Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tantric-37 Channels

Hugo Ferreira's masterful tone within this record will leave you "astounded".  37 Channels, the resilient band's fifth full album after kicking dust all over Travis Meeks' Days of the New project, is their strongest since the debut effort released back in 2001.  Each song seems to tell a story of Hugo's journeys in life, and his emotional ups and downs that he may or may not have struggled with.  The lead track, "Again", boasts great guitar, melody, and yet has simply lyrical content.  Yet, that grit in Hugo's vocals grabs us by our ears and pulls our souls into this record, right into the "37 channels".  Brilliant guitar work and the fact you wanna jam right away to it, make it a hell of a beginning to the album!  "Blue Room", the following song, sets a bit of a calmer world for the listener, then we start to catch a groove and rock to it.  However, if I had to pick a least favorite off the record, again, "IF" I had to, I would go with "Blue Room", but living up to "Again" was tough anyway.  Now, the first single, and the rocker, "Mosquita", really caught me and my mind off guard!  I flatout love this song, by far.  It is obviously my favorite off the record, and it reminds me so much of early Tantric.  I enjoy the blues-like tones, and angry lyrics at times.  Hell, it even has some country, Cajun breakdowns!  This is the Tantric we once knew, and Pavement Records has chosen wisely, done well, and will see success with this record, no doubt!  "Mosquita" is a hit, and I smell a top ten already!  Some other memorable, and power tracks from 37 Channels are "Rise", "My Turn", "Bullet", and my second favorite from this thrill ride, a milder diddy known as "Broken".  The writing is much better, the vocals are more clear, the instrumental ranges are much more eccentric, and this album is far more worth it, than the previous releases by Tantric, maybe except for the first record.  I'd say you could place this one up there with their self-titled debut from twelve years ago.  Hugo and the guys have put together a masterpiece here, and chosen a great label home for it as well!  Well done!
RATING: 10/10

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