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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Charm The Fury-A Shade Of My Former Self

Brutal, metal, fury, and female vocals equal brilliance, period.  That's what you get here in this September 17th release, A SHADE OF MY FORMER SELF.  The album is definitely an "in your face" and "kick down the f*cking door" power lighter!  The front woman, singer Caroline Westendorp, brings the metal to the forefront, and she never let's us go, never lets the screaming stop tearing away at our skies, and I must admit, I'm lovin' it!!  With their firist video and single, "Virtue of Leadership" (which is also my favorite cut off the record), Caroline and the band let loose, and show the world just why the belong.  There are some, and just some light moments on this album though, and that's the great thing about it.  "In The Wake of Pride", you get a haunting instrumental arrangement that seems to flow well along the album, making this just not a "filler" of sorts, but a complete journey as well.  Of course the instrumental leads into the hard hitting screamer titled, "Living Saints".  "Living Saints", to me, is one their best tracks on the album lyrically, and it also is quite catchy, as it flows very well.  The male backing vocals, and Caroline's rage set this song on fire, and makes the listener want to flat out mosh!  "A New State of Mind", "A Shade of My Former Self", and the raging "Deliverance" are all excellent examples of just what this album is truly about.  If you want to burn some calories, jump around, break out this album come mid-September and you will know just why people will have been talking about the band known as The Charm The Fury.  A SHADE OF MY FORMER SELF hits retailers Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 !
RATING: 8.75/10

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