Friday, December 19, 2014

Marilyn Manson-The Pale Emperor

In January of 2015, Marilyn Manson is set to release his new record, "The Pale Emperor".  After hearing this album, I was stuck on an opinion for a few days to be honest with you all.  I heard the first track released off of it, "Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge", and thought highly of the album probabilities.  Then, recently, another song was officially released titled, "Deep Six".  This song was mediocre, yet just not at the most intriguing to my ears.  Don't get me wrong, Manson's vocal sounds are something I've been drawn to over his career, however, the "quietness" and rather "non-rocking" tracks on this upcoming release, are a huge letdown.  There are some songs worthy of checking into though.  Take for example what is probably my favorite from "The Pale Emperor", and that being the song "The Devil Beneath My Feet".  This has Manson's expected lyrical tone, and he seems as dark as ever in this musical presence.  Another song to perhaps just snag for a few (total) off of I-Tunes upon the release of the album is the song "Worship My Wreck".  Lyrically, this is probably his best effort on the album, and it also has an uniqueness to it.  The only other songs worth grabbing would be the tracks "Fall Of The House Of Death (On Deluxe Edition Only)", and the song "Birds Of Hell Awaiting".  If you are a huge fan of Manson, then by all means, pick up a complete copy, just do not be surprised if it let's you down, because it does lack that sense and feelings you would get from his "Holy Wood" or "Antichrist Superstar" albums.  If you can steer clear of wasting your dollar or whatnot, please avoid the rest of the songs, as they are quite disappointing.  Songs such as "Slave Only Dreams To Be King", "Killing Strangers", "Cupid Carries A Gun", and "Odds Of Even" are disastrous, in my opinion nonetheless.  I'm happy there is new material from Marilyn Manson, but did we really deserve this??  At least it could have been worth the wait, but believe me, it was not.

"The Pale Emperor"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Marla Morris-While The Street Lights Shine

Since the young age of four years old, Marla Morris has been dazzling people with her blissful musical talents.  Hailing from the east coast, Connecticut in fact, Marla uses that small town ingenuity quite well.  She has grown into her own since then obviously, landing opening slots for country artists such as Travis Tritt, Lorrie Morgan, and Kix Brooks (Brooks And Dunn).  Just this December, Marla unleashed with a fury, her latest country/pop effort, with "While The Streetlights Shine'.  Already racing up the country charts, the EP is a well crafted machine!  Featuring six total songs, all of which are intriguing, it shines as definitely a piece of music you will need to get your hands and, then put your ears to this!  Prior to this release, Marla was featured on several successful charting basis.  With her debut, "Ready For The Rain", Marla showed songwriting abilities with a stylistic passion and grace.  The record was featured on the "What We're Listening To", "New And Noteworthy", and the "Rising Stars Of Country" sections of I-Tunes.  "Ready For The Rain" landed in the top 100 country album charts in it's debut, and has appeared there many different times since then.  Marla then released an excellent single titled, "I Can't Do This Anymore", in 2013, and that track was featured on the "New And Noteworthy" section of I-Tunes as well, and only began to drive up Marla's success.  With this latest record, "While The Streetlights Shine", Marla has proven again that she is one heck of a talent.  With the beautiful song, "One December Ago", she shows her greatest lyrical sides, and shines very bright as an artist.  My favorite of the tracks on "While The Street Lights Shine", which all clock in between three to just under four minutes in length; is the song "Nothing Left To Leave".  "Nothing Left To Leave" really makes me feel a vibrancy within a sadness, that perhaps is honestly quite unexplainable.  To put it bluntly, it is an amazing song, period.  "Home Is Always You", which concludes the effort, is infectious.  Another infectious groove, is the kick starter off the record, with "Sky On Fire".  This one really gets you going, reminds me of another up and coming star of country music, Leah Turner.  When it comes to both Marla, and Leah, you will find yourself thinking "Carrie Underwood" comparisons.  To me, that is a lot to live up to, but I promise you that after listening to "While The Street Lights Shine" especially, you will witness Marla rising into the Carrie Underwood "atmosphere" in country!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

K.Michelle-Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?

With her sophomore release, K.Michelle seems to have matured much better, and excelled well from within her vocal power.  "Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?" is a dynamic release, featuring twelve tracks of smooth and upbeat, in your face r&b style, with some soothing lyrics, which is where K.Michelle seems to have grown most into here.  The song "Going Under" is about disappointments in love, and the strength it takes to just simply hope to have that moment in your life once again.  Her voice soars over this tune quite brilliantly.  "Build A Man", reminds you of an early Motown temp-like classic, yet it still has some fresh tastes laced in it.  You really seem to catch your grooves in this record, when the track "Cry" enters your head.  This is the one song that stood out the most to me off of "Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?".  "Cry" starts out with great beats and the rhythm grabs a hold of you like a soulful conviction.  Other standouts on the record are "Maybe I Should Call", "Hard To Do", and "Love 'Em All".  Concluding this album is a song she titled "God I Get It".  This one is one of the most incredibly done tracks I have come across to end a record.  Lyrically, it is almost perfection, and K.Michelle excels well with a powerful vocal statement here.  There are a few weak moments, where you think you may hear some of her still "growing into" her mature sound, such as the song "Miss You, Goodbye".  Overall though, you should be pleased with this album, and it comes ate a pretty great price upon it's release date as well, thus far.

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Le Projet-Quatre

"Quatre", is the debut EP from a "supergroup" of musicians.  You will definitely recignize them, and their other musical products as well.  The band, Le Projet, consists of Lenny Cerzosie, who is part of the other supergroup known as The Infinite Staircase.  That band released an album that was directed more toward world affairs, and life's difficulties occurring these days.  Also in Le Projet, you get the talents of Mr. Adam Kury, also known as the backing vocalist and bass player for the California based band, Candlebox.  We all know they kick ass.  Then, we enter Morgan Rose.  Morgan is well known for his presence and drumming in the highly talented and rocking band, Sevendust.  He also worked in the Clint Lowery-led project, Call Me No One.  Finally, the power and very strong force behind Le Projet is the man himself, Kevin Martin.  You will without a doubt, recognize his vocals and screams from his bands such as Kevin Martin and The Hiwatts, The Gracious Few, participation in the band The Infinite Staircase, and more so in the alternative rock band, Candlebox as the lead singer.  "Quatre", which hopefully is just a small taste of what is more to come of this project, is incredible!  You get four tracks, but basically three due to the first song off the EP, "Little Shits", having an alternate version of the song as the final track on the release.  Both versions are explicit, and the vocals are gritty, and Kevin Martin and the guys really did well on "Little Shits".  I was impressed from the very beginning, by accidentally coming across a Youtube video by Le Projet, featuring their song, "Head Down".  The song is track three on the release, clocking in around 4 minutes long, which is about thirty to forty-five seconds shorter than the other three songs on "Quatre".  The song "Save Yourself", has perhaps the best lyrics out of all the tracks on this effort, and it also, to me, shows how diverse this band can be.  You really can't go wrong with purchasing this record.  From all I have personally witnessed, it's only priced at less than four dollars for the entire EP of four songs.  So, basically just about a dollar per song, but I'd grab the entire release, you save a few cents and also get a really solid rock album.  Experience all these band members like you've never heard them perform before.  Well arranged, well written, and well done, period.

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Made In Waves-Made In Waves

Made In Waves are impressive from the start.  The Saint Louis band, which whom was originally titled "Key To My Spaceship", has definitely presented an impressive debut, which is set currently for am early 2015 release date.  With raw energy, and brutal breakdowns, Made In Waves are on their way to making a name for themselves in this musical world.  It's been a journey for the band, since releasing their 2005 EP, they then added a drummer by the name of Chris Loeffler.  The band began to mesh together from there.  Past bands they have opened up for are POD, Incubus, Chevelle, and Cypress Hill.  The have gained many local top stage slots, and with this debut record forthcoming, there doesn't seem to be a reason to have it any other way.  I really enjoy their first single, "Overload".  This song is very unique and sets the tone really for the record, and I truly believe it would be their top hit of the self-titled release, if it were not for the track "Abussos".  Staged to be released to national radio outlets soon, the song is by far my favorite off the album.  I think the lyrics are well played out, and the instrumental arrangements are simply brilliant.  This is quite an effort by Made In Waves.  Other pretty solid tunes from the release are "Deep Blue Dream", "Halo", "Prima Vista", and the slicer of rock called "Salvation".  "Salvation" really resonated with me, and I find it one the finer cuts off the debut record.  In 2015, make this debut one of the albums you grab up at digitally at some links to guide your way below, rock out!!
Rating: 5.0/5.0


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