Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sixx A.M.-Modern Vintage

Sixx AM are back with their third full-length release.  "Modern Vintage" has a very particular album cover, buy that perhaps is the most particular part of this new artful piece of the album, "Modern Vintage".  Singer James Micael still provides the fans with his delicate, smooth, and somewhat haunting vocals.  Also, Nikki Sixx once again, unleashes his rocking guitar blazed skills.  Without a doubt, there are not a few better than Nikki.  Where I got lost on this album is it's "message".  To me, and perhaps I am a bit blind or deaf to this, but the album gives a very little, if any message.  DJ Ashba does well, adding more strong and "thicker" arrangements to the album's message, whichever that may be at all.  Don't get wrong, there are a few solid songs from this, but if you as a fan, were looking for something along the line of "This Is Gonna Hurt" or "The Herion Diaries Soundtrack-you will be very, very disappointed.  As was I, myself upon getting this to review.  I was pleased and thankful for the chance, but wow, I was so let down.  The positives off the release are the well-arranged song, "Gotta Get It Right" which was the first single released from this record.  After the drop of that song, it;s almost as if the first one third of the album was pleasing, and the other halves dropped off slowly, but in a scarey way.  I think it seems almost as if it could have been, in my opinion, just a bit rushed, and "crammed" together.  Songs such as "Give Me A Love", "Before It's Over", and the musical depriving cut known as "Relief".  As usual, I am going to pick my favorite, most solid song for as far as I am concerned, and that is the track, "Hyperventilate".  To me, this song reminds me of their more capable music.  I just would like to make clear that I am not trying to "put down" this band, I just speak as both a critic and fan, when I say "Boys, you could have written better, and given us all, including fans you have and yet to discover, something much better.  Thank you for the album, it still shows you all have it, I think it just need a bit more improvement within this album, without any doubt.
Rating: 3.5/5.0

 "Grab It Up And Judge For Yourself...Not Too Bad" !!

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