Monday, October 20, 2014

Sometimes Julie-Head First

Sometimes Julie, hailing from the state of California, are an impressive
duo.  With their release of "Head First", the full length gives us many tastes of fantastic music.  Take for example the lead cut, "We Are Golden".  It sets a melodic mood, with lyrics that would sooth any drive home these days.  The best track off the album is the title cut, "Head First"  It has a more uptempo beat, with lacing guitars, and desolate lyrics and an excellent arrangement indeed.  Another stand out song is "Time Flies".  "Time Flies" shows of perhaps the bands range of style, and the pulsating vocals of the lady herself, "Monica Sorenson.  The guitars are quite better than I honestly expected.  Rick Walker, who is the prime guitar player on "Head First", goes above and beyond really.  With good range, and such a passion for music, it really shows off well in the arrangements and the beats of the record.  You can catch great examples of that in tracks such as "Reckless", "What A Rush", "Wishin' You Were Here', and the crafty one called "Come Find Me".  Overall, I was quite impressed with the album as a whole.  If there was a "weak spot", I would say it would be "Carefully".  However, the fourteen track release is just about perfect overall.  It is excellently packaged, and the artwork, which are depictions of basic ocean scenery and the beauty of the California coast lines, is beautiful.  I recommend this effort, give it a shot, it will surely impress upon you a quality you weren't expecting!
Rating: 4.90/5.0


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