Saturday, December 28, 2013

Full Devil Jacket-Valley Of Bones

Well, the times have changed, the world has indeed changed, but the vocals have not.  Full Devil Jacket are back, and no it's not exactly what you expect it to be.  This is not a "satanic", head-smashing, ritualistic experience that seemed to be what  some pieces of their debut self-titled record was.  This is not "Mr Wiggly", this is not "Stain", and this is not, "Green Iron Fist" (from the Heavy Metal 2000 Soundtrack).  All I can say to those comparisons is, thank God!  This album is a breath of fresh air, a breath of "welcome back" Full Devil Jacket".  By now, after surfing the web, most of you have heard the track, "7 Times Down".  Although, a bit different on the album, the song keeps true to form, and is killer!  The lead song, "Killers", is my personal favorite, and gets the flow going on the album.  With lyrics like "'s the same old fucking darkness it's always been, I want to run, run, run, run, run away....."; the song is addicting and very much so a catchy track from VALLEY OF BONES.  "Valley of Bones" is most likely, if there is such a thing from the record, my least favorite song off of it, because it seems to run so smooth, and so to the point....seemingly lacking that "special" moment, though it still has Josh Brown's vocals, so that does give it something special.  Other standout tracks are "The Moment", "Paper Crown", "Blood Of The Innocent", and "Time In The Flames".  Please, don't get me wrong, all ten basic tracks on the release are solid, and worthy of your purchase and checking out, without a doubt, I mean, there is NO DOUBT!  I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to jam, rock, or who thought Josh Brown and/or Full Devil Jacket were "dead".  Think again, think twice, and hear this album!!  Just sample one song from it where you can, and then you'll be buying it, that is for sure!
RATING: 10/10


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Alaina Blair-Alive Again (Single)

She's back, and she's back in a big way!!  "Alive Again", Alaina's upcoming new single, is one amazing lead off hit, the propels her into even more an afterburner of a world of musical stardom than we even thought she could even exist in before.  Even after one EP, and one excellent album, this single excels beyond the point of no return.  The slower intro of the song, citing, "Broken down, and turned around......." are excellent lead lyrics...then they soar into more lifting lyrics like ""I didn't know that I could fly this high reach out and touch the sky, defy the laws of gravity..........feeling alive again."  Speaking of "lyrics", along along Alaina's side, were the ppowerful forces of well known powerhouses Jane Bach (Reba), and Mr. Billy Alexander himself, who has really been blazing along with the guitar as well, and his writing has been no different.  Those combined skills are a path to stardom for sure!
  The passion of this song is incredible, and holds motivation and definitely designs for her fans a path of belief that she is for real.  Alaina's voice has never been so strong, and the song is so well written, the vocals are so well done, that there is no reason this time Alaina Blair does not hit the charts with a huge bang!  People have got to know this woman, I cannot believe she is not more of a household name, but Alaina is "alive again" now.....and with "Alive Again", written by the best writers out there, Alaina has indeed marked her territory with a musical passion and fury.  Welcome back Alaina, we embrace you, we feel you "Alive Again"!!
"Alive Again" !!

Friday, December 20, 2013

ISSUES-Stingray Affliction (Single)

Issues are here with their blistering new single, "Stingray Affliction".  The song serves up as track seven off their self-titled album, which is a follow up to their successful EP, which began as a Hot Topic "only available" item.  This track slams into high gear right away, with gritty vocals, screams, and thrashing guitars, all of which definitely get your attention!  I wasn't quite sure about the song, until I started to hear the breakdown portions of the track throughout the song.  The more and more I heard the thunderous beats of those riffs, and lyrically how much angrier and better this song was than just about their previous, entire EP was, I began to dig my mind into jamming into this piece of art.  This is a mosh pit waiting to happen, and the anger waiting to be unleashed, is going to be echoed as soon as you hear this little tune known as "Stingray Affliction"!  I believe you should do not only the band a favor, but your ears, and stereo a favor, and hop onto I Tunes and pre order the album while you're there, and for about a buck or so, grab this track, since the album drops in mid-February.  This will hold you over until then, and you will be salivating for the masterpiece to be unleashed by the time it is due!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cyrenic-Slow Emotion (Single)

"Slow Emotion", the latest single from the east coast band, Cyrenic is raw and powerful.  Brian Zuckerman, the man behind the wheels of this project, has given us a song that shows passion, and feelings that we never thought we knew existed.  "Slow Emotion" has the signature tone to a Cyrenic track, piano, guitar, and those fucking amazing vocals!  "Slow Emotion" is gripping and draws you in with all you can take!  You will love this song, and for the mere 99 cents it costs at the digital store of your choice, it is so worth the money.  Lyrically, it is one of their best songs to date, showing a degree of a torn love, and yet, a desire to be needed.  For me, personally, this hits right at home, especially at this moment in my life.  The breakdowns in this song aren't very often, which isn't bad, because you get the flow, and the misery that the song describes, and it all just masterfully fits together.  People, I won't lie, never do on this site, I love this track!!  It is one of my favorite Cyrenic ones to date.  Pick the song up today, if you hate, I will personally refund your money!  The haunting vocals, the emotion, the "slow emotion" at that, will grab you and draw you into a blissful world of music perfection.  Buy the song today, or at least head to their facebook page, give them a "like", and listen to the track, try it out.  You will be drawn in.  No doubt.
RATING: 10/10

Monday, December 16, 2013

Within Temptation-Dangerous [featuring Howard Jones] (Single)

Within Temptation are back and better than ever, with a ferocious new single off their
upcoming 2014 album, HYDRA.  "Dangerous", which features guest vocals from Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage fame.  This track, which rounds out at about five minutes in length, is one lethal bad ass dose of pure gothic and symphonic aggression.  Lead vocalist, Shardon den Adel, adds such blissful, and poetic grace with her harmonic vocals, and Jones grinds it right in.  The rapid beats kick off the song into bliss, and we all get to join in the race to move within the "temptation" of this good, nah, excellent track!  If this proves to be a sign of what the new record will be offering up in 2014, then you must get a hold of it the day it's released, no matter what country you are in.  Definitely, I assure you, you will not be disappointed as a fan of this band!  "Dangerous" is full of all the right elements, and crucial breakdowns that you will fall in trance to!  Grab it up!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Soy Suspenso-Hotel Venganza

Omar Montanez, who is the power vocals behind this unique project, Julio Alvarez, the master guitar player, along with Alejandro Medina and Pol Gomez-they have pieced together a wonderful album here.  Rock, alternative, and some edge will keep you off your seats and rocking throughout the whole album, no doubt.  Earlier, you will recall I did a review for the English track titled, "The Anchor".  The song is just a mere example of where this record is skilled at, and you will be satisfied with the cover of R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion" as well.  Though, most of the music is in Spanish/Mexican sound, you get the groove, you get your rage and edge flowing.  Kicking it off with the album track, "Hotel Venganza", it may sound not as produced as well as one would like, but the  band has good intentions to tear the scene up.  The drums are excellent, one hell of a drummer, indeed.  Omar's vocals who why he worked so well with the respected Ty Oliver in Fiction Killer, before their split of one another.  "Banshee" is a beautiful instrumental, and done quite well, with beautiful arrangements and fine tunings.  This allows for diversity to be shown in this band, and that shows growth and also room for growth in them as well.  Still, not to be one-sided, but the song, "The Anchor", is my choice, for the best of the record, as well as the instrumentals.  I think overall, you'd have to say this record is a very good representation of what artists can do when they put their minds to it, and achieve what they go set out to do.  HOTEL VENGANZA is excellent, whether the production is top notch or not, bottom line is, the content, lyrically and musically is great.  If you can find it, or need to ask on their facebook page, Omar, or someone will be happy to assist you!
RATING: 9/10

Of Mice & Men-You're Not Alone (Single)

Austin Carlile and the band have come a long way from Costa Mesa, California.  Having
traveled all over the map, touring with many band, including an upcoming smash run with the popular band BRING ME THE HORIZON in 2014, the band has a new record set for release.  The new album, slated currently for a January 28th, 2014 shelf and digital release date, will no doubt be highly anticipated!  The new single from that upcoming release is titled, "You're Not Alone".  This is a major departure from the fan's expectations, and I must admit and keep to my honesty policy I believe it is a let down.  However, musically, it's pretty solid.  I will not give it a failing grade, so please Austin, don't come after me man, lol.  There is intensity in this track and it does own an edge, but lack the scream, the anger, and I feel a turn for the band.  I sense the album may be in this same way, but let us hope not.  Overall, try it out, it may grow on you, it has grown on me, so it is worth the purchase, for now.  Bring it, grab that buck or buck and twenty-nine cents and put more new tunes in those ears!!


I See Stars-New Demons

Hailing and tearing it up all the way from Warren, Michigan, these guys have been through
total hell and back.  Having had appearances from the likes of current rising country music star, and former lead vocals of the Warped Tour group, Hey Monday, Cassadee Pope-the band has had it's variances.  On their first record they had the power rap the man himself, in Bizzy Bone.  However, we're talking about the NEW DEMONS record here, and this album tears shit up.  Kicking off with a nice intro of "Initialization Sequence", which we can imagine as a crowd starter at any concert, and I would love to catch a show, no doubt.  The aggression launches into full throttle with the angst of "Ten Thousand Feet".  The scream, and haunting growls make you want to tear your ceiling off and jump as high as you can.  Lyrically, it's not composed as perfect as most out there, but it is well out and gets the anger across well to where we get the fucking picture, it's angry time!!  "New Demons", the title track to the effort, is incredible, it is pure anger, and with lines such as "I pray I forget you", please don't forget this song, as I doubt you will nonetheless.  This is a jam for certain!  On track six, "Murder Mitten", which they recently shot a video for the single, it is by far my favorite off the album.  The beats go hand and hand.  Vocally they offer more diversity on this track than any of the eleven others.  I  mean, with twelve heart pounding tracks, and head banging rage, where could you go wrong.  The price is reasonable as well.  Sumerian Records did well once again here, and I believe you buy the hard copy, you get one or two stickers inside as well!  Hey, more freebies!!  Overall, buy this digitally or physically, its a pounder, and well worth the beats it rips through the frequencies in the air!!
RATING 9.5/10

                                                                    "Murder Mitten"
Copyright 2013 Sumerian Records......


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Seether-Seether 2002-2013

Well, hit after hit, Seether had to release something special for it's fans.  This greatest hits package includes smash hits like "Fine Again", "Broken (w/Amy Lee)", "Breakdown", "Country Song", "Tonight", and many more of your favorites.  It disappoints me that it lacks the track "Needles" though, if I must say so.  The set also has a second disc which has three new tracks, and some b-sides, demos, and unreleased tracks.  This is a keeper, no doubt.  The price is that which is about a price of a typical CD.  This is a terrific record to jam to, and ride along with for sure.  I suggest the way this s packaged and arranged that you pick this album up today, before you realize just what you're missing,
RATING:9.0/10 ( needs "Needles")

Starset-My Demons (Single)

Dustin Bates is already known for his talents in his successful rock band, Downplay.  However, he has ventured out to a new scene, and you can help but get a "thrill" vibe from this effort.  I have only unfortunately had the the chance to hear a couple of tracks, like the ravaging tune called ,"Carnivore", and the very well remixed version of  their song "Let It Die".  To top it all though, the current single, which was a song written back in the Downplay days, "My Demons", blisters the airwaves, as is evident by it's current chart success on Sirius Radio, and other national radio outlets out there.  The infectious hooks pull you in, the song is evident of Dustin's true talents as both a writer and a musician.  This is a single you have got to pick up, and the album, when it does drop, grab a for the car, and one for home.  It will elevate your music level to the stars  and your "demons" sure has hell won't find your ass there!!  Wow, got to love this song!
RATING: 9.75/10

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Skylit Drive-Rise

A Skylit Drive are well known for their screams and haunting lyrics.  RISE, their latest effort, grabbed my attention from the very start.  The cover was very unique, and from the sample I had heard, I was yearning to hear more.  The first cut I had heard, titled "Fallen", was floating around, and ended up on the special edition version.  This track had edge and a smoothness to it.  However what set them so far away from previous records they had in the past was the track called, ""Save Me Tragedy".  This is an incredible song, and caught me off guard!  I love this song, and it made me want a few copies of this record.  They belong on tour now, and I hope to catch them soon!  Do yourself a favor for the price f under ten bucks, pick up a copy of this one, it will not disappoint you.
RATING: 10/10