Friday, April 19, 2013

The Wil Martin Project-Outlier: Volume One

Mark your calendars for this release.  May 7th, Earshot vocalist, Wil Martin, is set
to unleash an EP of acoustic tracks that are worth everything you spend on them.  "Every song I write is a story of a personal journey or expression, documented in song", Wil states.  This being said, makes each of these beautifully composed tracks so brilliant.  "True Friends", which kicks off the EP, is masterful.  This song brings us into a world of colors, storms, and a world that takes us into natures that break each of us into pieces that are weak and strong.  My favorite line in the song has got to be "..and all the bullshit people talk about-it seems to never end...".  I completely agree.  Wil seems to be defiant to change who he is, for that he has always gained my respect.  The acoustic guitar on the track is excellent, and shows another crafty side to the Earshot front man.  Track number two may sound familiar, because it was put up on his Reverbnation page awhile back, though in early form.  The song is titled, "Hard To Say".  The haunting chants in the background aren't immune to the powerful tone of Wil's melodic and familiar Earshot tones throughout.  People, now please do not mistake the two.  This is not another Earshot record.  Earshot is more electronic, rock, and heavier music.  The Wil Martin Project, is an "acoustic masterpiece" on Earshot's wall.  Both, though, classified as brilliant.  "These Lies" follows us along the EP, and instantly reminds me of a"hit"!  I loved this tune, the moment I heard it.  It is my favorite off the entire release, no doubt.  I love the tone he take with the hook in the tune, when he says "...but these are the lies.....".  This is a talented, excuse me, one hell of a talented musician.  Period.  Remember, this review site does not hold back, I tell it point blank!  I have honestly been eagerly looking forward to this review for months.  I am, yet still, pleasantly surprised on how well this EP turned out.  "These Lies" is so great.  Track four, which you'll come to learn to be "Already Know", is a straight laced, acoustic ballad.  With guitar plucking, vocals tearing through melodies, and Wil's words embracing our souls-this track is an essence of the EP.  In a sense, it is a simply put, great track, no other way to put it.  Now, with "Call on Me", being next up, refer back to an earlier review we did.  This song got an eleven out of ten rating.  I could sum it all up like that, end it there.  However, lyrically, this is my favorite song overall, period, I still stand by it's rating, bottom line.  Yet, as for the EP as a whole, I stick with my gut and ears, and my favorite track will remain "These Lies".  "Fades Away", concludes the effort, and it does so boldly.  "The sky feels like it's falling, and so do I.....again...", lyrically written well, and the harmonicas sounding in the background turn the song into a blissful end to volume one of one excellent EP.  On May 7th, follow a link below, and grab a copy of this EP, do yourself justice, one hell of a favor, it's the best music release on that date, so do it!!  I'm telling ya', it's brilliant!!
RATING: 10+/10

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mud River-Mud River EP

Mud River has been up, down, left, and right.  They have experienced all the rides that
the music world can give you, and they are still standing.  That should tell you a lot about their passion and desire for their music.  They've gone through a line up change or so, but have no doubt, their fans are still there, and their sound is immaculate.  They have such dedicated fans, and are lyrically, and vocally strong.  It wasn't until current vocalist Dave Cornejo took to the mic that the power was heard, the rhythm was felt, and the "river" of this band's presence began to flow.  On their latest EP, simply put as "The Muddy EP", the five songs flow and rock as well as any music out there, if not better at times!  "Never Letting Go", a single that is my favorite track from the EP, seems to resonate well within me.  I enjoy the lyrics and the fire that burns within the song.  I feel, as a true fan of music, especially pure rock, one would latch on with this track, and soulfully glide into bliss with this track, note by note.  Another strong effort from the EP, is the song "Inside Your Memory".  This reminds me of a cross between Jackyl, Alter Bridge, and Soundgarden.  So, if you could blend the three, there you go!!  Let me just say this, this EP, well, it does not disappoint at all.  Not one bit.  "King", ends the EP, gracefully, and melodically reels you in.  It has a great beat throughout, and does an excellent job of leaving us wanting more of this band, some of us may know little about, for now.  Mud River is not going anywhere away from us people, so get used to that.  This band is here to stay, and like it's been said, "if you're not down with that, I've got two words for you...." BUY IT!!
RATING: 10/10

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Oleander-Something Beautiful

After a hiatus, not a "break up", Oleander have returned with an amazing collection
of songs that, collected together, create "Something Beautiful".  The first single was actually "Fight!", about over a year ago.  At that moment, Thomas Flowers and his crew were still searching for the proper fit for this album to be released, and throughout that time, some WWE exposure, and local west coast shows, they remained in line and primed to launch.  Released last month, the song "Something Beautiful", reached airwaves and digital outlets everywhere.  It is gaining speed and exposure in popularity.  Oleander is setting up some shows, and playing big festivals, including Ohio's Rock On The Range in May.  My favorite track from this "well worth the wait" album, is a song called "Save Me".  I believe both lyrically and vocally, Thomas nailed it on the head with every note and line.  Other songs I highly suggest you give a first listen to right away are "Something Beautiful", "Never Too Late", "Bulletproof", "Until It's Over", and "How Do We Say Goodbye".  I know that is just about the entire album, but that is pretty much the point.  This is a quality release, and on April 16th, I suggest you head to your favorite digital site and grab a copy, or hit up Oleander's official site, which the link is below, and order a physical copy....also ask your local stores....the point is, find the damn album anyway you can to support this great band!!
RATING: 9.5/10

Friday, April 12, 2013

Stone Sour-House of Gold And Bones Part 2

Corey Taylor's better side, Stone Sour, have completed their saga with House
Of Gold And Bones Part 2.  The first single released to radio a bit of time ago is titled, "Do Me A Favor".  It peaked at number one on Sirius Octane's "Big Uns" countdown.  Lyrically, the songs are far better than anything Corey has done, the composure of these masterpieces are brilliant, and so well done.  "Black John" is a steady rocker, with edges of gritty teeth.  "If I Fail, If I fall........"...lyrics from my second favorite track off this record, the song being "Stalemate".  There is some melodic tenderness to it, and a blend of Slipknot as well.  In the song " '82", Corey and the band leave us a radio friendly tune with excellent and catchy lyrics about regret and life in general, this song should be their next single without a doubt!  If you want the saddest song, or my favorite song off the album overall, then tune it to "The Conflagration", which is so incredible.  Lyrically strong, musically brilliant, and you will forget that this very same vocalist is also the same one for the metal band Slipknot.  Such talent, indeed.  The final track, which is pretty much the album title track, "The House Of Gold And Bones", is steady, and rocks hard.  There is some explicit lyrics to it, but overall, that makes the song strong, and end the standard edition of the album with a stamp of power and approval.  I approve of this record 110%, buy it online or in the stores, just support them, they deserve the recognition.  No doubt!
RATING: 10/10

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Sammus Theory-Entitled Anonymous

Just when you thought this band couldn't top their previous album, they prove you
wrong again, and again.  With their latest effort, titled ENTITLED ANONYMOUS, Sam Hughes and the band blast their way into one hell of a record!  The lead track is an "air-ripper", a guitar shredding machine of a song.  The track, titled "Replica Ego", is brilliantly composed.  The screams toward the end keep you pumped and ready for track two.  Track two, well, that's another thrill ride of a musical journey.  "Scarlet Letter Devil" hits hard with pounding beats and breakdowns from the beginning.  Lyrically, it is one of the album's finest.  This song is one of my personal favorites, and I could see this as a future single from this record, there's no doubt.  It's one fucking catchy tune, so rock your ass off to it people!!  This album kicks it!  Track three, "Numb", was the song that the band gave us the first taste of the record from.  The single is quite catchy and well rock-driven.  However, I just don't find it as  my favorite, but I love it at the same time.  The break downs in the melodies keep me into the song very much so, and it does help me "find a way to turn the page" the lyrics go.  "Entitled Anonymous, track four, is my favorite song off the album.  I love the rhythm, the composition, and the lyrics.  I enjoy Sam's vocals, the guitars, and just everything inside the soul of the track.  I highly suggest you pick this entire album up on April 23rd, when it is released.  It is money well spent, there is absolutely no other excuse not to buy this masterful force of music!  The songs following, "Deadline" and "Awakening", continue to keep the same formula of straight rock, hard driven lyrics, and let's jump until our heads fall the fuck off beats!!  This album is so much better then anything they've released prior.  I love this record.  I cannot state that enough, I back this release 110%.  Track ten, titled "Dig Your Grave", is the heaviest song of the album.  It is one brutal piece of music, and it simply kicks ass, to put it mildly.  I love it, love it, love it!!  The screams, the terrifying vocals, I mean, wow!!  This is a must!!  You say you love rock or  metal?-Buy this album on April 23rd, hands down!!  The bottom line is, The Sammus Theory are back with a fierce force, and don't fuck with them.  They say they "don't give a fuck who you are"....and you can bank on that.  So, bank on buying this work of art!
RATING:10+/10 (One of the Best)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Alaina Blair-Alaina Blair

Well folks, Alaina Blair is back on the scene with her first full length release.  Let
me just say, this album will rock you to your feet, and that is a good thing.  I love this record from track one to track ten.  "Sweet Talkin' Lola", the first song, is a blues-driven, rockin' tune, that sets the tone for the album.  It reminds me a lot of Orianthi music in some moments, and also with some country thrown into the mix.  "Fall From Grace", track number two, is a bit slower, but written very well, and one of my favorites off this album.  Alaina does very well vocally on this track, and the organ is performed gracefully by her music partner, Billy Alexander.  Such a wonderful, blissfully composed track!  The third song on the album, titled "Down", is an upbeat track with great melody and rhythm.  Alaina's vocal range is shown well in this song, and lines like "you've been holding me under, and it's been making me wonder...."...are so deep and driven well into our heads.  This track is so good, it's got the word, "single" written all over it.  It reminds me a lot of a Sheryl Crow track.  Now, onto my most favorite song off the album, and currently of any album out there right now.  The song is called "I'm A Mess".  I absolutely love this song, it is by far my favorite song of the album, and it rocks to the bottom of the bottle, and into the next bottle!!  I enjoy the beat of the tune, and Alaina and Billy do one hell of a job with this song, if you want to sample any track from this record on a site to decide to purchase this album (which you should anyways), this is the track you definitely should sample first, no doubt!!  The tracks "Why", "Goodbye To Love", and "Tellin' Time", are all three killer tune, both lyrically and vocally.  I mean, I have no clue why more people have not gotten word on Alaina Blair, but this record will get their attention, there is absolutely no doubt about it.  If you thought my love for the GYPSY GIRL EP, was grand, this album by far surpasses it.  I thoroughly enjoyed this, loved it, and will be rocking out to it, jamming to it, and praising it to all my friends and colleagues for days, months to come.  By the way, check out the song, which I believe is track number nine, called "Place To Escape".  That track is well worth the record itself as well, let there be no doubt whatsoever.  Grab this album, from one of the links below, head to the sites, check out Alaina, give her facebook a "like", support this beauty, this talent.  She flatout rocks, and you will be rocking to once you pick up this wonderful musical effort.  Alaina Blair is the next big thing, that is the main point here, listen to what defines "real" music, Alaina defines it quite well, in her own way, so you've heard it for Alaina everywhere...soon!!

Alaina Blair-"Just Belong"