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Sunday, January 4, 2015

One I Cinema-One I Cinema

Hailing from the country of Germany, One I Cinema are on a mission.  They are set to release a delicate, yet powerful album.  Their self-titled release, due in January, is a blazing effort to rip your ears off.  The main man of the band, Marco Meyer, is determined to succeed.  Other band members include Hannes Kelch, Phil Albright, and John Lappin.  However, let there be no doubt that the main force, the man behind the One I Cinema "mask", is that of Marco Meyer.  He virtually did every instrument on the record, which sounds fantastic!  You won't believe it, it's sort of like the times when Richard Patrick of Filter did his thing on their records at times.  This is incredible work!  His ferocity and throttling of the bass sets a really aggressive tone on the album.  The lead single, which is available at most digital retailers now, is called "Not My Fault".  This is a bad ass song, and it really makes a listener become intrigued in what One I Cinema is all about.  Take for example the brilliant songs such as "Stronger Than Before", "The Mirror", and the unforgettable "Broken Hearts".  One I Cinema are set to tour with the ferocious band Darkhaus, and that should get more people in the know of One I Cinema.  I mean, you cannot go wrong with this album at all.  "Stay" and "If Anyone Cared" are my favorite tracks off this self-titled album.  They really hit me hard in the soul, and that makes a mark of a great musician or band.  One I Cinema is just that.  Get to know these guys now, because soon, you will have no choice because they will take over the rock scene soon!!  Come January 24th, 2015....One I Cinema will be out to rock your ears off!!  Tear it up, let loose, and get ready to rock n' roll!!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Let loose, and get ready to tear it up!!

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