Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jonny Lang-Blew Up (The House) (Single)

As if Jonny didn't rock enough, the young blues guitarist and vocalist is back at it, shredding again.  The lead single, "Blew Up (The House)", is a song that sounds very reminiscent of a track off of his previous album, WANDER THIS WORLD.  However, the guitars are more slick, the lyrics are much more aggressive, and the vocals are more clear and stronger on this song.  Jonny has his background vocalists chanting along, especially during the hook, and the song echoes with enthusiasm and makes you want to groove right along with it!  "Blew Up (The House)" runs just under five minutes long, but you enjoy every minute and second of the song, and the rhythm grabs you, the tone twirls you around, and the blues attitude that the track brings to your ears is enough to make you crave more.  That is exactly the aim here.  Jonny's new album, which is due out in the US, on September 17th, is titled FIGHT FOR MY SOUL.  You can sense the fight in Jonny, the attitude, the young blues sensation is back, and I must say I am loving this one, and looking forward to the full length for certain, come September!!  "Blew Up (The House)", blows up your stereo, your speakers everywhere, and be certain to catch Jonny live at a venue near you, before he sells out!

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