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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Used-The Ocean Of The Sky

Bert McCracken is known for antics, and doing whatever he seemingly wants to do.  That's what he and his band mates have accomplished with their latest, independently released effort, the EP titled, THE OCEAN OF THE SKY.  Without a doubt, the lyrical content of this release is down right to the point, and explicit.  I love it!  I mean, lots of artists these days seem to sell out to what labels want, and this band, though they have their own music group, titled Anger Music Group, still gives the fans the music they knew when the band started out over thirteen years ago.  This release, which is released through Hopeless Records, was not even released in retail stores, at least not as of the date of this review.  Check the links below, as to where you may purchase it, of course it's available digitally online most everywhere.  The lead track, "Iddy Biddy", is a definite lyrical smack in the face of religion and emotional issues, without a doubt.  Without repeating the exact words, it lashes out about Jesus, Muslim faiths, the mental health disorder of "cutting yourself", and starvation.  Yet, this is my favorite song off the EP, simply because the musical arrangement tears it up, it rocks, and the addictiveness is outstanding!  Follow that up with "Quixotica", the second song, and you get another solid outing......a great one-two punch.  Drums rattling, beating from the get go, this song is a thriller, and reminds us of the early material from The Used.  "The EP's title track, "The Ocean of The Sky", is quite a different take for the band.  It is not as aggressive in nature, almost has a feel for their famous track, "All That I've Got", but is a little more slower in the beginning.  This song is well written, and deeper in meaning, and fits well within the five song frame of the release.  To complete the EP is a long, over twenty minute instrumental track called "Tethys".  It's a bit strange sounding to the ear, but a bit disappointing to be on an EP, if you ask me....however, to look at this as an art, I can see where it fits the "piece of work".  Pick up your copy today, if you didn't grab it at the Warped Tour this past Summer, check it out, it's pretty solid!!
RATING: 9.25/10

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