Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ghost Of April-Dead Philosophy

Amar Okanovic, the lead vocalist for the band Ghost of April, promised a different approach on this album, and boy, we sure have gotten that delivered.  The band, which features members like Ian Gardea, who has multiple duties within the band on electronics, lead guitar, and most recordings.  Joshua Ray lays out his heart and soul on the drums, especially on the track from DEAD PHLOSOPHY, titled "The Game".  Kicking this full throttle record into gear is the pulsating music in the song "Breathe".  This is a killer track, and combined with their sound overall, it seems to push this record to a much higher degree than their prior releases.  Amar is more passionate about this record then any other previous release by his band.  This is more of an alternative, screamer, and it would definitely have fit on the Warped Tour, at least from the 2012-2013 eras.  The album cover is nice, and the uniqueness of it draws fans into their style.   This is exactly what Ghost of April needs, and they definitely get it from this record!  "Erased" and "Drowning" are fully killer songs, with explosive attitudes, and have definite tones that make you want to pound your fucking skull into the air!!  Let the music roll in, and twirl the angst in the sky, and dance into the river of the music skys filled with melodies like "Strong", and sit your ass down and take some lessons in some "Dead Philosophy".!!
RATING: 9.40/10

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