Tuesday, December 9, 2014

K.Michelle-Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?

With her sophomore release, K.Michelle seems to have matured much better, and excelled well from within her vocal power.  "Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?" is a dynamic release, featuring twelve tracks of smooth and upbeat, in your face r&b style, with some soothing lyrics, which is where K.Michelle seems to have grown most into here.  The song "Going Under" is about disappointments in love, and the strength it takes to just simply hope to have that moment in your life once again.  Her voice soars over this tune quite brilliantly.  "Build A Man", reminds you of an early Motown temp-like classic, yet it still has some fresh tastes laced in it.  You really seem to catch your grooves in this record, when the track "Cry" enters your head.  This is the one song that stood out the most to me off of "Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?".  "Cry" starts out with great beats and the rhythm grabs a hold of you like a soulful conviction.  Other standouts on the record are "Maybe I Should Call", "Hard To Do", and "Love 'Em All".  Concluding this album is a song she titled "God I Get It".  This one is one of the most incredibly done tracks I have come across to end a record.  Lyrically, it is almost perfection, and K.Michelle excels well with a powerful vocal statement here.  There are a few weak moments, where you think you may hear some of her still "growing into" her mature sound, such as the song "Miss You, Goodbye".  Overall though, you should be pleased with this album, and it comes ate a pretty great price upon it's release date as well, thus far.

"Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?"-Grab Yours Now!

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