Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Blackfires-The Blackfires

Ever come across a band once in a time, that you either can't seem to stop listening to, or are left yearning for more music from?  I think I have a band for those issues, and that band is New York City's own, The Blackfires.  Such a great find, and awesome talent here!  Having opened for well known bands such as the likes of Aerosmith, Dizzy Reed of Guns N' Roses, and also California Breed, there is a "natual" liking with this band.  I truly hope you stumble or come across this as I did.  They are currently touring all over the United States, with stops in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles to just get started.  If you can make one of their stops, I highly suggest you do!  Below, you will find links to their specific sites, as well as some tour stops.   A man by the name of "Cheggi" helms the vocals, with a rawness and direct assault on your lyrical ears.  Behind the blazing guitars are Hector Marin and Anthony Mullin.  You can't go wrong with Grasebo Doe tearing up the bass guitar!  Of course, it's hard to go without noticing the force upon The Backfires' drumming, in that of Mr. Joe Mitch.  Each element seems equally talented, with a craftiness to them all.  Head to a link below and pick up both their tracks from the release of "A-Sides" by the names of "Can't Get Over You" and the gem "Woman Walks".  I find it really tough to pick a favorite of the two songs mentioned.  However, since I feel I must, I will go with the lead cut, in that of "Can't Get Over You".  With a blues feel, a rock n' roll vibe, and a metal tone-The Blackfires hit you with all streams of arrangements.  I know there are only great things ahead in this artist's future.  If you are part of a band, and feel you would like to perhaps make a show of it with these guys, definitely hit them up at a link below!  I definitely think they would be worth the efforts.  For more music of the band, pick up the 2012 six track release, which is titled "Live From The Cutting Room".  With titles like "Primal Love", "Gambit", and "Rocker Child", you seem to believe and feel for an atmosphere made of true gifted power!  Wounding out the release are blazers known by names of "Grapeshot" which was a bonus track, "Livewire Barbies", and "Just A Thrill".  If you are running low on new music cash, grab up "Gambit" and "Just A Thrill" for certain!  Hell, if you wanna grab all their quality material, at one of the links below, it would run you around the mere cost of about $7.00.  I would say that is well worth the trust and downloading you place from music of The Blackfires!!  Nonetheless, no matter which way you aim your senses, any song of theirs is really worth your "feel".  Also, catching one of their low priced or free concerts would be highly suggested, as I mentioned before!!  I say, today, let The Blackfires spread into your ears!!

Rating: 5.0/5.0

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Juliet Simms-All Or Nothing

Well, well....Juliet Simms has returned, and what a return it is!  After coming in so close on the reality show, "The Voice", of which I believe she should have won; Juliet is bringing us a six track release, titled "All Or Nothing".  The lead singer for the alternative rock band, Automatic Loveletter, really shows her vocal range, style range, and a musical environment that is very solid on the EP.  Kicking off this release, is the song "All Or Nothing'.  This track is fast paced, pretty much, and has some basic lyrics, but also lyrics that sound angry, aggressive, and simply, "great"!  In the midst of the release, Juliet handed us a song by the name of "Evangeline".  Out of the six tracks, this would be my least favorite, based on the pace, and I feel her vocals could have been arranged a little angrier and better.  The song is still good, but if I had to pick, like I stated, it would be the one I would not download, if I were downloading the EP in "singles".  This release is just under six bucks at most digital retailers starting late January of 2015.  So, at that rate, I suggest you go ahead and grab this great piece of work.  Juliet Simms, in my opinion, has always been underrated and under the radar for some time now.  The best song on "All Or Nothing", is the song "Not Broken Yet'.  This is powerful, and the lyrics are so good, and delicate.  She is currently filming a video of sorts for another track off the release, that song is the fourth track on "All Or Nothing", that one being "End Of The World".  That song is very, very good....however, it just lyrically did not "catch me", as much as "Not Broken Yet".  The entire release, for me, stands out overall.  Other songs on the EP are "Mystified", and a great track called "Before It Rains".  I love this release, because of other reasons as well.  First of all, I cannot really be "favoring" Juliet, because I have personally hung out with her, and met her on a Warped Tour date, and whatnot.  However, even without "favoring" Juliet, I would truly enjoy this release.  I highly recommend this, if you are a fan of Automatic Loveletter, alternative rock, powerful female vocalists, or just excellent music, this hits hard, angry, aggressive, yet beautiful.  Definitely get yours right away!!
Rating: 5.0+/5.0

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Dreaming-Rise Again

In the year that modern rock and industrial music began to take a more "ear catching" form, a band was on the rise by the name of Stabbing Westward.  Featuring lead vocalist Christopher Hall, along with Walter Flakus, who is the keyboard master for the group; Stabbing Westward was beginning to make their marks on the music industry.  With the release of "UnGod", a song, which was also remixed for the soundtrack of the movie "Clerks", was titled "Violent Mood Swings".  It began to define their tone of music for some time to come.  The one time drummer for the band even has returned to The Dreaming, to assist in the so called "Rise Again" slogan going around of the band.  Please do not mistake, this is not Stabbing Westward, however, the lead guys in the band, Chris and Walter, definitively want that sound.  They have been hearing their fans clamor for this sound, this punishing industrial, metal, rock sound that defined Stabbing Westward in their days.  The current sounds of The upcoming February release of "Rise Again", just about sound like an excellent remix between Stabbing Westward's album "Save Yourself" and their final album that they released, which was self-titled, and featured the hit "So Far Away".  Rounding out the band's line up, which was ever changing throughout this band's progression, is Walter Flakus on keyboards and mix arrangements, Christopher Hall on song writing, arrangements, and main vocals, drums being pounded out by Brent Ashley, and the bass being played finely by the lady known as Franccesca De Struct.  Seeing her live on some fan filmed footage on Youtube, you can see she has what it take to keep this band above the ashes of what was Stabbing Westward.  "Alone", which had a previous review here, is the lead single from "Rise Again", and if you bought it at first, there were three different versions of this track.  I really do not understand the need for this remixing a lead single basically in three manners, of only one really making the album, but it was the direction the band went.  The song, at it's basis, is great, and tends to lead you to believe it is the "Rise Again" of the Stabbing Westward-like sounds.  "Kisses Taste Like Death" is a thrill ride, which almost has a soothing rock sound to it, if that makes since.  The lyrics are dark, and Christopher Hall does one hell of a job extending his range on the track.  Another killer song, and this one is in fact my "pick", or favorite off "Rise Again", is the song "Destroy'.  There is without a doubt a moment in this song where I was like, "whoah"!!  It delivers many tastes of old school Stabbing Westward, and yet, still seems to ooze old school sounds of the beginnings of this project called The Dreaming.  Remember, the band The Dreaming, have been slowly creeping up since around 2005-2006.  With many EP's and two previous albums called "Etched In Blood", and "Puppet", they have continued to push on and pursue their soul's desire.  Though changing the names of songs a few times along the way, it is confusing at times, and a bit deceiving, but it was like I said, the band's progression.  "Painkillers", off of the latest release "Rise Again", is perhaps the best hard hitting track, if you are looking for the more upbeat and throttling styles of Chris and the band.  For me, it was solid, yet, it seemed to lack some substances that made other songs on the album more stronger.  Finally, I have to admit a few things here.  The weakest song on the album, and this is by far, has got to be "Throw It Away".  It just seemed that there was not much effort put into this song, and reminded me of a leftover from, say the "Etched In Blood" style times.  Another final item is that I suggest you not expect an entire basically "new" Stabbing Westward" sounding album, because this is not at all.  Yes, there are some more heavy, more industrial, better lyrics, and stronger passion heard within Chris's vocals, but this is not, at least in my opinion, a "resurrection" .  However, with all that being said, the album, sitting at ten tracks, is relatively priced at a great rate, and is without much doubt worth the purchase.  Especially if you are one of those wanting a better version of this band, or have been yearning to hear better music overall these day, this is up your alley, and the way to go.  

The Dreaming Are Set To "Rise Again"  !!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Seasons Of Me-Transformation

Reigning from Johnson City, TN, Seasons Of Me are one of the hardest working bands I've come across.  With a sound similar to that of nationally known acts like Breaking Benjamin, Red, Chevelle, and Shinedown; you have yet another excellent product to add to the list.  Seasons of Me consists of raw talent as a whole.  With Mr. Dave Shirley on guitar, you'll get nothing but pulse pounding shredding on each riff and threshold you hear Dave rip away at!  Drumming duties are the main meal for the man who is yet another true talent to Seasons Of Me, and that man is Gregory Barrett.  He seems to have this "knack" for being able to throw your emotion into all their tunes, and with the type of ferocity, he is joined as well by the vocalist and another guitarist in the guy they call Camron Scism.  His vocal range is intense, and quite relentless.  The EP they released, from which I had the pleasure of having the change to hear, titled "Transformation", shows the band has a sound just about to a perfection!  Throw in the bass playing of Nic McWilliams, and you have yourself a little treat if you can grab some of their great merchandise from a link below, or happen to be lucky enough to catch them live and pounding the crowd with rock sensations really not heard before!  I really enjoyed the EP, I have some I prefer to play more than others, which every album will have that specific.  Yet, two songs really stand out to me.  I would venture to say if I had a second favorite track, it would have to be the one that goes by the name of "Stand Beside Me".  I think lyrically, that song is unique and has an excellent theme and arrangement within it.  However, in this world of picking favorites, mine would have to be "Death Of Me".  This one leads you into an array of beautiful melody, strong words, and it's almost like you can get lost inside this song in ways that most songs do not pull you in.  The way it drags or pulls you into it, it almost like the way Chevelle's single, "The Red", drew people into it.  It takes a listen or too, and then you are quite simply pulled in, or "hooked".  Overall, this is one hell of a release, and if you are into modern rock, rock in general, or just want to try out something new, this release and band are most definitely up your alley!!  In December the band signed a deal with the agency titled Nickel And Dime, and this will definitely set up some more exposure and some excellent opportunities to come their way, thus coming your way!!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Caducus-String Me Up

 Her presence is being felt within this music industry, including an interview and photo Louisville Music News website.  Why Louisville, you ask ?   Well, she always had this beautiful talent to sing.  As for her singing, Michala Bouska, the woman being spoken of now, she is incredibly talented.  Her vocals are so much like the angry Fiona Apple, the lustful Maria of In This Moment, the incredible range of Charlotte in the band, Delain, and also Christina of the well known band, Lacuna Coil.  Chuck Stoess, Jr., also known as "Chuckles", also shares the songwriting duties with Michala.  With utter power, incredible arrangement, and a sense of inducing amazing emotion, "Chuckles" seems to lace up the guitar with a sound only heard in true music professionalism.  Chuck writes the bass lines as well as the guitar arrangements for most of Caducus material.  Then, we enter Mr. Steven McDougale , Jr., tearing into the way of "bruising" the drums and giving beats never heard before with a thrust of relentless energy.  He shows true talent in a drummer's world, there is no doubt.  "J" Jason Cheatham, is the main man responsible for the aggressive riffs you hear during their live shows, and on the excellent release of "String Me Up".  Currently, Caducus is searching for a bassist, their search is active and ongoing, with no doubt they will find the raw, strong talent that fits the band.  The album cover to "String Me Up" is very dark, gothic, and intriguing.  It will, in sorts, leave you pondering how dark or relentless this album and band could sound like, before ever hearing the music itself.  The release totals six tracks, with five originals and one cover song.  You will definitely enjoy this gem!  "Evolve And Obey" and "Phoenix", are songs that show how simplistic, brutal, and melodic this band can be.  I have a favorite track from the release, and that song is titled "Safeword".  I truly am indulged with this song, and it is such a strong arrangement of music, it pulls you in like nothing ever felt before.  The song "String Me Up" is dynamic, tough, and really gets you pumped for the relentless atmosphere that Caducus brings with them on stage and on their record.  As soon as possible, I plan to find a way to catch them live, and witness the strong performance I can feel already from the "String Me Up" release.  If you are a fan of artists like the talented Joan Jett, Flyleaf (w/Lacey), Lacuna Coil, Delain, Evanescence, and the former band Drain S.T.H., you will truly dig this release.  Speaking of Flyleaf, Caducus is set to play a slot on the current Snocore tour at the EXPO FIVE, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  The show will have performances by Flyleaf, Adelita's Way (who are working on a new album for late 2015), Framing Hanley, Fit For Rivals, Begging Victoria, and the already mentioned brutality called Caducus.  That Snocore show is set for February 17th, 2015.  With the sponsorship and excellent coordination of Mr. Terry Harper, with whom you can contact and see more about at a link below, the promotion of this band is growing rapidly and I promise you the nation and perhaps the world, will soon feel this force known as Caducus!!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Killing Abraham-Killing Abraham

Hailing from the brilliant areas of Tennessee, Killing Abraham are one of those bands that seem to be under the radar.  With great measures, this band has seemed to show that they definitely belong in the modern rock and rock n' roll scene.  They released their self-titled debut in January of 2014, almost one year ago, and trust me; you don't not want to have this album in your collection.  With incredible vocals, and blaring guitar play...this album is just about perfection.  With ten tracks of punishing lyrics, and throttling music, Killing Abraham sets the tone with the album.  Such tracks as "Nightmare", "Faking", and "Wake Me Up", are excellent examples of the ferocity and fine work on the album.  The favorite track of mine was difficult to select, as there could be many up there.  However, I chose to pick the song "Scarred And Broken".  This is a very melodic track, with very fine lyrics, and a great temp that simply put; resonated with me quite well.  It also is a song that rests in the middle of this album''s track list, which was an excellent choice by the band.  Killing Abraham also laced up the album with the first song being called "No Surrender", and it sets a great mood for this debut record, I enjoy the way they lead you into the next track on each song's presentation.  This was an outstanding point that I seemed to discover.  Other stand out music on the release are songs like "Nightmare", "Beautiful Change", and the great song, "I Like It".  You truly cannot wrong with the album, it's able to be found at a great price at many online retailers, and it's a must for fans of bands like Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Bush, and Cyrenic.  Grab your copy today!
Rating: 5.0/5.0 !!

Killing Abraham Is A Band You Do Not Want To Miss !!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

One I Cinema-One I Cinema

Hailing from the country of Germany, One I Cinema are on a mission.  They are set to release a delicate, yet powerful album.  Their self-titled release, due in January, is a blazing effort to rip your ears off.  The main man of the band, Marco Meyer, is determined to succeed.  Other band members include Hannes Kelch, Phil Albright, and John Lappin.  However, let there be no doubt that the main force, the man behind the One I Cinema "mask", is that of Marco Meyer.  He virtually did every instrument on the record, which sounds fantastic!  You won't believe it, it's sort of like the times when Richard Patrick of Filter did his thing on their records at times.  This is incredible work!  His ferocity and throttling of the bass sets a really aggressive tone on the album.  The lead single, which is available at most digital retailers now, is called "Not My Fault".  This is a bad ass song, and it really makes a listener become intrigued in what One I Cinema is all about.  Take for example the brilliant songs such as "Stronger Than Before", "The Mirror", and the unforgettable "Broken Hearts".  One I Cinema are set to tour with the ferocious band Darkhaus, and that should get more people in the know of One I Cinema.  I mean, you cannot go wrong with this album at all.  "Stay" and "If Anyone Cared" are my favorite tracks off this self-titled album.  They really hit me hard in the soul, and that makes a mark of a great musician or band.  One I Cinema is just that.  Get to know these guys now, because soon, you will have no choice because they will take over the rock scene soon!!  Come January 24th, 2015....One I Cinema will be out to rock your ears off!!  Tear it up, let loose, and get ready to rock n' roll!!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

Let loose, and get ready to tear it up!!