Monday, August 26, 2013

Nine Inch Nails-Hesitation Marks

Industrial rocker, and music icon Trent Reznor's new look Nine Inch Nail's line up on tour, hasn't seemed to affect the music he pours his soul into.  Introducing the record is the entrancing short intro titled "The Eater of Dreams".  It leads way into the first full length song, which kicks into gear  as
"Copy of A".  This song, along with a track called "Everything", are sounds of very early Nine Inch Nail's material, and lacks the heavy chords we lust and wait in lines for.  Our anticipation most assuredly wasn't hoping for this.  "Came Back Haunted", is a solid tune, which was their first single released off the album, and its similar to a cut, in my opinion from their solid album, WITH TEETH. "Find My Way", sounds like a more bluesy, Johnny Cash influenced track.  Nothing against the legend himself, I just think Reznor could have used more anger, and much less boredom and sadness thus far into the album.   "All Time Low" hits the spot for me, it definitely is my favorite track from the record.  Even still, the WITH TEETH feel remains, but you get more of a FRAGILE residue from this one, and that rocks, in my accord.  The vulgar language show Trent still has the attitude, and knows what he's doing lyrically, I don't he's lost it with this album, I just think the diversity with it may be too much for the great anticipation.  "Various Methods Of Escape" takes us on a journey that reminds you of THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL days, with a bit less of anger.  Nonetheless, its a major song to reckon with on HESITATION MARKS.  "In Two", shows an '80's vibe, with an electronic twist, and aggressive tone, and a reserved tank for anger that Trent readies for release at any moment.  "Black Noise", is a perfect ending to the Non-Remix disc of the deluxe edition.  It is highly instrumental, holds ups and down, very dark and grey in areas, and has scratchy moments that give the listener reason to believe Nine Inch Nails is not over with as a band yet.  This is a hesitation..........I say, don't "hesitate", on September 3rd, pick a copy of the record, HESITATION MARKS up ,and give it time, you'll enjoy this.  No disappointment overall!!

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