the stereo asap!!  Thanks to Live and their crew for such an enjoyable experience.


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