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Friday, December 19, 2014

Marilyn Manson-The Pale Emperor

In January of 2015, Marilyn Manson is set to release his new record, "The Pale Emperor".  After hearing this album, I was stuck on an opinion for a few days to be honest with you all.  I heard the first track released off of it, "Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge", and thought highly of the album probabilities.  Then, recently, another song was officially released titled, "Deep Six".  This song was mediocre, yet just not at the most intriguing to my ears.  Don't get me wrong, Manson's vocal sounds are something I've been drawn to over his career, however, the "quietness" and rather "non-rocking" tracks on this upcoming release, are a huge letdown.  There are some songs worthy of checking into though.  Take for example what is probably my favorite from "The Pale Emperor", and that being the song "The Devil Beneath My Feet".  This has Manson's expected lyrical tone, and he seems as dark as ever in this musical presence.  Another song to perhaps just snag for a few (total) off of I-Tunes upon the release of the album is the song "Worship My Wreck".  Lyrically, this is probably his best effort on the album, and it also has an uniqueness to it.  The only other songs worth grabbing would be the tracks "Fall Of The House Of Death (On Deluxe Edition Only)", and the song "Birds Of Hell Awaiting".  If you are a huge fan of Manson, then by all means, pick up a complete copy, just do not be surprised if it let's you down, because it does lack that sense and feelings you would get from his "Holy Wood" or "Antichrist Superstar" albums.  If you can steer clear of wasting your dollar or whatnot, please avoid the rest of the songs, as they are quite disappointing.  Songs such as "Slave Only Dreams To Be King", "Killing Strangers", "Cupid Carries A Gun", and "Odds Of Even" are disastrous, in my opinion nonetheless.  I'm happy there is new material from Marilyn Manson, but did we really deserve this??  At least it could have been worth the wait, but believe me, it was not.

"The Pale Emperor"

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