Monday, August 12, 2013


Red Bull Records has picked a winner here, there is no doubt!  Beartooth is an electric band, from
the midst of Ohio, and screaming from the chords of former Attack Attack! screamer, Caleb Shomo.  This is one of hardest working, road working bands out there, they are touring nonstop, have been before getting signed, and even released this EP, titled SICK, for free (sign up required) on their website.  The songs, all four, are brutal, fierce, and ferocious.  It all kicks off with their first single, also available on I Tunes, titled "I Have A Problem".  The video, which was shot at a live show in Columbus, Ohio, is classic.  Ripping ceiling fans off, throwing items, crowd surfing, and shredding the crowd is a concert to remember, but a typical one if you are a Caleb Shomo or Beartooth fan.  "I Have A Problem" showcases the vocal range of the band, and the lyrics definitely describe life's struggles, it's ups and downs, and the drives one must have to admit the truths needed to become what's needed to be who you are needed to be, even if you indeed, "have a problem".  Following that up is the pulse pounder, "Go Be the Voice".  Whether you question God, religions, or your faith in general, this is just for you.  All I can say for this track is that it rocks, it makes you want to jump, jump, and pound the floor some more, and more!  My friends, that's what Beartooth is all about, bone crushing music!!  "Pick Your Poison", the third track of the EP, is the lightest one of the effort, and screams less, it has more of a melody to it, and is my second favorite off of the EP.  However, to name my favorite track, I have to go with the final track on the release, that track being called, "Set Me On Fire".  The very start, with the echo of "1-2-3-4....", and the anger you feel, the intensity, the rage that's a real thrill to hear.  If you can resonate with this track, even some of the lyrics, this one's a hit for you, for sure.  Nonetheless, supporting this band is a no brainer if you are a fan of Caleb, or a new fan, or even a fan of metal, rock, or post hardcore music.  Try this band on for size, they definitely will catch your ass off guard, surprise you for sure!  #FearTheTooth wasn't a gimmick, it was real, and now it's time to deal with it....catch this band live, virtually everywhere......check out a link below for more!!
RATING: 10/10

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