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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Frostlit-Small Winds (Single)

Mika Tauriainen, of Entwine fame has yet another project to pour his amazing vocals through.  Frostlit, the latest project, is comprised of members of Entwine, inja, and Machinae Supremacy.  The music hails from the talented mists of Finland, and if you are or were a fan of Mika's Shamrain duties, this is most definitely a fit for you.  Also, don't think he is finished with Entwine, because according to the publicist, he is not.  However, feeling a need to vent in other aspects, Frostlit came about.  "Small Winds", the first official single from the band, is very much different then what we would expect from Mika, and the band of musicians he has gathered in this project.  Lyrically, it is strong, like most of his projects typically are.  It only takes "small winds" for you to fall in tune with this brilliant track!  "Digging through the void, our souls will carry us...." are lyrics that get your attention, and hook you, like the arrangement to the song is purposely trying to pull you in-and hey, that is the point, correct?  Frostlit seemingly has done well with this first single, and it has been made available everywhere digitally, which is different then previous Mika works by Shamrain and Entwine.  I suppose we can thanks their distribution partner and label, Rocklynn Records.  Nonetheless, grab a copy today, and sail away with the "small winds" of Frostlit !
RATING: 9.5/10

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