Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Le Projet-Quatre

"Quatre", is the debut EP from a "supergroup" of musicians.  You will definitely recignize them, and their other musical products as well.  The band, Le Projet, consists of Lenny Cerzosie, who is part of the other supergroup known as The Infinite Staircase.  That band released an album that was directed more toward world affairs, and life's difficulties occurring these days.  Also in Le Projet, you get the talents of Mr. Adam Kury, also known as the backing vocalist and bass player for the California based band, Candlebox.  We all know they kick ass.  Then, we enter Morgan Rose.  Morgan is well known for his presence and drumming in the highly talented and rocking band, Sevendust.  He also worked in the Clint Lowery-led project, Call Me No One.  Finally, the power and very strong force behind Le Projet is the man himself, Kevin Martin.  You will without a doubt, recognize his vocals and screams from his bands such as Kevin Martin and The Hiwatts, The Gracious Few, participation in the band The Infinite Staircase, and more so in the alternative rock band, Candlebox as the lead singer.  "Quatre", which hopefully is just a small taste of what is more to come of this project, is incredible!  You get four tracks, but basically three due to the first song off the EP, "Little Shits", having an alternate version of the song as the final track on the release.  Both versions are explicit, and the vocals are gritty, and Kevin Martin and the guys really did well on "Little Shits".  I was impressed from the very beginning, by accidentally coming across a Youtube video by Le Projet, featuring their song, "Head Down".  The song is track three on the release, clocking in around 4 minutes long, which is about thirty to forty-five seconds shorter than the other three songs on "Quatre".  The song "Save Yourself", has perhaps the best lyrics out of all the tracks on this effort, and it also, to me, shows how diverse this band can be.  You really can't go wrong with purchasing this record.  From all I have personally witnessed, it's only priced at less than four dollars for the entire EP of four songs.  So, basically just about a dollar per song, but I'd grab the entire release, you save a few cents and also get a really solid rock album.  Experience all these band members like you've never heard them perform before.  Well arranged, well written, and well done, period.

Do Yourself A Big Favor, Grab "Quatre", Today !

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