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Monday, August 12, 2013

Asking Alexandria-From Death to Destiny

Danny Worsnop, the lead vocalist of Asking Alexandria, has grown quite a bit since the inception of
the band.  On their latest album, FROM DEATH TO DESTINY, the band find themselves a little less on the screaming side, and more on the rock edge of things.  I have read some other reviews, and comments by "fans" and others, and they have not been so kind to the band.  I must admit, when I first heard the record, it didn't strike me as typical AA, but then again, isn't that what we want in an
album these days?  I love this record!!  The lead single, "Run Free" is typical Asking Alexandria, and the track has been out for what seems like months, so we have grown used to it, and were coming to expect a sound we were used to.  The electronic break downs, the lyric assault of rage and aggression, but when the second single was released, "The Death of Me", it was again evident we had another screamer of a record headed our way.  However, what was evident to us, wasn't necessarily the case.  I love this the most for the album, and as a fan from their very first indie record, and even their delayed and delayed again remix album, I think this is their best work to date.  We heard a hint of it on their LIFE GONE WILD ep, and now we get more if.....and almost early 90's rock edge sound.  With Worsnop's vocals, and backed by Ben Bruce's talents, and those haunting electronics, guitars, this sound, and musical arrangement set up seems addicting and well done.  The songs like "Creature", "Poison", "Break Down The Walls", and "Believe" all sound similar in pattern, but they still each are unique lyrically.  This is what is different than their previous records.  At least we hear different tones and breakdowns for a change.  They have guest vocals from former Killswitch Engage frontman, Howard Jones, on the track, "Until the End", which hits hard, so watch your ears on that one!  My favorite tracks are ones that I highly recommend as well, and for good reason; because they are catchy, they kick ass, and they flatout rock both lyrically and musically.  The tracks are "The Road", "Moving On", and "White Line Fever", and I think you'll understand and feel 'em too, though I can understand it may take a few listens.....never underestimate the power of lyrics.  In the end, I suggest you give this album a try and don't listen to the negativity out there.  It is different, I do agree, and understand that much about it.  However, it is really good, and for that being my opinion, I know it may be different than others, but damn it, this is lyrically by far, their best work to date!!
RATING: 9.5/10

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