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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Smile Empty Soul-False Alarm (Single)

Sean Danielsen is a busy man these days.  With a recent solo EP under his belt, and his band, Smile Empty Soul finishing up their current album, slated for an October 1st release, titled CHEMICALS, Sean and the gang are busy as hell!  Released through the ever growing company, Pavement Entertainment, which has lately become a powerhouse in the rock music world, this album seems to be ready to rock just as much as their previous ventures, if not harder.  "False Alarm", the first single off the record, slams hard in our faces.  Impacting radio around August 27th officially, the single is poised for a huge impact, and I believe it will be just that.  Loudwire, the site with music news, previews, and exclusives on the web, was the first to premiere the song stream in it's entirety, and I must say it caught me off guard.  The song holds the tune of their self-titled record, with the grit and angst, yet has the lyrical content of a new vibe that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  "False Alarm" is an excellent song, with ambiguous traction, rage, and Sean's voice digs into your head with instant recognition that, Yeah, this is a Smile Empty Soul song.....for me, it's more like, "Hell fucking yeah!!".  Request this track on Sirius radio, your local radio stations, and anywhere else you want to, now, tomorrow, and next have to hear this, and the more it's played near you, the band will play near you.  Catch them on tour currently, doing shows with the artist known as Ra.  "False Alarm" is full steam ahead, and is definitely worth a listen!!  Check it out today!
RATING: 9.75/10

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