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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Wil Martin Project-Outlier: Volume One

Mark your calendars for this release.  May 7th, Earshot vocalist, Wil Martin, is set
to unleash an EP of acoustic tracks that are worth everything you spend on them.  "Every song I write is a story of a personal journey or expression, documented in song", Wil states.  This being said, makes each of these beautifully composed tracks so brilliant.  "True Friends", which kicks off the EP, is masterful.  This song brings us into a world of colors, storms, and a world that takes us into natures that break each of us into pieces that are weak and strong.  My favorite line in the song has got to be "..and all the bullshit people talk about-it seems to never end...".  I completely agree.  Wil seems to be defiant to change who he is, for that he has always gained my respect.  The acoustic guitar on the track is excellent, and shows another crafty side to the Earshot front man.  Track number two may sound familiar, because it was put up on his Reverbnation page awhile back, though in early form.  The song is titled, "Hard To Say".  The haunting chants in the background aren't immune to the powerful tone of Wil's melodic and familiar Earshot tones throughout.  People, now please do not mistake the two.  This is not another Earshot record.  Earshot is more electronic, rock, and heavier music.  The Wil Martin Project, is an "acoustic masterpiece" on Earshot's wall.  Both, though, classified as brilliant.  "These Lies" follows us along the EP, and instantly reminds me of a"hit"!  I loved this tune, the moment I heard it.  It is my favorite off the entire release, no doubt.  I love the tone he take with the hook in the tune, when he says "...but these are the lies.....".  This is a talented, excuse me, one hell of a talented musician.  Period.  Remember, this review site does not hold back, I tell it point blank!  I have honestly been eagerly looking forward to this review for months.  I am, yet still, pleasantly surprised on how well this EP turned out.  "These Lies" is so great.  Track four, which you'll come to learn to be "Already Know", is a straight laced, acoustic ballad.  With guitar plucking, vocals tearing through melodies, and Wil's words embracing our souls-this track is an essence of the EP.  In a sense, it is a simply put, great track, no other way to put it.  Now, with "Call on Me", being next up, refer back to an earlier review we did.  This song got an eleven out of ten rating.  I could sum it all up like that, end it there.  However, lyrically, this is my favorite song overall, period, I still stand by it's rating, bottom line.  Yet, as for the EP as a whole, I stick with my gut and ears, and my favorite track will remain "These Lies".  "Fades Away", concludes the effort, and it does so boldly.  "The sky feels like it's falling, and so do I.....again...", lyrically written well, and the harmonicas sounding in the background turn the song into a blissful end to volume one of one excellent EP.  On May 7th, follow a link below, and grab a copy of this EP, do yourself justice, one hell of a favor, it's the best music release on that date, so do it!!  I'm telling ya', it's brilliant!!
RATING: 10+/10

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