Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sarah Brightman-DreamChaser


                        Sarah has really outdone herself this time around, and it seems like we say that quite often.  DREAMCHASER, due out in the US on April 16th, finds Sarah's vocals more clear and passionate than ever before.  Releasing the first track as a free download months ago, "Angel", the song was just a mere glimpse into what this album contains.  "Angel" is a brilliant song, and compels us to listen to what Sarah has in store next.  She relaxes our souls with "One Day Like This", stating..."'s looking like a beautiful day....".  Then, Sarah goes to her roots with some of her home language tracks, before gliding into the best track on the record, in my opinion, with "Breathe Me".  This song is just simply perfection, or close to it.  Her voice hits note after note, with sonic brilliance like angels with piercing radar.  "Venus and Mars", the tenth track on this eleven song effort, is very story-like, in ways.  The song is quiet in the beginning, picks up in moments, then settles in calmly, such as in moments like where her voice rockets high, then all sounds become subtle, and the air is calm.  This is one of her more finer albums to date, full of a variety of her capabilities, and Sarah has done well.  If you don't pick this up as a whole album, I'd definitely recommend grabbing the noted tracks above, as highlights of the effort.  Folks, it's Sarah Brightman, what else can I say?
RATING: 8.5/10

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