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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Caducus-String Me Up

 Her presence is being felt within this music industry, including an interview and photo Louisville Music News website.  Why Louisville, you ask ?   Well, she always had this beautiful talent to sing.  As for her singing, Michala Bouska, the woman being spoken of now, she is incredibly talented.  Her vocals are so much like the angry Fiona Apple, the lustful Maria of In This Moment, the incredible range of Charlotte in the band, Delain, and also Christina of the well known band, Lacuna Coil.  Chuck Stoess, Jr., also known as "Chuckles", also shares the songwriting duties with Michala.  With utter power, incredible arrangement, and a sense of inducing amazing emotion, "Chuckles" seems to lace up the guitar with a sound only heard in true music professionalism.  Chuck writes the bass lines as well as the guitar arrangements for most of Caducus material.  Then, we enter Mr. Steven McDougale , Jr., tearing into the way of "bruising" the drums and giving beats never heard before with a thrust of relentless energy.  He shows true talent in a drummer's world, there is no doubt.  "J" Jason Cheatham, is the main man responsible for the aggressive riffs you hear during their live shows, and on the excellent release of "String Me Up".  Currently, Caducus is searching for a bassist, their search is active and ongoing, with no doubt they will find the raw, strong talent that fits the band.  The album cover to "String Me Up" is very dark, gothic, and intriguing.  It will, in sorts, leave you pondering how dark or relentless this album and band could sound like, before ever hearing the music itself.  The release totals six tracks, with five originals and one cover song.  You will definitely enjoy this gem!  "Evolve And Obey" and "Phoenix", are songs that show how simplistic, brutal, and melodic this band can be.  I have a favorite track from the release, and that song is titled "Safeword".  I truly am indulged with this song, and it is such a strong arrangement of music, it pulls you in like nothing ever felt before.  The song "String Me Up" is dynamic, tough, and really gets you pumped for the relentless atmosphere that Caducus brings with them on stage and on their record.  As soon as possible, I plan to find a way to catch them live, and witness the strong performance I can feel already from the "String Me Up" release.  If you are a fan of artists like the talented Joan Jett, Flyleaf (w/Lacey), Lacuna Coil, Delain, Evanescence, and the former band Drain S.T.H., you will truly dig this release.  Speaking of Flyleaf, Caducus is set to play a slot on the current Snocore tour at the EXPO FIVE, which is located in Louisville, Kentucky.  The show will have performances by Flyleaf, Adelita's Way (who are working on a new album for late 2015), Framing Hanley, Fit For Rivals, Begging Victoria, and the already mentioned brutality called Caducus.  That Snocore show is set for February 17th, 2015.  With the sponsorship and excellent coordination of Mr. Terry Harper, with whom you can contact and see more about at a link below, the promotion of this band is growing rapidly and I promise you the nation and perhaps the world, will soon feel this force known as Caducus!!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

"String Me Up" Today !!

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