Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bush-Man On The Run (Deluxe Version)

Gavin Rossdale has never been "shy" about the love, angst, and rage about this life we all experience.  With the band's latest effort, "Man On Run", the seconds track off the album, is a typical Bush-like track.  This kind of reminds me a "Razorblade Suitcase" fill-in or leftover melody.  Bush has definitely set a more deep, emotional, and aggressive tone with their upcoming mid-October release date.   With the same lineup pretty much from their prior cut, "The Sea Of Memories", the songs are addictive, and I can admit, they can be tough to get out a fan's mind-I know at least for mine, they are tough to lose.  "The Only Way Out", whose music video you can catch below, is also the lead single off this "Man On The Run" album.  I really enjoyed this track, as there are some critics that are not giving this album a chance, I for one, believe this record is what the follow up to the highly acclaimed "Razorblade Suitcase' effort, from years back.  With songs like "This House Is On Fire", "Speeding Through The Bright Lights, and the "hard to get out of your mind", killer song, "Loneliness Is A Killer".  You get a lot for the deluxe edition, and price-wise, the album is rather cheap no matter what edition (physical or digital) release, nor whether you acquire the "standard" or even better; the deluxe edition.  Typically, I state my favorite song from the album, and I would have to state that tracks to be, "Just Like My Other Sins".  This reminds me of a mix between their "Golden State" and "The Science Of Things" albums!  The song will be a shocker, and no doubt a kick ass rock n' roll machine!!  Keep your ears peeled, track by track, because Gavin, as always, pours into hidden dark and promising lyrics.  With an unmistakable vocal range, an impulsive shredding of the guitar, and the pure presence of Bush; "Man On The Run" proves itself to be a well-oiled machine, and will no doubt be a forced to be felt in the 2014 musical scene.  Hell, even in 2015, people will be talking about this for some time to come!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

 "The Only Way Out" Official Music Video

                                                "Pick This Masterpiece Up On October 21st, 2014"

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