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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Killing Abraham-Killing Abraham

Hailing from the brilliant areas of Tennessee, Killing Abraham are one of those bands that seem to be under the radar.  With great measures, this band has seemed to show that they definitely belong in the modern rock and rock n' roll scene.  They released their self-titled debut in January of 2014, almost one year ago, and trust me; you don't not want to have this album in your collection.  With incredible vocals, and blaring guitar play...this album is just about perfection.  With ten tracks of punishing lyrics, and throttling music, Killing Abraham sets the tone with the album.  Such tracks as "Nightmare", "Faking", and "Wake Me Up", are excellent examples of the ferocity and fine work on the album.  The favorite track of mine was difficult to select, as there could be many up there.  However, I chose to pick the song "Scarred And Broken".  This is a very melodic track, with very fine lyrics, and a great temp that simply put; resonated with me quite well.  It also is a song that rests in the middle of this album''s track list, which was an excellent choice by the band.  Killing Abraham also laced up the album with the first song being called "No Surrender", and it sets a great mood for this debut record, I enjoy the way they lead you into the next track on each song's presentation.  This was an outstanding point that I seemed to discover.  Other stand out music on the release are songs like "Nightmare", "Beautiful Change", and the great song, "I Like It".  You truly cannot wrong with the album, it's able to be found at a great price at many online retailers, and it's a must for fans of bands like Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Bush, and Cyrenic.  Grab your copy today!
Rating: 5.0/5.0 !!

Killing Abraham Is A Band You Do Not Want To Miss !!

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