Monday, August 26, 2013

Nine Inch Nails-Hesitation Marks

Industrial rocker, and music icon Trent Reznor's new look Nine Inch Nail's line up on tour, hasn't seemed to affect the music he pours his soul into.  Introducing the record is the entrancing short intro titled "The Eater of Dreams".  It leads way into the first full length song, which kicks into gear  as
"Copy of A".  This song, along with a track called "Everything", are sounds of very early Nine Inch Nail's material, and lacks the heavy chords we lust and wait in lines for.  Our anticipation most assuredly wasn't hoping for this.  "Came Back Haunted", is a solid tune, which was their first single released off the album, and its similar to a cut, in my opinion from their solid album, WITH TEETH. "Find My Way", sounds like a more bluesy, Johnny Cash influenced track.  Nothing against the legend himself, I just think Reznor could have used more anger, and much less boredom and sadness thus far into the album.   "All Time Low" hits the spot for me, it definitely is my favorite track from the record.  Even still, the WITH TEETH feel remains, but you get more of a FRAGILE residue from this one, and that rocks, in my accord.  The vulgar language show Trent still has the attitude, and knows what he's doing lyrically, I don't he's lost it with this album, I just think the diversity with it may be too much for the great anticipation.  "Various Methods Of Escape" takes us on a journey that reminds you of THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL days, with a bit less of anger.  Nonetheless, its a major song to reckon with on HESITATION MARKS.  "In Two", shows an '80's vibe, with an electronic twist, and aggressive tone, and a reserved tank for anger that Trent readies for release at any moment.  "Black Noise", is a perfect ending to the Non-Remix disc of the deluxe edition.  It is highly instrumental, holds ups and down, very dark and grey in areas, and has scratchy moments that give the listener reason to believe Nine Inch Nails is not over with as a band yet.  This is a hesitation..........I say, don't "hesitate", on September 3rd, pick a copy of the record, HESITATION MARKS up ,and give it time, you'll enjoy this.  No disappointment overall!!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ghost Of April-Dead Philosophy

Amar Okanovic, the lead vocalist for the band Ghost of April, promised a different approach on this album, and boy, we sure have gotten that delivered.  The band, which features members like Ian Gardea, who has multiple duties within the band on electronics, lead guitar, and most recordings.  Joshua Ray lays out his heart and soul on the drums, especially on the track from DEAD PHLOSOPHY, titled "The Game".  Kicking this full throttle record into gear is the pulsating music in the song "Breathe".  This is a killer track, and combined with their sound overall, it seems to push this record to a much higher degree than their prior releases.  Amar is more passionate about this record then any other previous release by his band.  This is more of an alternative, screamer, and it would definitely have fit on the Warped Tour, at least from the 2012-2013 eras.  The album cover is nice, and the uniqueness of it draws fans into their style.   This is exactly what Ghost of April needs, and they definitely get it from this record!  "Erased" and "Drowning" are fully killer songs, with explosive attitudes, and have definite tones that make you want to pound your fucking skull into the air!!  Let the music roll in, and twirl the angst in the sky, and dance into the river of the music skys filled with melodies like "Strong", and sit your ass down and take some lessons in some "Dead Philosophy".!!
RATING: 9.40/10

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Used-The Ocean Of The Sky

Bert McCracken is known for antics, and doing whatever he seemingly wants to do.  That's what he and his band mates have accomplished with their latest, independently released effort, the EP titled, THE OCEAN OF THE SKY.  Without a doubt, the lyrical content of this release is down right to the point, and explicit.  I love it!  I mean, lots of artists these days seem to sell out to what labels want, and this band, though they have their own music group, titled Anger Music Group, still gives the fans the music they knew when the band started out over thirteen years ago.  This release, which is released through Hopeless Records, was not even released in retail stores, at least not as of the date of this review.  Check the links below, as to where you may purchase it, of course it's available digitally online most everywhere.  The lead track, "Iddy Biddy", is a definite lyrical smack in the face of religion and emotional issues, without a doubt.  Without repeating the exact words, it lashes out about Jesus, Muslim faiths, the mental health disorder of "cutting yourself", and starvation.  Yet, this is my favorite song off the EP, simply because the musical arrangement tears it up, it rocks, and the addictiveness is outstanding!  Follow that up with "Quixotica", the second song, and you get another solid outing......a great one-two punch.  Drums rattling, beating from the get go, this song is a thriller, and reminds us of the early material from The Used.  "The EP's title track, "The Ocean of The Sky", is quite a different take for the band.  It is not as aggressive in nature, almost has a feel for their famous track, "All That I've Got", but is a little more slower in the beginning.  This song is well written, and deeper in meaning, and fits well within the five song frame of the release.  To complete the EP is a long, over twenty minute instrumental track called "Tethys".  It's a bit strange sounding to the ear, but a bit disappointing to be on an EP, if you ask me....however, to look at this as an art, I can see where it fits the "piece of work".  Pick up your copy today, if you didn't grab it at the Warped Tour this past Summer, check it out, it's pretty solid!!
RATING: 9.25/10

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jonny Lang-Blew Up (The House) (Single)

As if Jonny didn't rock enough, the young blues guitarist and vocalist is back at it, shredding again.  The lead single, "Blew Up (The House)", is a song that sounds very reminiscent of a track off of his previous album, WANDER THIS WORLD.  However, the guitars are more slick, the lyrics are much more aggressive, and the vocals are more clear and stronger on this song.  Jonny has his background vocalists chanting along, especially during the hook, and the song echoes with enthusiasm and makes you want to groove right along with it!  "Blew Up (The House)" runs just under five minutes long, but you enjoy every minute and second of the song, and the rhythm grabs you, the tone twirls you around, and the blues attitude that the track brings to your ears is enough to make you crave more.  That is exactly the aim here.  Jonny's new album, which is due out in the US, on September 17th, is titled FIGHT FOR MY SOUL.  You can sense the fight in Jonny, the attitude, the young blues sensation is back, and I must say I am loving this one, and looking forward to the full length for certain, come September!!  "Blew Up (The House)", blows up your stereo, your speakers everywhere, and be certain to catch Jonny live at a venue near you, before he sells out!

Smile Empty Soul-False Alarm (Single)

Sean Danielsen is a busy man these days.  With a recent solo EP under his belt, and his band, Smile Empty Soul finishing up their current album, slated for an October 1st release, titled CHEMICALS, Sean and the gang are busy as hell!  Released through the ever growing company, Pavement Entertainment, which has lately become a powerhouse in the rock music world, this album seems to be ready to rock just as much as their previous ventures, if not harder.  "False Alarm", the first single off the record, slams hard in our faces.  Impacting radio around August 27th officially, the single is poised for a huge impact, and I believe it will be just that.  Loudwire, the site with music news, previews, and exclusives on the web, was the first to premiere the song stream in it's entirety, and I must say it caught me off guard.  The song holds the tune of their self-titled record, with the grit and angst, yet has the lyrical content of a new vibe that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  "False Alarm" is an excellent song, with ambiguous traction, rage, and Sean's voice digs into your head with instant recognition that, Yeah, this is a Smile Empty Soul song.....for me, it's more like, "Hell fucking yeah!!".  Request this track on Sirius radio, your local radio stations, and anywhere else you want to, now, tomorrow, and next have to hear this, and the more it's played near you, the band will play near you.  Catch them on tour currently, doing shows with the artist known as Ra.  "False Alarm" is full steam ahead, and is definitely worth a listen!!  Check it out today!
RATING: 9.75/10

Leah Turner-Take The Keys (Single)

Ahh, smell that?  That's the smell of two things....sweet success and the scent of a fresh breath of brilliant musician doing her thing.  Leah, so talented and beautiful, has the country world by the strings with this first single, titled "Take the Keys".  It holds one heck of a catchy hook, and Leah has the vocals to power any song, as evident by the track itself.  Having just hit digital retailers in mid-August, Turner has impacted radio far before that.  Becoming a success wasn't an overnight ordeal, and Leah is well aware of this, and it is evident by her lyrical content.  "Let's hit the road and let the engine spark...." describes her sensual and ambitious attitude.  "Take the Keys" is a thrill ride of rocking country persona, and she definitely shows she belongs!  If you have to compare her to any current country artist, it could be hard, because Leah has her own distinctions.  Leah is stunning, vocally strong, lyrically talented, and has ambition to succeed for her fans and family like no other artist in recent memory.  I suppose the likes of a Kellie Pickler, a younger Shania Twain, or even Martina McBride would be suffice in comparison.  That is my opinion, but believe me, you will hear the point I am making, just grab a copy from a link below, and see and hear for yourselves!!  The chanting of "come on, come on, baby...." makes you want to do some dancing, party it up and crank this track top notch where it belong, up high!!  So, "take the keys", pop the song in the player, and turn it up as loud as you can, and do what Leah does best, sing your heart out!!
RATING: 10/10

Jennifer Nettles-That Girl (Single)

 One of country music's finest female vocalists, Jennifer Nettles ventured into a solo project, and did so very well. The time has finally come. Her newly released single, "That Girl," just impacting radio on Aug. 19th, is raising the bar for every other mainstream female artist. Keeping true to her roots, Jennifer tosses in jazz, pop and even soulful influences on the new track, balancing out what is commercially viable and what is true to country music-storytelling. While the men continue doing the same thing over again by releasing party song after tired party song. The females continue to deliver quality material that serves as a beacon of hope for all of the "close-minded traditionalists." "That Girl" is a sultry and slinky response to Dolly Parton's iconic song "Jolene." While incorporating such modern production as hand-claps and a sleek shine, Jennifer allows her voice and lyrics to reveal the track's storyline. Here we have a woman down-trodden by the lies of a two-timing man. He's married and seeks after the mistress for some side action. Come to find out, the mistress has no idea he's married. When she does find out, she breaks it off...and calls up the wife to tell her she doesn't "want to be that girl with your guy, to fool you and make you cry." "I knew he was good looking, maybe too good to be true. But when he kissed me in that alley, I could tell there was a you," she sings. Her voice drips with sensual desire but enraptures the lyrics with a bitter edge, almost mysterious, by layering on an attitude that only Jennifer could relate with. There is an air of film to the delivery, ranging back to a 1950's black and white film, perhaps. As her solo debut release, she definitely has a smash hit here. As one-half of the hugely successful duo Sugarland, Jennifer is poised to become the next great solo female artist, despite a huge barrier that most face when attempting to launch a superstar career. She's already a household name, and by releasing such a risky and bold choice, she just might get the attention people everywhere!!
RATING: 9.5/10

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Persevering Promise-An Illusion In Shambles

In shambles is not where this band is going to be found at all.  The Persevering Promise, who recently released a lyric video for their solid and promising track, "Annabel Lee", smash in your ears with hardcore vocals and lyrics that tear into your soul.  The first track is a basic intro song, with a few lines, but it gets straight to the fucking point, and makes your body want to get "amped up !!"  Follow that up with the electric power of the album titled track, "An Illusion in Shambles", and you feel like you can mosh and slam shit all over the place already, but hey-it's just track two guys, c'mon.  "Crown the Victor" and "A Reason to Believe" are really powerful post hardcore, melodic, and gripping tracks.  "A Reason to Believe" features guest vocals by Ronnie Winter, who you may know from the band, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  This song lets down some of the screaming guard, but makes this album excellent in my opinion.  By far, it has to be my favorite from the album.  "Etherality" has brilliant guitar-laced melodies, classic drum beats, and most importantly, a sound that defines the words instrumental and screams.  Think of it as a haunting tune, that echoes with anger inside.  I flat out love this band's style!!  If you prefer utter brutality, then their song "The Death of All Things Pure" pretty much will suit you just fine.  It's an in your face, smasher.  Jump, jump, and bang that head around some more, this album is all about enjoying the music you love.  If you love metal, rock, post hardcore, or simply, heavy music in general-this is a must without a doubt.  I have to comment about my second favorite track before I leave you, and it happens to be the final album track.  The track is titled, "The Whistleblower".  First, the title is great, just intriguing I suppose.  The vocals are far different than the rest on the album, which I truly enjoy.  This song makes me want to place this on a road mix and drive for miles, jamming out to The Persevering Promise, amongst other great artists, like We Came As Romans, The Devil Wears Prada, Letlive, and others....excellent work without a single doubt, I have nothing bad to say at all, simply nothing, except......why do I have to wait until September 17th to grab this puppy up?  Trust me, it will be worth it!!
RATING: 10/10


KingShifter-26 Tons

The band kicks off with a song that rocks it hard, stating "all I ever wanted was a peace of mind"...well, sorry, not with this album.  26 TONS, the explosive rocker from the Kansas band's effort, showcases pure rock and roll at it's purest form.  There is no rest for the weary in this album, and I suggest on September 3rd, a copy of this album either be in your hands, or on your mp3 player!  There are killer tracks, I mean you can close your ears or eyes and pick one, all joking aside.  The lead track, which boasts lyrics like "I'm not going to live my life with my back against the wall"....., that slamming track, known as "Peace of Mind", is one hell of a kick off track for a record.  Following that lead, there are solid tunes like "Dry Heave", "Revolution Generation", and "Unbroken".  Don't get me wrong, this entire album is in high gear.  My favorite track has got to be the one titled, "Downin' Booze-Raisin' Hell".  This one, to me, sets apart from the rest.  Yes, it is similar, but the arrangement is a little different, melodically and lyrically it is better, and more aggressive as well.  This band compares to artists like HellYeah, Blackstone Cherry, Saliva, A Course Of Action, Eve To Adam, and more of that southern rock attitude atmosphere!!  You can never go wrong there!!  In conclusion, if there is one track you would have to check out to sum the album up, it would have to be the one they call, "Pitch Black Blues".  This is a bit more slow, but you get the point, the rock is still there, and the aggression is still heard, lyrics are strong, and the tone is powerful as well!!  The band members, known as "Kink", "Sprout", Derek Ludewick, and David Stenbach are all top notch at this role.  Expect nothing but pure rock n' roll, and you will get it straight......rock hard, and most importantly, rock on !!
RATING: 9.75/10

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Frostlit-Small Winds (Single)

Mika Tauriainen, of Entwine fame has yet another project to pour his amazing vocals through.  Frostlit, the latest project, is comprised of members of Entwine, inja, and Machinae Supremacy.  The music hails from the talented mists of Finland, and if you are or were a fan of Mika's Shamrain duties, this is most definitely a fit for you.  Also, don't think he is finished with Entwine, because according to the publicist, he is not.  However, feeling a need to vent in other aspects, Frostlit came about.  "Small Winds", the first official single from the band, is very much different then what we would expect from Mika, and the band of musicians he has gathered in this project.  Lyrically, it is strong, like most of his projects typically are.  It only takes "small winds" for you to fall in tune with this brilliant track!  "Digging through the void, our souls will carry us...." are lyrics that get your attention, and hook you, like the arrangement to the song is purposely trying to pull you in-and hey, that is the point, correct?  Frostlit seemingly has done well with this first single, and it has been made available everywhere digitally, which is different then previous Mika works by Shamrain and Entwine.  I suppose we can thanks their distribution partner and label, Rocklynn Records.  Nonetheless, grab a copy today, and sail away with the "small winds" of Frostlit !
RATING: 9.5/10

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Charm The Fury-A Shade Of My Former Self

Brutal, metal, fury, and female vocals equal brilliance, period.  That's what you get here in this September 17th release, A SHADE OF MY FORMER SELF.  The album is definitely an "in your face" and "kick down the f*cking door" power lighter!  The front woman, singer Caroline Westendorp, brings the metal to the forefront, and she never let's us go, never lets the screaming stop tearing away at our skies, and I must admit, I'm lovin' it!!  With their firist video and single, "Virtue of Leadership" (which is also my favorite cut off the record), Caroline and the band let loose, and show the world just why the belong.  There are some, and just some light moments on this album though, and that's the great thing about it.  "In The Wake of Pride", you get a haunting instrumental arrangement that seems to flow well along the album, making this just not a "filler" of sorts, but a complete journey as well.  Of course the instrumental leads into the hard hitting screamer titled, "Living Saints".  "Living Saints", to me, is one their best tracks on the album lyrically, and it also is quite catchy, as it flows very well.  The male backing vocals, and Caroline's rage set this song on fire, and makes the listener want to flat out mosh!  "A New State of Mind", "A Shade of My Former Self", and the raging "Deliverance" are all excellent examples of just what this album is truly about.  If you want to burn some calories, jump around, break out this album come mid-September and you will know just why people will have been talking about the band known as The Charm The Fury.  A SHADE OF MY FORMER SELF hits retailers Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 !
RATING: 8.75/10

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tantric-37 Channels

Hugo Ferreira's masterful tone within this record will leave you "astounded".  37 Channels, the resilient band's fifth full album after kicking dust all over Travis Meeks' Days of the New project, is their strongest since the debut effort released back in 2001.  Each song seems to tell a story of Hugo's journeys in life, and his emotional ups and downs that he may or may not have struggled with.  The lead track, "Again", boasts great guitar, melody, and yet has simply lyrical content.  Yet, that grit in Hugo's vocals grabs us by our ears and pulls our souls into this record, right into the "37 channels".  Brilliant guitar work and the fact you wanna jam right away to it, make it a hell of a beginning to the album!  "Blue Room", the following song, sets a bit of a calmer world for the listener, then we start to catch a groove and rock to it.  However, if I had to pick a least favorite off the record, again, "IF" I had to, I would go with "Blue Room", but living up to "Again" was tough anyway.  Now, the first single, and the rocker, "Mosquita", really caught me and my mind off guard!  I flatout love this song, by far.  It is obviously my favorite off the record, and it reminds me so much of early Tantric.  I enjoy the blues-like tones, and angry lyrics at times.  Hell, it even has some country, Cajun breakdowns!  This is the Tantric we once knew, and Pavement Records has chosen wisely, done well, and will see success with this record, no doubt!  "Mosquita" is a hit, and I smell a top ten already!  Some other memorable, and power tracks from 37 Channels are "Rise", "My Turn", "Bullet", and my second favorite from this thrill ride, a milder diddy known as "Broken".  The writing is much better, the vocals are more clear, the instrumental ranges are much more eccentric, and this album is far more worth it, than the previous releases by Tantric, maybe except for the first record.  I'd say you could place this one up there with their self-titled debut from twelve years ago.  Hugo and the guys have put together a masterpiece here, and chosen a great label home for it as well!  Well done!
RATING: 10/10

Christina Grimmie-With Love

WITH LOVE, is an album of powerful vocals and it also comes with an addictive vibe that makes you want to cycle through it over and over again.  Christina Grimmie provides beauty, talent, and good music all in one, with this release.  Kicking off this album, the lead track "Over Overthinking You", is infectious.  It starts off with a typical pop-like cheering, then takes a "na-na, hey-hey" chanting in the background at times.  However, the substance parts of the song are what keep the song intact, and worthy of a listen.  To follow that up, we get more potent tracks like "Absolutely Final Goodbye", and one of my favorites from the album, "Make It Work".  "Get Yourself Together", sounds somewhat like it could be near pop country, but it has a groove to it as well.  Christina's vocals are great in this song, and her range is far better in it also.  Lyrically, it stretches further than other previous tracks too.  Her first single from this album, "Tell My Moma", from which she just shot a video, is also my favorite track as well.  She presents more a raspy toned vocal on this song, and an "attitude"-like demeanor on it.  If you are into those "driving" songs, this should be added to your collection for sure!  Lyrically, it hits well, and Grimmie shows her musical talents excellent here.  Other tracks, like "Think of You", "I Bet You Don't Curse God", and "The One I Crave", show the teenagers out there, and perhaps young adults, just what pop music should sound like, not what it shouldn't.  More pop music should follow Christina's lead, and learn from this album, WITH LOVE.
RATING: 9.75/10

Monday, August 12, 2013

Asking Alexandria-From Death to Destiny

Danny Worsnop, the lead vocalist of Asking Alexandria, has grown quite a bit since the inception of
the band.  On their latest album, FROM DEATH TO DESTINY, the band find themselves a little less on the screaming side, and more on the rock edge of things.  I have read some other reviews, and comments by "fans" and others, and they have not been so kind to the band.  I must admit, when I first heard the record, it didn't strike me as typical AA, but then again, isn't that what we want in an
album these days?  I love this record!!  The lead single, "Run Free" is typical Asking Alexandria, and the track has been out for what seems like months, so we have grown used to it, and were coming to expect a sound we were used to.  The electronic break downs, the lyric assault of rage and aggression, but when the second single was released, "The Death of Me", it was again evident we had another screamer of a record headed our way.  However, what was evident to us, wasn't necessarily the case.  I love this the most for the album, and as a fan from their very first indie record, and even their delayed and delayed again remix album, I think this is their best work to date.  We heard a hint of it on their LIFE GONE WILD ep, and now we get more if.....and almost early 90's rock edge sound.  With Worsnop's vocals, and backed by Ben Bruce's talents, and those haunting electronics, guitars, this sound, and musical arrangement set up seems addicting and well done.  The songs like "Creature", "Poison", "Break Down The Walls", and "Believe" all sound similar in pattern, but they still each are unique lyrically.  This is what is different than their previous records.  At least we hear different tones and breakdowns for a change.  They have guest vocals from former Killswitch Engage frontman, Howard Jones, on the track, "Until the End", which hits hard, so watch your ears on that one!  My favorite tracks are ones that I highly recommend as well, and for good reason; because they are catchy, they kick ass, and they flatout rock both lyrically and musically.  The tracks are "The Road", "Moving On", and "White Line Fever", and I think you'll understand and feel 'em too, though I can understand it may take a few listens.....never underestimate the power of lyrics.  In the end, I suggest you give this album a try and don't listen to the negativity out there.  It is different, I do agree, and understand that much about it.  However, it is really good, and for that being my opinion, I know it may be different than others, but damn it, this is lyrically by far, their best work to date!!
RATING: 9.5/10

Melanie Joe-Gun Shy (Single)

Talent is seemingly abundant these days is the world of country music, I'll grant you that.  However,
Melanie Joe seems to have skipped ahead of that line.  Perhaps it's because of her grit, perhaps it's also because of the electric that guitarist Billy Alexander slides throughout this track, or maybe it just so happens to be the powerhouse of all of it.  "Gun Shy", which is now available on I Tunes, showcases Melanie's true vocals, and lyrically tells a story of a woman scorned, who is about to fire back, for the first time since, and this time.....well, it may not be pretty.  Ironic, considering the beauty of Melanie Joe, and the talent we have here.  This song is guitar-laced, almost like a "blues driven", jukebox slam it down, drink another, let's get up and twirl be simple, buy this one!!  Country has a hidden talent here, I say if you are a fan of the rebellious Miranda Lambert, or the blistering Alaina Blair, then this track and artist is a no brainer.  Hell, even if you love country, blues, rock, and a good time of music-this song is a match, I'd even refund your money personally if you hate it, because I truly believe in her, and Billy, and I know you can't hate this music.  "Gun Shy" is a great, simple tune, with quality lyrics, quality guitar, and fine tuned vocals, with a sultry cannot possibly go wrong anywhere!  Pick it up today!
RATING: 10/10


Red Bull Records has picked a winner here, there is no doubt!  Beartooth is an electric band, from
the midst of Ohio, and screaming from the chords of former Attack Attack! screamer, Caleb Shomo.  This is one of hardest working, road working bands out there, they are touring nonstop, have been before getting signed, and even released this EP, titled SICK, for free (sign up required) on their website.  The songs, all four, are brutal, fierce, and ferocious.  It all kicks off with their first single, also available on I Tunes, titled "I Have A Problem".  The video, which was shot at a live show in Columbus, Ohio, is classic.  Ripping ceiling fans off, throwing items, crowd surfing, and shredding the crowd is a concert to remember, but a typical one if you are a Caleb Shomo or Beartooth fan.  "I Have A Problem" showcases the vocal range of the band, and the lyrics definitely describe life's struggles, it's ups and downs, and the drives one must have to admit the truths needed to become what's needed to be who you are needed to be, even if you indeed, "have a problem".  Following that up is the pulse pounder, "Go Be the Voice".  Whether you question God, religions, or your faith in general, this is just for you.  All I can say for this track is that it rocks, it makes you want to jump, jump, and pound the floor some more, and more!  My friends, that's what Beartooth is all about, bone crushing music!!  "Pick Your Poison", the third track of the EP, is the lightest one of the effort, and screams less, it has more of a melody to it, and is my second favorite off of the EP.  However, to name my favorite track, I have to go with the final track on the release, that track being called, "Set Me On Fire".  The very start, with the echo of "1-2-3-4....", and the anger you feel, the intensity, the rage that's a real thrill to hear.  If you can resonate with this track, even some of the lyrics, this one's a hit for you, for sure.  Nonetheless, supporting this band is a no brainer if you are a fan of Caleb, or a new fan, or even a fan of metal, rock, or post hardcore music.  Try this band on for size, they definitely will catch your ass off guard, surprise you for sure!  #FearTheTooth wasn't a gimmick, it was real, and now it's time to deal with it....catch this band live, virtually everywhere......check out a link below for more!!
RATING: 10/10

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Devildriver-Winter Kills

Dez Fafara can fucking scream, period.  Roar, he may, and shred the air with his vocals he does on
WINTER KILLS.  On this, their sixth studio album, due out August 27th, the band sounds fresh and ready to rip into some heavy metal heavens!  This marks their debut on Napalm Records, and it leaves them showing no mercy, once again.  With their first single having dropped a couple months back, "Relentless", it gave us a taste of what was to come.  However, I must be honest and say I was not expecting what WINTER KILLS provided.  This record tears it up!!  The second cut, and first video, "The Appetite", is pule pounding, addicting, and holds hook after hook of head banging threshold.  If you were a fan of their debut effort, this one is definitely for you, there is absolutely no doubt at all.  There are moments where you hear "Cry for Me Sky" moments, and "I Could Care Less" instances as well.  It freaking rocks, or in Devildriver terms, it "fucking" owns.  The best song, in my opinion is the ear shredding, pulse overloading track "Gutted".  It does not let up, however.  It tears into walls with tracks like "Tripping Over Tombstones", Winter Kills", and "Shudder".  Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this effort, and believe it deserves a high rating, not because I am a fan, but because this is a complete album, and these days, those are rare. 
RATING: 10/10

Blessthefall-Hollow Bodies

Well, if you have been to the Warped Tour recently, you know this band well.  They headlined, they
crushed the stage, they crowd surfed, they shredded mics, they tore shit up, and now they have written all their blood into a little album they penned as HOLLOW BODIES.  This one, my friends, is quite the masterpiece, in a beautiful, brutal way.  It features guest appearances from the beautiful voice of Lights, and the hardcore vocals from the Stick To Your Guns' front man, Jesse Barnett.  Their first single, cleverly titled "You Wear a Crown, but You're No King", blisters your mind with rage and excitement.  It makes your hair quiver and the earth around you shake.  Jump, jump, you know that you wanna!!  Kicking the record into high gear, is the powerful tune, "Exodus" !  This one if quite simply, filthy.  My favorites of the album are the third off the album, the title of the album, "Hollow Bodies", and the song the features the harmonies of the females vocalist Lights, titled "Open Water".  These are my highlights off this August 20th release.  There are some obvious fillers, such as the songs "The Sound of Starting Over" and "See You on The Outside".  However, to really appreciate this album, there is a song called "Buried in These Walls".  This song is incredibly well pieced together, and quite the masterpiece overall.  It is one of there best efforts to date.  HOLLOW BODIES shows definite growth as a band for Blessthefall, and I know the fans will not come out of this purchase disappointed at all, and will feel quite rewarded.
Rating: 9.5/10


Ahh, yes, Ryan McCombs has returned to Soil.!!  This is a welcomed return, indeed.
Soil was sorely missing his presence, during the time he was roaring his vocals throughout Drowning Pool's stage performances, and sales went up dramatically.  Eventually, Ryan found something in his heart, inside his talent, he found his home.  Soil.  With the new release, the album is titled WHOLE.  The cover, which was derived from an article that a member of the band read at an airport, is rather point blank as to what the album is all  Kicking off with the pounding thriller, "Loaded Gun", the song roars with the familiarity of the band's days of their album SCARS, and REDEFINE.  The kicker on this record is the roar of "The Hate Song" and the track, which is number ten off the record, "Little Liar".  There are a couple of slower moments on the record, one which I found a bit odd, the final track, called "One Love".  The song, though different, does set them apart, which makes this a differentiated release.  Soil makes a rock album shine with the release, and has done it with Ryan at the helm again, and the roar has been heard again, and again!  On the 20th of August, grab a copy of WHOLE where you can, and dig into the music, Soil style!
RATING: 9.25/10