Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Christina Grimmie-With Love

WITH LOVE, is an album of powerful vocals and it also comes with an addictive vibe that makes you want to cycle through it over and over again.  Christina Grimmie provides beauty, talent, and good music all in one, with this release.  Kicking off this album, the lead track "Over Overthinking You", is infectious.  It starts off with a typical pop-like cheering, then takes a "na-na, hey-hey" chanting in the background at times.  However, the substance parts of the song are what keep the song intact, and worthy of a listen.  To follow that up, we get more potent tracks like "Absolutely Final Goodbye", and one of my favorites from the album, "Make It Work".  "Get Yourself Together", sounds somewhat like it could be near pop country, but it has a groove to it as well.  Christina's vocals are great in this song, and her range is far better in it also.  Lyrically, it stretches further than other previous tracks too.  Her first single from this album, "Tell My Moma", from which she just shot a video, is also my favorite track as well.  She presents more a raspy toned vocal on this song, and an "attitude"-like demeanor on it.  If you are into those "driving" songs, this should be added to your collection for sure!  Lyrically, it hits well, and Grimmie shows her musical talents excellent here.  Other tracks, like "Think of You", "I Bet You Don't Curse God", and "The One I Crave", show the teenagers out there, and perhaps young adults, just what pop music should sound like, not what it shouldn't.  More pop music should follow Christina's lead, and learn from this album, WITH LOVE.
RATING: 9.75/10

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