Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nonpoint-The Return

      Nonpoint is back, and they have provided us all with a taste of good stuff!  With the upcoming release of "The Return", Nonpoint has presented a well-arranged variation of excellent tracks.  The lead single, "Breaking Skin", is my favorite track overall from the release, and it is amazingly well-written and the lyrics such as "I need more than blood and air to survive" are impressive, and a step forward in the right direction for this band.. Such talent, Elias, the lead singer, has matured more with each and everyone of their albums.  Another track, "Never Ending Hole" is pretty solid, with riffs and a beat that gets stuck in your  head, almost on a repeat cycle.  "Never Cared Before" is my second fave off the album.  The song, without a doubt will get stuck in your brain, and you will end up finding yourself singing it in your head, or out loud when "The Return" is pounding loud out of your I-pod or radio!  Nonpoint has sure some a long way, since their first single of "What A Day".  Don't get me wrong, that song is a classic, but the maturity will definitely be evident off this album, I promise you.  The track "Goodbye Letters" really resonated with me, and gave me a sense of comfort with what has gone on in my life.  I really dig this song, to say the least.  I recommend also listening to some more solid tracks such as "Razors", "Know Myself", and "Widowmaker".  I mean, this whole record is full of surprises, well done vocal arrangements, and a powerhouse really good lyrics.  I recommend picking this up on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014.  Either way you go, whether you pay five bucks at  one of their current shows, or the nine bucks off Amazon, or even if you do what more and more people are doing these day and purchase it at your favorite digital store, you will fall in love this album!  If you are a fan of Nonpoint, or even if you just wanna get into something you haven't heard of before, this is an incredible album to get into.  I suggest you dive right in, today!
                                                                        Rating: 4.75/5.0


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  1. Nice article, but your band photo is out of date.

    Ken and Zach haven't been in the band for at least three years.

  2. sorry man! I messed that up...think I got it right now! hope so!