Saturday, September 27, 2014

Red Tide Rising-The Rising

"The Rising", by the rocking band, Red Tide Rising, has been released for about a year now.  However, I think that I have to put my "two cents" in on the release.  I fucking love this!!  I mean, the record kicks off with a strong intro titled "Rising Tides", and it doesn't look back from there.  With power-laced vocals, and earthquake-like guitars, bass, and drums, you are given such a treat within "The Rising".  Wow!  "Shadows", the fourth track on the album, presents a haunting-like vocalization, and is lyrically dark with lyrics like "Is this a nightmare, am I wide awake...".  You can't help yourself to be familiar with those words, we all have felt that way before.  The song "Misery" rocks in a more upbeat fashion, yet, still brings the power-driven lyrics and drumming on this song is incredible.  Love it!  My favorite track on "The Rising", I would have to say without a doubt is "The Choice".  With lyrics like "....and I don't mind you walking away....", it really resonates with me.  Perhaps that is why it has become my favorite part of the record.  "The Otherside" and the song "The Rising" are such perfect fits for the release, as they give us a taste of solid beats and that forceful voice of the vocalist, Matt Whiteman.  If you want some harder rock n' roll-like portions, then look no further than "Vicious Circle" and the cut "This Is War".  Also on the album are thrillers such as "We Are The Hunted" and "2:13".  Let me just state, that it was a close one in picking my favorite track, so I would like to say that the track "Cold" is an excellent piece of the album as well, it give us a sense of the late Type O Negative-like arrangements.  To end, I would highly recommend you picking up "The Rising" today, adding to your collection with a powerful, melodic, and blazing album.  Check out one of the links below, and see it for yourself.  You can also head to your digital stores, such as Amazon and I-tunes.  You will not be let down by the band, not even close!  Catch them live this fall with Like A Storm and the throttle called Drowning Pool.
Rating: 5.0 +/5.0

                                                                 "The Otherside" Official Video

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