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Monday, October 20, 2014

October Rage-Fallout, Dust and Guns

Coming from the proud country of Australia, October Rage have released their latest effort, with
"Fallout, Dust and Guns".  Featuring the well done track of "Valkyrie".  This song is absolutely incredible.  With powerhouse vocals, guitar pounding melodies, and lyrics that are ragingly dark and effortlessly done, it's incredible!  Take for instance the lyrical lines that vocalist Nick Roberts belts out, I mean it's like they know how to rock out more than the normal "joe".  With the pulse raving drums of Kai Chambers, we are again left with little doubt that October Rage can survive in this crazy music world.  "Fallout, Dust and Guns" includes my favorite song of the EP, within the range of "White Walkers".  I mean, this one soars above most active rock songs these days!  Such a strong, melodic range of powerful influence, and a rocking sound, it's a track surely not to be missed.  "End Of Days" is dark is a triumph over most tracks released out there.  This song engulfs the "rain in life" that we deal with, and still shines with some kind of ray of hope, in which we all try and find in this world.  What a powerful track, indeed!  Another stand out effort is the song, "Signal Fire".  The guitars in this one are beautifully crafted, and the vocals are well layed out, with harmonies being so blissful.  To show they have a depth to them, October Rage include the arrangement and track of "Heart Of Stone".  Perhaps the "slower" track of the EP, this song is a rock ballad in the making, and a force to be heard!  I mean, I tried to find a weakness within this release, but it was tough nonetheless.  I suppose if there was a weakness, it was that there were not enough songs on the effort.  We need more!  Other than that, I am not sure where to leave you, but I suggest you go out, or online, and grab a copy of "Fallout, Dust and Guns" now!
Rating: 4.75/5.0


Let the "rage" begin!!

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