Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Dreaming-Rise Again

In the year that modern rock and industrial music began to take a more "ear catching" form, a band was on the rise by the name of Stabbing Westward.  Featuring lead vocalist Christopher Hall, along with Walter Flakus, who is the keyboard master for the group; Stabbing Westward was beginning to make their marks on the music industry.  With the release of "UnGod", a song, which was also remixed for the soundtrack of the movie "Clerks", was titled "Violent Mood Swings".  It began to define their tone of music for some time to come.  The one time drummer for the band even has returned to The Dreaming, to assist in the so called "Rise Again" slogan going around of the band.  Please do not mistake, this is not Stabbing Westward, however, the lead guys in the band, Chris and Walter, definitively want that sound.  They have been hearing their fans clamor for this sound, this punishing industrial, metal, rock sound that defined Stabbing Westward in their days.  The current sounds of The upcoming February release of "Rise Again", just about sound like an excellent remix between Stabbing Westward's album "Save Yourself" and their final album that they released, which was self-titled, and featured the hit "So Far Away".  Rounding out the band's line up, which was ever changing throughout this band's progression, is Walter Flakus on keyboards and mix arrangements, Christopher Hall on song writing, arrangements, and main vocals, drums being pounded out by Brent Ashley, and the bass being played finely by the lady known as Franccesca De Struct.  Seeing her live on some fan filmed footage on Youtube, you can see she has what it take to keep this band above the ashes of what was Stabbing Westward.  "Alone", which had a previous review here, is the lead single from "Rise Again", and if you bought it at first, there were three different versions of this track.  I really do not understand the need for this remixing a lead single basically in three manners, of only one really making the album, but it was the direction the band went.  The song, at it's basis, is great, and tends to lead you to believe it is the "Rise Again" of the Stabbing Westward-like sounds.  "Kisses Taste Like Death" is a thrill ride, which almost has a soothing rock sound to it, if that makes since.  The lyrics are dark, and Christopher Hall does one hell of a job extending his range on the track.  Another killer song, and this one is in fact my "pick", or favorite off "Rise Again", is the song "Destroy'.  There is without a doubt a moment in this song where I was like, "whoah"!!  It delivers many tastes of old school Stabbing Westward, and yet, still seems to ooze old school sounds of the beginnings of this project called The Dreaming.  Remember, the band The Dreaming, have been slowly creeping up since around 2005-2006.  With many EP's and two previous albums called "Etched In Blood", and "Puppet", they have continued to push on and pursue their soul's desire.  Though changing the names of songs a few times along the way, it is confusing at times, and a bit deceiving, but it was like I said, the band's progression.  "Painkillers", off of the latest release "Rise Again", is perhaps the best hard hitting track, if you are looking for the more upbeat and throttling styles of Chris and the band.  For me, it was solid, yet, it seemed to lack some substances that made other songs on the album more stronger.  Finally, I have to admit a few things here.  The weakest song on the album, and this is by far, has got to be "Throw It Away".  It just seemed that there was not much effort put into this song, and reminded me of a leftover from, say the "Etched In Blood" style times.  Another final item is that I suggest you not expect an entire basically "new" Stabbing Westward" sounding album, because this is not at all.  Yes, there are some more heavy, more industrial, better lyrics, and stronger passion heard within Chris's vocals, but this is not, at least in my opinion, a "resurrection" .  However, with all that being said, the album, sitting at ten tracks, is relatively priced at a great rate, and is without much doubt worth the purchase.  Especially if you are one of those wanting a better version of this band, or have been yearning to hear better music overall these day, this is up your alley, and the way to go.  

The Dreaming Are Set To "Rise Again"  !!

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