Sunday, March 24, 2013

Upon Wings-Afterlife EP

Have you heard of Nightwish, or Tarja, or even Delain, or perhaps Shamrain?  Forget
about all of them.  Upon Wings has a vocalist that flies clouds and heavens above all operatic echoes any opera-rock, female fronted band could muster up.  Lead singer, Anne Autumn Erickson, is the force behind it all, and has a beautiful personality to give the fans with it.  A brilliant combination to bless all of us with, and it is heard with amazing results in this EP, AFTERLIFE.  The biggest smash hit off the effort, is the title track, "Afterlife".  This song soars high, rocks with high potential to rock out, I could place this on repeat all's like Sarah McLachlan went straight operatic rock and roll on us all!!  Love it!!  This is my favorite track off the EP, and I feel so lucky to have come into contact with the band.  "You Are My Weapon" and "Take Away" remind me a lot of the gothic band, We Are The Fallen.  This is a good thing in my book.  We need more of this excellent music in the industry these days, like promptly.  To end, I'd like to say if you're an Amy Lee fan, you will enjoy the other song off the EP, as it is known as "The Dream".  The song is a soft, melancholy, of gothic and operatic heartbreak, yet there is somehow hope and chance still felt throughout this track.  Overall, I will admit, when Anne first sent me the email, I thought this would be just average music, but I was proven way wrong.  I love this.  I want a physical copy, like right now...add this machine to my collection of hits!!  Upon Wings will not need an "afterlife" because with this music, they'll live on forever.  However, it will be the beauty and strength of THE "Afterlife" song, that launches Anne and the band into an entire new orbit!!  To add more credit, the EP features production and guest vocals from Brett Hestla (Ex-Creed, Ex-Virgos Merlot, Dark New Day).  The record also features mastering by Grammy Nominated mixing engineer Glenn Brown (Kid Rock's recording engineer) and guitar work, production from Canadian-based Kevin Jardine.  Enjoy them from the links below, and get a taste of the true talent that's about to hit the scene hard with an "afterlife"!!

                                           Upon Wings-"Afterlife (feat. Brett Hestla)"

Fiction Killer-Wake Up Screaming (Single)

Ty Oliver and the gang are back again, with their second single off of their upcoming
Summer release.  This time, it's the title track of their album, "Wake Up Screaming".  Due out on April 1st, through the band's official website, which you can find the link below, the single is a little different then the prior, "All My Enemies Are Dead" release.  However, this instance, different means better.  The "synth-like" beginning is bad-ass, and the following intro kicks major tunage out of the window.  If this song reminds you a little of most of the Davey Suicide album, then great!  I see a lot of the influence in this track.  Ty Oliver does an excellent job instrumentally in this masterpiece, and lyrically, it's better than their first release.  Omar Montanez's vocals are much more clear in "Wake Up Screaming as well, making this song a welcome choice for me to say, download the fucker!!  Also, download it to support this up and coming band, not because it is a free download, but because it is bad as hell!!  I am fortunate enough to be in touch with this band, and I feel bad for the "loser" band that lost Ty, and it's obvious in that band's music he's not there.  It's obvious in Fiction Killer's music that the "killer" is present, and the music is on the loose...let it ride, let it thrill ride, and turn the fucking radio, cd player, or whatever you have "Wake Up Screaming" playing on, up!!  Fiction Killer deserve your visit, so head to a link below, and say hello, tell 'em Jason sent you, or tell them their music kicks ass, either!!!!
Rating: 10+/10


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Varna-This Time, It's Personal

Female fronted rock/pop group, Varna, seems to have unleashed to us a hit, with their
single, "Down".  The song hits hard, has melodic grooves, and is quite the catch.  It made me want to purchase this three track EP right away, Tiana's vocals are incredible!!  Tiana Woods, the female singer of the band, seems to have found a way to entertain music lovers with passion, desire, and a will to draw fans in like crazy.  Ahh, the insanity!  Lyrically, "Down", is the strongest track in my opinion as well off the EP.  Granted, I only had to pick out of three, but the three have made me so, so thirsty and hungry for more and more from this astounding band.  Lines such as "....I'm going down, going down, don't know how much further I can go....", show depth in this band.  I simply love this ep, and below I have placed links for you to check out the band, and also pick up this EP.  I highly suggest you grab a copy as soon as you can, "This Time It's Personal" is here to grow on us, feed on us, and become a "secret smash hit" that will one day, become a force to be reckoned with, know the name, Varna.  They are here to stay.
RATING: 10/10

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Davey Suicide-Davey Suicide

Well, after a successful EP release back in late 2012, Davey has released a full
length record here in 2013, and it is every bit of fun.  Think of it as a child of Wednesday 13, if you want to know what kind of music you're about to deal with when pressing "play" on the I-Pod, or the disc player.  I enjoy this release, truly.  I will admit, some parts, few, but some, annoy the shit out of me, but that is what makes me "jam" to this album.  "Sick Suicide" is an excellent track, and we all know that "Generation Fuck Star" is catchy as hell".  However, they both failed to be my favorite song off the debut album.  My favorite track is number seven off the record.  Davey likes to call it, "In My Chest Is A Grave".  It's not very "dance-like", and does not have a "grooviness" to it, but it has some screams and is dark lyrically, when Davey states he wants to "bury every part of you".  I love this song.  I've had it on repeat, like four times.  "One More Night", is another good, quality song.  It is a more clear, respectable, almost "love-like" song, at least for Davey, off this album.  It's quality material.  To end my charade of Davey's debut album rants, it ends with a dark, well-written, track, titled "I'll Take A Bullet For You".  It's a slower song, almost reminds you of a slower Manson track, with Davey's vocals.  I highly recommend you grab this album digitally, rather off of I-tunes, or Amazon.  If it becomes available physically at major retailers, grab it up.  As of now, it is now.  You can order it from District Lines, though I do not recommend that because that company is pathetic and slow, as far as my experiences with them, nonetheless.  Enjoy this album, it's well worth it overall!
RATING: 9/10

Friday, March 15, 2013

At Night We Strike-Your Own Skin (Single)

Well, it's been some years now, but we finally have what we want; more Brandon Rike.
The former Dead Poetic vocalist, has returned with a brilliant, and amazing project, titled, At Night We Strike.  Started way back in January of 2011, Brandon has somehow, found the time to record those unmistakable vocals between the graphic design work, and family life, and given us a beautiful product.  He has done so with a former member of the Texas band, Oh, Sleeper by the name of Lucas Starr.  The bassist is working with Rike from Dallas, and along with another member, they are putting together a masterful, I'm sure, full-length album, that I would say will be released in 2013, but knowing how great this collaboration could sound together, it may be longer.  The bottom line is that it will, I can promise you, be worth the wait.  I had the fortunate opportunity to see Brandon and his former Dead Poetic band mates growing up at local churches, and clubs.  I consider myself lucky.  Such a talent, and I honestly was not aware of what I was witnessing.  The first single, from At Night We Strike, is titled, "Your Own Skin".  This song reminds me of a lot of Dead Poetic's tracks from their VICES album.  The most comparison I can give, which I use to mention often, is to the DP track, "Paralytic".  However, this ANWS song is much more definitive, more clear, more "darker", in ways that benefit "us", the fans and listeners.  Industrious, powerful, and honestly-better than I thought I stayed up until 1am to listen to this morning.  There are links below to listen to this song, and I highly suggest you do, and you just gotta, I mean Brandon Rike's voice sounds better than ever, and the engineering in this song is incredible, and the production is well-done.  A definite hit!!
RATING: 10/10

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Breed 77-The Evil Inside

Now six albums into their career, this band has shown no letting up with this
solid release, none whatsoever.  THE EVIL INSIDE, is one hell of a beating to take, as it rips you into a world of utter chaos and relentless metal, rock, and melodic brutality.  Can you bang your head to this shit?  Fuck yes you can!!  It is recommended even.  The kickoff single, "Drown" is awesome to say the least, but I am sure you know that by now, by way of the internet video floating around here and there of the track.  The release dates for this album are all over the map.  I've heard or seen some for late April, and as early as already being out digitally, and physically at their shows.  So, pretty safe to say, good luck, and search hard, google the fucker, and I will update this site, as soon as I have a solid link to purchase the album.  However, the links below lead you to the band's sites, and some purchase sites.  I actually have two favorite songs on this album, so let us begin to dive into that info!!  First of all, I do enjoy the killer tune, "Drown", it just didn't cut it as my fave, so sorry Breed 77 members.  One track the reeled my ass in, is titled "Bring On The Rain".  Yes, the very same track that was recently released as the second video, single, from this titanic release.  This song pounds your head, and we all love a pounding, ya' know?   Lyrically one of the more solid of Breed 77's songs on the record, and if you're going to make a mix cd for your car, or home pleasure, then this is one of the songs you want on it, no doubt.  Did I say I have two favorite songs?  Oh ya, I do.  My other favorite song, came extremely close to being my most favorite, yet I just could not push it past that point.  Nonetheless, the song is called ""Motionless".  I really, really love this track.  You understand how a song connects or resonates with you, and you understand it lyrically, and it compels you?  You learn the words faster than any other song on the album because it just fits your life, it's been your life, it just makes more sense to you?  That pretty much sums up why I love this song, and it is the main reason why I suggest to you that you either pick this album up digitally, or physically, however you can.  Just please "buy" the record, support this very hard working British band by anyway you can, and be sure to check out their previous releases, they kick ass just as well.  Check into the links below, and enjoy what they offer!!
RATING: 9.5/10
"Bring On The Rain"

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ghost Of April-Clarity

CLARITY, the second release from Virginia's Ghost of April, shows great maturation
and excellent growth in talent.  I thought their first EP release, REBIRTH, was great, but CLARITY has taken it to a whole other level.  The music is stronger both lyrically, and melodically.  The talent has become more evident in the strength of the vocalist, Amar Okanovic.  I also, would like to give credit to the rest of the band, of course this is a team effort, and this band is so good together, you have got to, I've warned you, you have to give them at least a listen today!!  There is Ian Gardea, who does the recording, electronics, and performs lead guitar for the band, then you have Tyler Levy ripping the air on bass, and pounding us into the ground on drums is the talented and relentless Joshua Ray.  This EP, was released in 2011, and is available at most digital outlets of your choice.  I recommend you head to one right after you click a link below to hear the sounds of great tunes!!  My second favorite track off this EP is titled, "The Extremist".  The way they blend the vocals with the background music is incredible!!  I think Amar's harmonies are in excellent range, and lyrically this tracks goes up and down, and this track is super-catchy!!  It is a rocker for sure, and very addicting, then you get some fucking kick-ass screams in there as well, awesome, awesome!  My favorite song on this EP, or in my opinion nonetheless, is the beautifully tragic "The Further".  I love the way this track flows, just like a mellow river, a calm fire, or a blackening rose.  This song is excellent with the piano/keyboard sounds in the background, of course I am a sucker for that  I highly suggest you pick this EP up, I can pretty much guarantee you will enjoy these sounds, and rock your ass off!!  Enjoy Ghost of April, and watch for their new release coming soon in 2013!!
RATING: 10/10

Ghost Of April-REbirth

In the year known as 2010, Ghost of April gave us some music to listen to, and what
we would take from it, would be up to us.  Well, let me be one to admit, their first EP, titled REBIRTH, completely took me by surprise.  I wasn't very familiar with this band, but I had seen them mentioned here and there on the internet, and got curious.  Well, the kickoff track is a flatout rocker, the song is known as "Redemption".  I love this!!  The way the vocals blend with the "down your throat" instrumentals, and the lyrics are excellent.  My favorite line is "...I will be free again...".  I love the way that line blends with the texture of the song.  The scream and harmony of this song toward the end of it is one of those "catch you off guard" kind of moments, which really hooked me in.  "In The Palm Of My Hand", the second track, kicks off with a howling scream that tears holes in the sky, and you have to fucking love that, no doubt!!  The incredibly haunting vocal talents of Amar Okanovic, make these tracks each unique, and that always makes a release pleasurable to me.  Upon this release in 2010, they had a smash hit with the song, "The Monster Within".  I enjoyed this song, as I am certain you will as well, however, it didn't make my favorite of the EP.  So, nonetheless, my favorite track of this record is titled, "Trapped".  The song is dark, haunting, and very well written.  It hits home for me as well, and perhaps too much.  I love the vocals on this track the most, and I believe you have to find this EP and buy it asap.  Below are some links to point you in the direction of Ghost Of April, a band that is definitely poised to break out in 2013 with their upcoming release, rock this!!
RATING: 9.5/10

Monday, March 11, 2013


Camisado have fired back with their latest album, which is out now, titled
FACELESS.  This is one hell of a "punch in the face", "knock down fight", hardcore screamer.  This is a rocker with melody as well, and worth every dime.  Think a relentless Bring Me The Horizon, or pretty much the same.  The best cuts off this record would have to be, in my opinion, "I Am Alive Tonight", "Faceless", "Becoming Bones", "Let It Burn", and my favorite song from the album, "Shoot The Messenger".  I can tell you from the first time I heard the song, "Shoot The Messenger", I was instantly hooked on it, and determined to buy this album.   I did buy this digitally at first however, I recently discovered a physical purchase copy link, so I aim for that soon as well.  My suggestion is that you should do either way, just support this relentless band, they deserve some fame and recognition for this incredible work.  Tear some shit up, wrap that fist, and put yourself on some Camisado music LOUD!!
RATING: 9/10

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stiletto Red-Her Love Is A Lie

Orlando, Florida has one fine product here in the band Stiletto Red.  Wow.
I saw this on I-Tunes and thought I'd give it a shot, no promo or advance copy was sent my way, I just saw it, and sampled the record, then went to you tube, checked out the "Bigger Man" video, which I loved, and I had to do a review on these guys, they deserve recognition, far beyond what they have right now.  Again, it's only my opinion, but I know this band has a strong future ahead.  What I enjoyed most about this ten track, standard edition release, is that it rocks from the beginning, melodically to the end!!  I enjoyed the kick starter of the track, "Into The Night".  Then the path was kept ablaze by tracks such as "Her Love Is A Lie", "Out Of My Head", and "Hey, You!".  Yet, as much as I fell for the video and song, "Bigger Man", I still discovered myself addicted to the song which has become favorite track of the album, "Further Addiction".  Lyrically, the strongest of the bunch, and overall, it connected with me and my life experiences  overall, it meant and still does mean, a lot to me, and I appreciate this band for writing such a great song and putting it out there, awesome stuff guys!  Below, you will find the video for "Bigger Man", I hope you enjoy what you hear, and if you do, or want to hear more, there will be more links below to sample the band's album, even stream the whole deal, and to purchase the record itself, either in digital or physical form, I have digitally already, and hope to buy in hard copy form one day as well.  I highly recommend this release, and hope you enjoy this as much as I did, go on now, I'll let you go....pick this up in any fashion....just get it in your ears my friends!! Lovin' it!!
RATING: 10/10
"Bigger Man"

Adema-Topple The Giants

Well folks, Adema is back this April, with another EP of sorts, and three of the songs
are brand new.  Now if that's not exciting, listen to this.  None of them are sang by the previous release's vocalist.  I give this band a lot of credit for sticking around, and hanging tough in this industry, they've had a few rough slides over the years.  This time, through their first single from this EP, "Resolution", you eerily hear a little bit of their first record and some of their UNSTABLE record, and INSOMNIAC'S DREAM EP as well.  All with lead vocalist at the time, Mark Chavez.  This is because their guitarist was doing a lot of the screams as well, so you'll hear that in the recordings, now how that translates into a live show remains to be seen.  I enjoyed the EP, mainly because I obtained a promo copy.  I haven't seen a price for it much anywhere, except on Best Buy's website, for $11.99 as of today, I would suggest highly, a digital download purchase through your favorite retailer.  Just pic the tracks that you enjoy through the sampling.  I do not recommend buying the entire physical album, unless your an avid fan of course.  My favorite track from this record, is their remake of their song, "Immortal".  It feels good to hear the screaming from Tim again, and it has more of an "edge" to it than the prior version, at least in my honest opinion.  Only about seven tracks long, as I stated, go digital, grab what you want, but believe this: the EP, in no way does it "topple the giants".
RATING: 6/10

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Orianthi-Heaven In This Hell

The famed female guitarist is back with her most ferocious release to date yet.
Orianthi is releasing HEAVEN IN THIS HELL on Tuesday March 12th, 2013.  The album, which features my favorite song as well, off the release, titled "Frozen", is amazing.  From top to bottom, her guitar blaze across the sky and she unleashes her soul through the strings of that guitar and the needles in her outstanding female vocals.  Orianthi, if you were not aware, was all set to tour with Michael Jackson, before he passed away tragically a couple of years ago.  She shows us exactly what he must have seen in her talent in this record, no doubt.  Another excellent track, "You Don't Wanna Know", shows her lyrical talents off very well, and you can foresee her brilliance as both a writer, guitarist, and vocalist.  She is one amazing talent, I promise you.  This is her third full length release overall, and she has grown quite well, showing greater confidence and talent.  "Filthy Blues", another excellent track, showcases just that,  her blues side, and boy does she have one.  Her melodies and music remind me of Billy Alexander and another guy you may know as Jonny Lang.  Billy Alexander plays alongside various players, one specifically, Alaina Blair.  You'll wanna check out her review and music as well, from this site.  Orianthi has many hit tracks on this album that could easily be radio singles as rock, blues, or other genres to jam to.  My last comment on this record is that I wish there was more to it.  It contains only twelve tracks, and it leaves you wanting more.  Now, as of today, I am not aware of a deluxe version coming out, perhaps in the future one will.  Bottom line is that you should either pick this up digitally or physically, I believe hard copy-wise, it is around ten bucks.  The choice is yours, though the point is, you definitely do not want to miss this!!
RATING: 9.5/10

Vanna-The Few And The Far Between

On March 19th, 2013, Vanna unleash their latest nail biting album.  This time,
the music more raw, aggressive, and straight to the point.  The lead single, "Year Of The Rat", is a mere sample of the power this album really has.  You'll really enjoy this record, especially if you enjoyed their prior release, which was called THEY CAME BARING BONES.  The albums aren't exactly similar, but the notion can be heard.  My favorite track from THE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN is the cut, "Casket Rhythm ".  This track just blows me away lyrically, aggressively, and the music is so hardcore, it could quite make me pissed  I love it.  Some other highlights for me on here include, "When In Roam", "The Lost Art Of Staying Alive", "I Said I'm Fine", and my second favorite track "The Weekly Slap In The Face".  Now, if you want to just go digital on this release, go ahead, it's your choice of course.  However, the cover to the record (which is seen above), and the current price for the physical copy, which is in many stores at $7.99, leads me to believe buying this album in hard copy format is worth is.  It helps the artist a little more, and makes for a part of a collection as well.  I enjoyed this album quite well, better than I expected to be honest.  I believe you will definitely rock to this piece of work as well...tear shit up on the 19th!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring The Trap-Spring The Trap EP

Just formed over a year ago, in January 2012 to be exact, Spring The Trap are
exactly what today's music scene needs.  Their debut EP, which is available through one of the links below, is quite the EP!  The lead track has a great beat to it, a music throwdown, if you will.  The track, titled "Lucid", is not my most favorite off the EP, but it's definitely worthy of buying and jamming to the core with, one hell of a son indeed....the vocals are so crisp and clear.  Near the middle of the EP release, there is an intro-like track, which clocks in just under forty seconds, it is called, "In An Instant".  I love the haunting chants on this, and it could easilty be tacked on for any of their cuts as introduction to them, I'm a big fan of good intro cuts, and I love this one.  To keep it honest, I'd have to say my least favorite track is "Brainstorm".  It's a good one, don't misread me, it just lacks the "rocker" instinct, like the other tracks seem to with hold.  "Faceless", well that's a rocker for sure.  I love this song, it is my favorite off the EP, and I have no doubt that you all will find some thunder about it as well.  The song is great lyrically as well, which I enjoyed.  This band, for only being around such a short time, is showing such potential, you definitely want to pick up a copy of this masterful music production!!  Like I said earlier, click one of their links below, and you'll find a link to purchase the EP, no doubt.  Now, I'd like to give another song some credit, and it's their song, ""Gone".  It is more melodic, almost has a feel to it, such as a "good" Trapt song, which is hard to find these days, prior to their REBORN record.  I loved "Gone", and I know you're going to as well, which makes my point.  This EP is six tracks long in total, and I promise you it's worth every dollar spent, so purchase the whole thing while your at it, "like" their facebook, and join them on Reverbnation as well.  This band has a future that looks so bright, it's lying ahead....and you'll wanna jump on this thrill ride for sure!!
RATING: 10/10 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The VirginMarys-King Of Conflict

Love it, love it, love it!!  The Virginmarys have released quite a catchy
album.  The release, titled KING OF CONFLICT, has been really catching on here in the United States, creating a bigger fan base, etc...being from the UK and all.  The band has a lot of catchy tracks, but I have to let you know my favorite track on the album, is the quite addicting creation titled, "Portrait Of Red".  This is like an older, sonic speed, thrill ride from Oasis back in their good days.  It gets you rocking, and keeps you jumping, leaving you wanting more and more of this band.  They deliver throughout, have no fear there.  The track that first caught my attention from The Virginmarys, is the song, "Dead Man's Shoes".  It's a little dark, twisted, but has a great mellow and understanding to it as well, a definite recommendation.  In fact, as of today, which is March 7th, 2013, the physical album is only $6.99 for the twelve track, standard hard copy effort.  If you go digital, as the trend as been lately, hit up I-Tunes and grab the deluxe version, featuring fifteen total songs, the three bonus tracks being stripped down, acoustics from other songs on the current record.  So, perhaps if you wanna save a little, but you collect hard copy compact discs, then perhaps purchase the physical copy for a mere seven dollars plus tax, and if you enjoy the bonus track from the digital source, the purchase those separately to suit your needs.  The bottom line is, buy this in any fashion you want, or can afford.  This is a thrill ride of an album, a catchy tune after another, and check the links below to get a taste of what you can get now, for just seven bucks!!  Love it!!
RATING: 9.25/10

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Killswitch Engage-Disarm The Descent

Ahh, the sweet return of singer Jesse Leach to the thunderous sounds
of Killswitch Engage again, it cannot get much better than that.  It does not, for the most part anyways.  The first single released from this album, due out April 2nd, 2013, is called "In Due Time".  The song is tolerable, not one of my favorites at all, but it showcases the band's readiness for Jesse and their steadiness as a true metal powerhouse.  The album is also being released as a special edition, featuring a DVD and about four bonus tracks to throw in.  If I were you, I would go straight digital on this album, such as I-Tunes, mainly because the bonus DVD is just a documentary-type, or a behind the scenes version.  Now, if you are a huge KSE fan, go ahead, you'll know what you want.  Going digital will enable you to grab those bonus cuts as well, or just the good tracks.  Speaking of which, I'd like to give you my favorite song from the album.  The hard-hitting, pulse racing, in your face track titled, "You Don't Bleed For Me", is by far my favorite off this record.  It is one incredible cut.  If I had to pick another song as my favorite, I would go with the second song on the album, one called, "Beyond The Flames".  It's more in the style of their album, AS DAYLIGHT DIES, and it's a pretty solid track to reckon with.  Overall, a pretty solid release, just nothing to boast too much about, and be first in line to grab a copy.  There'll be plenty available online :)
RATING: 8/10
"In Due Time" Video

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sevendust-Black Out The Sun

Sevendust seem to get better and better with every release in every aspect.
Their latest effort, an album called BLACK OUT THE SUN, set for a March 26th, 2013 release date via 7brothers Records.  Their first single, which has been blasting the radio waves for weeks now, is called "Decay".  It's a very catchy song, but for me, it's too original, and just does not cut it for me as a rock fan at heart.  Now, my favorite song, and probably one of the heaviest and best lyrically ones from this record, is the song, "Cold As War".  This track sent chills throughout my spine and kicks major ass, keeps the album rocking, as it is centered around the middle of the album.  Another shocker is the intro, "Memory".  This made for one excellent leadoff intro, and as usual, Sevendust was successful in pulling that off on this album.  I highly recommend you head to Best Buy or Amazon to pick this up as a physical copy, mainly because all thirteen tracks kick ass, and Amazon has it listed right now at about $10, and Best Buy has yet to list the album for preorder, but I'm sure the price will be around the same, it's all up to you of course.  "Murder Bar" is a major thrill ride, and one that really caught my attention was the reckoning called, "Dead Roses".  That's one song you will place on repeat, I can guarantee you that much.  I recommend you preorder it digitally on I-Tunes, because they have an excellent deal on it as well, all of which you can find from a link below.  Another song, to end this review with, that you must jam and listen to from BLACK OUT THE SUN, is "Got A Feeling".  This song resonates well with my life experiences, and I believe it will with some of yours as well.  IT's time to rock out, March 26th!!
RATING: 10/10

Senses Fail-Renacer

Senses Fail have returned in a rather angry way.  This album, being their first since
their "best of" release, shows angst, aggression, and progression within their writing and vocals as well.  Their first single, "Mi Amor", has done pretty well at modern rock radio, and is holding steady at the digital download stores.  The album itself is due in stores on March 26th, 2013.  The record features twelve tracks, and a bunch of excellent music collectively as well.  My favorite song from this album has got to be a tough choice for me, but I am going to go with the well written, angry-filled song, "Glass".  The song is lyrically brilliant, at times it's unclear what is being said, but you pretty much get the idea and a sense of what the point is.  Another great couple of songs are "Holy Mountain", "Snake Bite", and "Courage Of The Knife".  The album's title name comes from the Spanish word, meaning "Reborn", by the way.  I would highly suggest picking this record up in stores, my guess is that it will go for around $10.99-$12.99 most places.  It is well worth it, but if you're into digital only, it's going to be worth it as well....check out the links below, preorder now, and check out some samples.....It's good to have the boys in Senses Fail back to tear shit up!!
RATING: 9.5/10