Monday, August 19, 2013

The Persevering Promise-An Illusion In Shambles

In shambles is not where this band is going to be found at all.  The Persevering Promise, who recently released a lyric video for their solid and promising track, "Annabel Lee", smash in your ears with hardcore vocals and lyrics that tear into your soul.  The first track is a basic intro song, with a few lines, but it gets straight to the fucking point, and makes your body want to get "amped up !!"  Follow that up with the electric power of the album titled track, "An Illusion in Shambles", and you feel like you can mosh and slam shit all over the place already, but hey-it's just track two guys, c'mon.  "Crown the Victor" and "A Reason to Believe" are really powerful post hardcore, melodic, and gripping tracks.  "A Reason to Believe" features guest vocals by Ronnie Winter, who you may know from the band, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  This song lets down some of the screaming guard, but makes this album excellent in my opinion.  By far, it has to be my favorite from the album.  "Etherality" has brilliant guitar-laced melodies, classic drum beats, and most importantly, a sound that defines the words instrumental and screams.  Think of it as a haunting tune, that echoes with anger inside.  I flat out love this band's style!!  If you prefer utter brutality, then their song "The Death of All Things Pure" pretty much will suit you just fine.  It's an in your face, smasher.  Jump, jump, and bang that head around some more, this album is all about enjoying the music you love.  If you love metal, rock, post hardcore, or simply, heavy music in general-this is a must without a doubt.  I have to comment about my second favorite track before I leave you, and it happens to be the final album track.  The track is titled, "The Whistleblower".  First, the title is great, just intriguing I suppose.  The vocals are far different than the rest on the album, which I truly enjoy.  This song makes me want to place this on a road mix and drive for miles, jamming out to The Persevering Promise, amongst other great artists, like We Came As Romans, The Devil Wears Prada, Letlive, and others....excellent work without a single doubt, I have nothing bad to say at all, simply nothing, except......why do I have to wait until September 17th to grab this puppy up?  Trust me, it will be worth it!!
RATING: 10/10


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