Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Marla Morris-While The Street Lights Shine

Since the young age of four years old, Marla Morris has been dazzling people with her blissful musical talents.  Hailing from the east coast, Connecticut in fact, Marla uses that small town ingenuity quite well.  She has grown into her own since then obviously, landing opening slots for country artists such as Travis Tritt, Lorrie Morgan, and Kix Brooks (Brooks And Dunn).  Just this December, Marla unleashed with a fury, her latest country/pop effort, with "While The Streetlights Shine'.  Already racing up the country charts, the EP is a well crafted machine!  Featuring six total songs, all of which are intriguing, it shines as definitely a piece of music you will need to get your hands and, then put your ears to this!  Prior to this release, Marla was featured on several successful charting basis.  With her debut, "Ready For The Rain", Marla showed songwriting abilities with a stylistic passion and grace.  The record was featured on the "What We're Listening To", "New And Noteworthy", and the "Rising Stars Of Country" sections of I-Tunes.  "Ready For The Rain" landed in the top 100 country album charts in it's debut, and has appeared there many different times since then.  Marla then released an excellent single titled, "I Can't Do This Anymore", in 2013, and that track was featured on the "New And Noteworthy" section of I-Tunes as well, and only began to drive up Marla's success.  With this latest record, "While The Streetlights Shine", Marla has proven again that she is one heck of a talent.  With the beautiful song, "One December Ago", she shows her greatest lyrical sides, and shines very bright as an artist.  My favorite of the tracks on "While The Street Lights Shine", which all clock in between three to just under four minutes in length; is the song "Nothing Left To Leave".  "Nothing Left To Leave" really makes me feel a vibrancy within a sadness, that perhaps is honestly quite unexplainable.  To put it bluntly, it is an amazing song, period.  "Home Is Always You", which concludes the effort, is infectious.  Another infectious groove, is the kick starter off the record, with "Sky On Fire".  This one really gets you going, reminds me of another up and coming star of country music, Leah Turner.  When it comes to both Marla, and Leah, you will find yourself thinking "Carrie Underwood" comparisons.  To me, that is a lot to live up to, but I promise you that after listening to "While The Street Lights Shine" especially, you will witness Marla rising into the Carrie Underwood "atmosphere" in country!
Rating: 5.0/5.0

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