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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Stiletto Red-Her Love Is A Lie

Orlando, Florida has one fine product here in the band Stiletto Red.  Wow.
I saw this on I-Tunes and thought I'd give it a shot, no promo or advance copy was sent my way, I just saw it, and sampled the record, then went to you tube, checked out the "Bigger Man" video, which I loved, and I had to do a review on these guys, they deserve recognition, far beyond what they have right now.  Again, it's only my opinion, but I know this band has a strong future ahead.  What I enjoyed most about this ten track, standard edition release, is that it rocks from the beginning, melodically to the end!!  I enjoyed the kick starter of the track, "Into The Night".  Then the path was kept ablaze by tracks such as "Her Love Is A Lie", "Out Of My Head", and "Hey, You!".  Yet, as much as I fell for the video and song, "Bigger Man", I still discovered myself addicted to the song which has become favorite track of the album, "Further Addiction".  Lyrically, the strongest of the bunch, and overall, it connected with me and my life experiences  overall, it meant and still does mean, a lot to me, and I appreciate this band for writing such a great song and putting it out there, awesome stuff guys!  Below, you will find the video for "Bigger Man", I hope you enjoy what you hear, and if you do, or want to hear more, there will be more links below to sample the band's album, even stream the whole deal, and to purchase the record itself, either in digital or physical form, I have digitally already, and hope to buy in hard copy form one day as well.  I highly recommend this release, and hope you enjoy this as much as I did, go on now, I'll let you go....pick this up in any fashion....just get it in your ears my friends!! Lovin' it!!
RATING: 10/10
"Bigger Man"

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