Monday, August 12, 2013

Melanie Joe-Gun Shy (Single)

Talent is seemingly abundant these days is the world of country music, I'll grant you that.  However,
Melanie Joe seems to have skipped ahead of that line.  Perhaps it's because of her grit, perhaps it's also because of the electric that guitarist Billy Alexander slides throughout this track, or maybe it just so happens to be the powerhouse of all of it.  "Gun Shy", which is now available on I Tunes, showcases Melanie's true vocals, and lyrically tells a story of a woman scorned, who is about to fire back, for the first time since, and this time.....well, it may not be pretty.  Ironic, considering the beauty of Melanie Joe, and the talent we have here.  This song is guitar-laced, almost like a "blues driven", jukebox slam it down, drink another, let's get up and twirl be simple, buy this one!!  Country has a hidden talent here, I say if you are a fan of the rebellious Miranda Lambert, or the blistering Alaina Blair, then this track and artist is a no brainer.  Hell, even if you love country, blues, rock, and a good time of music-this song is a match, I'd even refund your money personally if you hate it, because I truly believe in her, and Billy, and I know you can't hate this music.  "Gun Shy" is a great, simple tune, with quality lyrics, quality guitar, and fine tuned vocals, with a sultry cannot possibly go wrong anywhere!  Pick it up today!
RATING: 10/10

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