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Monday, August 19, 2013

KingShifter-26 Tons

The band kicks off with a song that rocks it hard, stating "all I ever wanted was a peace of mind"...well, sorry, not with this album.  26 TONS, the explosive rocker from the Kansas band's effort, showcases pure rock and roll at it's purest form.  There is no rest for the weary in this album, and I suggest on September 3rd, a copy of this album either be in your hands, or on your mp3 player!  There are killer tracks, I mean you can close your ears or eyes and pick one, all joking aside.  The lead track, which boasts lyrics like "I'm not going to live my life with my back against the wall"....., that slamming track, known as "Peace of Mind", is one hell of a kick off track for a record.  Following that lead, there are solid tunes like "Dry Heave", "Revolution Generation", and "Unbroken".  Don't get me wrong, this entire album is in high gear.  My favorite track has got to be the one titled, "Downin' Booze-Raisin' Hell".  This one, to me, sets apart from the rest.  Yes, it is similar, but the arrangement is a little different, melodically and lyrically it is better, and more aggressive as well.  This band compares to artists like HellYeah, Blackstone Cherry, Saliva, A Course Of Action, Eve To Adam, and more of that southern rock attitude atmosphere!!  You can never go wrong there!!  In conclusion, if there is one track you would have to check out to sum the album up, it would have to be the one they call, "Pitch Black Blues".  This is a bit more slow, but you get the point, the rock is still there, and the aggression is still heard, lyrics are strong, and the tone is powerful as well!!  The band members, known as "Kink", "Sprout", Derek Ludewick, and David Stenbach are all top notch at this role.  Expect nothing but pure rock n' roll, and you will get it straight......rock hard, and most importantly, rock on !!
RATING: 9.75/10

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