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Thursday, October 2, 2014

John Taglieri-Days Like These EP

For those not quite familiar with the talents of Mr. John Taglieri, then you may not own this music or material around you.  Yet, listen up!-You need to read about him and his journeys and musical lifestyle.  Such an impressive singer/vocalist....John has never sounded more delicately, profound, and tougher, within his life.  The latest release, "Days Like These", compels us, the fans and the curious ones to check into the record.  For one example, "Thin Air", is lyrically well-done.  It also, as does most of the album, eerily reminds myself, and perhaps other, like that skillful voice in The Counting Crows songs.  Take a sample out of the lead track off the EP, the song titled "Days Like These", and you will get more of upbeat, somewhat angry tone by John and the band, and here's a secret: it's my favorite track of the entire EP.  "Finish Line" is an excellent, calm, and somewhat somber song.  "Beautiful Tonight" are incredibly similar to a former smash hit artist, and a current vocalist still, as he works on ew material-that artist comparison is, Jamies (James) Walters.  Overall, this is worth the few dollars it costs, and seems like a live show that I would love to see!!  With well developed musicians, and strong uprisings, John Taglieri and his band mates have a brillitant and awe-inspiring horizon ahead of themselves!  
RATING: 4.8/5.0

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  1. Thank you for the great review! Much appreciated!

  2. hey John, no problem...thank you for the music pleasure as well!