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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Leah Turner-Leah Turner EP

                                     Leah Turner has released her first, self-titled EP, and it is very impressive, indeed!  We all have heard about the power-driven "keys" to her first single, "Take The Keys".  I will be honest and let the readers know that this review is solely based upon a personal purchase.  At no point did the record label, Columbia Nashville, present me with this record.  However, Leah is a rising star, a friend, and I feel she deserves the respect and critiques she can garner.  "Pull Me Back", her second and current single, is a bit different than "Take The Keys".  It reminds me of a Carrie Underwood-type track, and yet, has it's own uniqueness.  It has a catchy chorus, with "you say what you say, but I still want you....pull me back".  That rings in your ears, even after hearing it just once.  Just incredible.  The third track is a bit more fiesty, and down to earth.  "Bless My Heart", is similar to nothing else.  Although, it can have the fire power of a Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, or a Brantley Gilbert kind of written song.  It has lyrics like "tobasco in my veins....", and shows an angst of Leah, that perhaps the EP through the first two tracks had yet to show.  I enjoy this track the most, and it is my favorite of the five off the release.  "Beat Up Bronco", well, is a lower song.  It has a story behind it, and it still steers this EP very well.  The song fits in great, and when she states, "I wouldn't trade that first kiss for nothin' ", it makes the mood set in quite well.  "Ya, that heater, it's been broken since you owned it....", lyrics that a remindful of tough times and life throwing people hardships, yet we overcome them, and this can be a very resonating song.  The final song off the well-done EP, is called "My Finger".  This one, well it really gets me amped up when I am listening to a country mix, or this particular EP release.  It has an excellent beat and tempo, and with lyrics like "you won't see me dressed in white, won't be no way tonight....", and "you dug your grave and here's my finger".  This song has one specific stating, "show me your history and I'm your regret", well, rest assured, grabbing up this release, this strong and wild EP, will not leave you with the taste of regret in your mouth.  Leah Turner is here folks, and the bottom line is, you have no choice but to recognize this female talent, without a shadow of a doubt!


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