Monday, January 26, 2015

Juliet Simms-All Or Nothing

Well, well....Juliet Simms has returned, and what a return it is!  After coming in so close on the reality show, "The Voice", of which I believe she should have won; Juliet is bringing us a six track release, titled "All Or Nothing".  The lead singer for the alternative rock band, Automatic Loveletter, really shows her vocal range, style range, and a musical environment that is very solid on the EP.  Kicking off this release, is the song "All Or Nothing'.  This track is fast paced, pretty much, and has some basic lyrics, but also lyrics that sound angry, aggressive, and simply, "great"!  In the midst of the release, Juliet handed us a song by the name of "Evangeline".  Out of the six tracks, this would be my least favorite, based on the pace, and I feel her vocals could have been arranged a little angrier and better.  The song is still good, but if I had to pick, like I stated, it would be the one I would not download, if I were downloading the EP in "singles".  This release is just under six bucks at most digital retailers starting late January of 2015.  So, at that rate, I suggest you go ahead and grab this great piece of work.  Juliet Simms, in my opinion, has always been underrated and under the radar for some time now.  The best song on "All Or Nothing", is the song "Not Broken Yet'.  This is powerful, and the lyrics are so good, and delicate.  She is currently filming a video of sorts for another track off the release, that song is the fourth track on "All Or Nothing", that one being "End Of The World".  That song is very, very good....however, it just lyrically did not "catch me", as much as "Not Broken Yet".  The entire release, for me, stands out overall.  Other songs on the EP are "Mystified", and a great track called "Before It Rains".  I love this release, because of other reasons as well.  First of all, I cannot really be "favoring" Juliet, because I have personally hung out with her, and met her on a Warped Tour date, and whatnot.  However, even without "favoring" Juliet, I would truly enjoy this release.  I highly recommend this, if you are a fan of Automatic Loveletter, alternative rock, powerful female vocalists, or just excellent music, this hits hard, angry, aggressive, yet beautiful.  Definitely get yours right away!!
Rating: 5.0+/5.0

Play This Music and Never Take It Off !!

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