Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Leah Turner-Take The Keys (Single)

Ahh, smell that?  That's the smell of two things....sweet success and the scent of a fresh breath of brilliant musician doing her thing.  Leah, so talented and beautiful, has the country world by the strings with this first single, titled "Take the Keys".  It holds one heck of a catchy hook, and Leah has the vocals to power any song, as evident by the track itself.  Having just hit digital retailers in mid-August, Turner has impacted radio far before that.  Becoming a success wasn't an overnight ordeal, and Leah is well aware of this, and it is evident by her lyrical content.  "Let's hit the road and let the engine spark...." describes her sensual and ambitious attitude.  "Take the Keys" is a thrill ride of rocking country persona, and she definitely shows she belongs!  If you have to compare her to any current country artist, it could be hard, because Leah has her own distinctions.  Leah is stunning, vocally strong, lyrically talented, and has ambition to succeed for her fans and family like no other artist in recent memory.  I suppose the likes of a Kellie Pickler, a younger Shania Twain, or even Martina McBride would be suffice in comparison.  That is my opinion, but believe me, you will hear the point I am making, just grab a copy from a link below, and see and hear for yourselves!!  The chanting of "come on, come on, baby...." makes you want to do some dancing, party it up and crank this track top notch where it belong, up high!!  So, "take the keys", pop the song in the player, and turn it up as loud as you can, and do what Leah does best, sing your heart out!!
RATING: 10/10

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